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Leap Into Life (#15): Moralism is Advertising (Why Conservatives Are Useless)

Apparently Budweiser signed up some kind of Irish transsexual, Dylan Mulvaney, to be the spokesperson for its watery line of alleged beers. Here is where the nihilist, realist, and naturalist perspective you come to this site to read differs from what Conservatism® Inc wants you to think.

Conservatism ® Inc follows the post-Buckley line: not “do not talk about race,” but “do not talk about genetics.” They are the inheritors of both the Scopes Monkey Trial and the propaganda of Abraham Lincoln which said all men are equal (but keep the Negroes over there please).

Lincoln, being a lawyer, in fact creatively misread the Declaration of Independence, a document designed as internal propaganda more than anything else. It said that all men are “created equal,” which is a limit on equality, meaning that birth is the only equality.

The Declaration therefore is not a pro-equality statement; it is an attempt to limit equality while simultaneously criticizing the remnants of the feudal system in England. America could not have an aristocracy because it was founded as a colony, so it turned on aristocracy.

However, none of the framers would have believed in equality of any form. Many of them spoke in terms that would have made the eugenics movement proud, and in fact explained why it later arose in America: they wanted the best to rise, and were just fine with a lot of people being kept impoverished.

Most of them had no problem with slavery, either. As they saw it, poor and low-IQ nations would sell their extra people to the West to make those people valuable enough to keep alive. Since these people were dumb, they would be whipped like animals. They originally had the Irish in mind.

The Northern merchants and shopkeepers wanted to conquer the South so they could own its agriculture, but needed a pretext, so they invented lots of lies about how cruel slavery was. Like the purported sufferings of American Indians and cruelty of the Holocaust, these were overstated.

Mostly, they needed a reason to motivate the mostly Irish inhabitants of the big cities to vote for war. They appealed to their inner sense of victimhood: like the King had serfs, and you were once indentured servants, now those meanie Southerners have slaves which means they are bad and we should kill them.

America had used this “wounded wing” — named after the fake injuries used by birds to lead predators away from their young — strategy in its War for Independence after all. It is inherently democratic. We portray you as a baby-killer, then our proles unite behind war.

At the time of the Civil War, Republicans were the radicals in power who demanded — per Lincoln — that all men be considered equal, not just born equal. This changed America forever, and it is the fault of the Republicans, who were as close as we get to bad guys here.

The founding fathers, like the ancient Greeks, saw slavery as a condition that could be overcome. A good worker could buy his freedom with a little wrangling, or get himself to a master who would let him do this. It is a tale as old as time. Therefore, “created equal” included slavery. You had a chance.

The “Radical Republicans,” emboldened by French Revolution logic and the desires of big business to have more customers, took another stance: all men were equal, which meant they did not have to take action of their own initiative like buying their way out of slavery. Government should do that.

In part, this was runaway democracy. The Republicans saw that with the new lands opening up as well as the city tenements overflowing with Irish children, there were opportunities to get more votes by offering more government support. That however required equality as a doctrine.

Bureaucracy invented equality just like factories invented assembly lines. Eliminate the variation of nature; treat each person like a widget, give them the same thing, and that makes you the good guy so you get more money from the poor saps who actually have enough money to pay taxes.

Of course, there is a flaw in this plan. People have unequal needs and are unequal in ability. A serf needs a round hut and some fields to till; a genius his workshop and grant; a bourgeois merchant his city house and downtown glimmering storefront.

Any bureaucracy dedicated to equality quickly becomes an agent of triage. That is, if you provide a free service, demand rises as people rely on it instead of other things. That means you have to cut the quality of the service to meet your budget.

You also have to pay for the salaries of all of those bureaucrats, who in the meantime have become accountability paranoid. That is, they know that screwups will occur, and their rank-and-file clerks are the type of mindless drones who want easy jobs, so are going to screw up a lot.

Accountability paranoia occurs when bureaucracies realize that they are now in loco parentis and therefore, any screwups will make the herd very angry. The solution: divide the bureaucracy into a maze of divisions, layers of management, and different programs. This deflects the blame.

Equality came from the bureaucracies, which created the assembly line for benefits in order to justify their own existence and continued tax burden. Radical Republicans took equality further and combined it with Christian theology and the language of the War for Independence.

Fast forward after the Civil War by a few decades and you get the Scopes Monkey Trial, in which teaching Darwinism was in contention because, as conservatives alleged, everyone has an equal soul and therefore we came from God in our equal condition, not evolved from monkeys.

There are problems with Darwinism, specifically that it does not take into account Schopenhauerian Will which verges on Lamarckism and some of Spencer’s interesting ideas, but the core of it, natural selection, remains strong: nature rewards those who adapt with greater genetic spread.

However, with the Scopes Monkey Trial, conservatives became further agents for equality because now not only were they demanding legal equality, but spiritual equality. Every human was sacred and the same with the same potential, and any other viewpoint was blasphemy.

At this point, “conservatives” became a broader group than Republicans. Conservatives had accepted equality to the point that outsiders like National Socialists and John Birch Society types were rejected by the majority. This got worse after WW2 with our anti-Hitler rhetoric.

Buckley reacted to the postwar environment by removing any mention of genetics from conservative rhetoric during the 1960s. Instead, he dictated, the group would focus on Christian values, free markets, and preserving the Constitution, basically making conservatism an ideology like Leftism.

Conservatives did not recognize themselves as a political wing until after the French Revolution. People had a degree of conservatism to their belief systems, meaning want to preserve the eternal tradition of a society which ordered it toward the good, but saw this as common sense, not an ideology.

In thinking this way, they stayed away from the moralism of the Left. To them the question was not what was ideal for the individual, but what made civilization function and how to provide opportunity to those who contributed so that they would rise above others.

Through this method, conservatism formed a replacement for natural selection. Instead of the unwary bunnies getting eaten by eagles, conservatives rewarded the alert bunnies and hoped for gradual domination of those individuals and genes over the herd.

That approach avoided moralism and its political equivalent, ideology. Both of these consist of corrections to the methods of nature designed to protect the human individual against the incursions of culture, nature, faith, heritage, realism, and logic.

Since The Enlightenment™ humans have pursued a rhetoric of liberation and casting off traditions and other restraints. Some of this was a reaction to already-decaying conventions, but most of it is simply individualism validated by the group and weaponized into me-first vortices of selfishness.

Moralism functions as advertising. The individualist wants to be able to be aggressively selfish, but does not want the rest of his group to retaliate, nor does he want his motives known. He extends the right of individualism to the group solely so he gets it.

In the grand tradition of short-term human thinking, the individualist intends to exploit these new freedoms more thoroughly than others while misdirecting them toward altruistic pursuits and, by making token attempts at the same, concealing his own selfishness and instability.

Conservatives self-destructed when they adopted moralism through a reliance on religion instead of culture, race, and all of the other interconnected elements that make Western Civilization. They took the advertising at face value and became essentially Leftists who love Jesus and Capitalism.

If you wonder why we now have public conservatives who make a big show of religion, patriotism, and military strength but do nothing about the socialist programs and other elements destructive to Western Civilization embedded at the core of your society, you now know: they agree with these things.

For the West to pull out of its slump, it must get rid of the Radical Republicans and replace them with Radical Traditionalist Republicans who embrace genetics, Darwinism, and the need for us to escape ideology and focus solely on what works and what preserves civilization.

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