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DiversityWatch (April 10, 2023)


Recent years have shown us an epidemic of the old voices being proven right. Hitler was proven right that diversity is unsurvivable, the Confederates were proven right that States Rights are essential, and now Plato has been proven right in saying that democracy always leads to tyranny.

For shorthand, tyranny does not need to mean going full Sparta or Soviet Union, or even a state approximating those like the bumbling Fascists or Hitler’s unstable National Socialism. These were attempts to make conservative versions of tyranny.

Tyranny refers to self-interested government. Its first goal is maintaining control. It does so on the basis of avoiding revolutions, and consequently, is always humanitarian, egalitarian, and based on the distribution of wealth as favors. It intends to stay in power forever.

Contrary to image, tyrannies do not need to be totalitarian. As we see now, if they can maintain power with media and by controlling industry, they can stay in power and still allow a relative degree of “freedom.” However, for them, getting anything right is secondary to staying in power.

As such tyrannies are an innocent mistake. Governments intend to do good by their citizens, but then realize that in democracy, there is always a risk of revolution because democracies are based on revolution. Managing the risk of revolution becomes their first job.

Then they notice that the voters are morons. That is, voters respond to emotion and image, not idea or consequences. They get excited for easy wars, free stuff, religious revivals, and crying children on beaches. To work with this system, one must become a manipulator.

Even people who are not morons become morons when they act as a group. People on committees shy away from anything that creates interpersonal conflict, since this is damaging to social prospects. Therefore committees always defer to what seems to be the majority, even though it rarely is.

For this reason, they follow inertia and never back down. They make a bad choice, it becomes precedent, everyone rationalizes from that, and then no one is willing to fix it because that will endanger the job or hopes of someone. Social power economics dominate the committee.

Voters are just a large committee. They choose badly, so politicians respond to outrages instead of thinking ahead positively toward the future. This way, the politicians stay in power; over time, that becomes their primary goal and everything else is just a job.

Big government wants Leftism because democracy and diversity are in a state of collapse without centralized control. To have that, they need a tyranny where everyone is bought because they are dependent on government for money. This alone ensures the perpetuity of government.

As a result, they compel a steady drift Leftward in order to stay in power and not collapse like the Soviets. What overthrew the Soviets? They gave out enough free stuff, but could not keep the system going. Government now relies on free enterprise, but built a Soviet Union on top of that.

This neo-Communist state relies on high taxes in order to give out free stuff from government (FSG) to the population, so that they depend on it, so that it can be revoked if they do anything government does not like. This now extends to corporations too.

They are Leftist because this is the nature of democracy trying to fix itself. If you make everyone legally equal, they want to be politically equal. Then they want economic equality. Soon they want government to make everyone the same.

For approximately four-fifths of the population, equality does not provide what they want. Having been made equal, they need something to blame for their less-than-equal status. This creates constant scapegoats like The Rich™ while equality is raised to messianic, religious, and Utopian status.

This attitude is born of fear. Early life for most humans consists of repeated assaults to the ego. They wonder if they are smart enough, attractive enough, and good enough to be of interest to others. This makes them want to pull everyone down to the same level.

In other words, they want to diminish competition. The individualist is an unstable human who fears more than he desires to achieve anything. He wants to be made equal and have others reduced to equality so that he does not need to fear competition from others.

However, nothing can solve their fundamental fear. With legal and political equality, they are powerless compared to those with more money. With economic equality, they are less powerful than those with more abilities. The quest for equality is an abyss, and it leads government to tyranny.

If conservatives had any brains — what a wish! — they would attack the core of the problem, equality, instead of swatting at the flies of its peripheral effects. Marxism, ESG, DEI, CEI, civil rights, atheism, feminism, and tyranny are all fruit of the tree of equality.

If we cut out the fisgie (FSG), the immigrants will stop coming. Cut out the fisgie and the diversity will leave. Cut out the fisgie and government becomes less important, which means that culture (including but not limited to faith) becomes more important.

This is the struggle in which we find ourselves.

We face an old enemy. Political Correctness has always been about controlling language to control the mind. Leftism has always been about controlling methods (means, procedures, processes) in order to control the mind.

Individualism has always been about stopping others from criticizing individualism in order to control the mind. This approach leads inevitably to legal equality, from which the quest to make everything perfectly equal so no one is afraid takes momentum.

We suffer under parasitic symbolism. The symbol of equality lives in us like a virus, and reproduces through dogma, dysfunctional families, and assaults on the ego created by ideology. We are caught in a cycle that only ends when we escape equality.



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