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Leftism Is a Lie

The crux of what separates the Left from the Right can be seen in the level of honesty. The Right may be incompetent, but the Leftist ideology itself is inherently dishonest. Leftists, either cynically or out of foolishness, adhere to the so-called Enlightenment™ humanist ideas and values despite these being contrary to nature and common sense.

As Leftism has taken over our society, much like it ate up France and Russia, it has become embedded in the minds of ordinary people as a half-conscious adaptation to the conditions of modern society. If you want to believe that things are going well in our modern Utopia, you have to choke down enough intoxicating ideology to distract yourself from the grim reality.

This rationalization process also causes ordinary people to ignore or smooth over every subversion, crime, devastation, and genocide carried out by the Left, if doesn’t get a pass completely. It’s enough to recall general leniency toward French and Bolshevik revolutions despite of amount of blood they have shed and subsequent totalitarisms which they have established. Deep inside people are simply identifying themselves with their alleged goals or at least with changes which they supposedly brought, such as liberation, democratization (all lies), and furthering equality (leveling and total subjugation to the empowered bureaucracy).

In case of the lower echelons of society, it exposes the true source of their only strength and  protection. Since society is operating on symbols so much, by surrendering to the dominant leftist values, people can feel inclusion and get confirmation of it from their surroundings, advance their status, as well as gain some moral currency with which they can conceal their appetite for control over others in whatever little space they have to enact it. Either way, at the bottom of people’s attachement to unbearably lofty slogans of today there is nothing but a petty egoism, simply echoing the ways and statuses of their ancestors.

The Leftist ideal, which is a symbolic or a “moral” one, is elevated and sanctified by society in line with all of the other illusions it feeds iselfs with, instead of being elevated on basis of long term consequences and capability to create excellence. Much like more explicit in this regard, but almost universally maligned Christianity, of which the current, true spirit was only slowly coming into fruition for centuries, Leftism inhibits a comprehensive, realistic view by moving consequences of human input into the sphere of bloodless ideal which is not of this world. It demands to narrow the vision to the point of obliviousness and legitimize excuse to remain in comfortable denial.

The Right on the other hand is about the order which creates the best known results as well as a plethora of secondary things, all of which are, as to their importance and often paradoxical implications, inexplicable to people below certain grade of character and insight. That is why Right-wing thought is bound to lose in systems, which appeals to the consensus with and within the mass. Its last resort relies on addressing the common sense, pointing to the most visible fallacies of Leftism, or the economic reasonings (current system is as compromised as sciences derailed or outright incepted precisely to reinforce Leftist assumptions), but now we are already past even that.

The order of the Right is non-human, heartless in that sense, yet has an almost conscious sensibility. Alignment with its patterns ultimately serves humanity to the upmost, because that is how humanity was created, how they are by design a part of this broader context of objects and relations. There the human finds a complete “system” that is most optimal, with all the answers and solutions incessantly right in front of our eyes. Despite being theoretically free to do everything and be anything, and ­­only in that sense we can say about man’s infinitely malleable nature, even with all the variety found in life, fundamentally there is only one correct, fulfilling way in which he can live.

Stubborn straying from this order as of yet produced only misery of a kind that would be otherwise unimaginable. Until some return to our senses, every step toward “progress,” every surplus and sought relief is illegitimate, as it only keeps us going in the wrong direction and is deflecting us from invariably the same, old, unresolved internal issues. And yet, the eternal mechanic of said order, being as objective as technology or technique, still applies to whatever people now reduced their lives to, where instead of trully advancing us, liberated from its full context and scope, it spells our doom, misdirected and limited to reproducing indefinitely solely base atavisms.

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