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Leap Into Life (#14): Democracy Makes People Go Crazy

Leftists recognized the importance of the Kevin McCarthy vote long before conservatives did because Leftists think solely in terms of power. Their goal is to replace power with mob rule so that each individual is obligated to nothing but paying taxes and earning money. To them that is “freedom.”

With the vote for Speaker of the House, we see the MAGA and Tea Party Republicans showing their power as a swing vote. Without them, nothing will happen; they can now check the RINOs. This was the whole point of the latter half of the Trump first term, since it became clear that the traitors were worse than the enemy.

Perhaps it is too bold and gives too much agency to them to call RINOs “traitors.” They are short-term thinkers who are more interested in getting along with the system than they are in doing anything conservative; their profit model is donations from people of lost hope and shattered confidence.

We call it “regulatory capture” when the regulators assigned to watch an industry, by the nature of having to work seamlessly with it, start doing what it wants because they are entrenched with it. Democracy enacted regulatory capture on conservatives, and RINOs were the natural product: do nothing, take in money, give warm fuzzies.

Conservatives get warm fuzzies from righteous losing. This is a disguised superiority complex where they get to say that everyone else screwed it up, conservatives alone were right, what a shame it is that everyone is lost, so there is no point doing anything but piling up wealth and hoping to die before the apocalypse.

You may have noticed that most conservative thinking involves binary, apocalyptic imagery. The world is destroyed and God comes to save us; either that, or America was once great and this is now lost, so there is no point doing anything but behaving like the criollo who owns the biggest plantation in Mexico.

With the McCarthy vote, the radicals forced the mainstream conservatives to compromise, which means that mainstream conservatives will get nothing done unless they include MAGA-type demands. The group designed to depose the RINOs has shown its power for the first time, and they are bending the public Right more toward the actual Right.

Since our Overtown Window has shifted so far to the Left where we are now essentially in the same system as China, a Maoist “mixed economy” where free markets power the socialist state, public conservatives are basically Leftists who like Christianity, Benedict Option libertarianism, and strong markets.

Democracies drift toward Communism inevitably. The core idea of democracy, the equality of all people, creates an expectation which must be fulfilled by increasing application of social engineering and eventually force. Democracy always leads to tyranny, and tyranny is always bought with free stuff from government like in socialism.

Along the way, democracy makes people go insane. In a society that strips away all structure and leaves the atomized individual, nothing is widely acclaimed enough to be worth doing, so people focus on individualism and accumulating wealth, at which point they notice their emptiness and detest themselves.

This forms the narcissism cycle. A narcissist thinks only of himself and what he wants, and he will invent any reasons he needs to justify this as “good.” He never wants to be blamed, so always blames others. He wants to hide his self-centered nature, so he engages in public acts of goodwill while taking all that he can.

Humans by the nature of having big brains are narcissists. Our brains return a stronger signal than reality, which we think of as “out there” beyond our narrative of the self. For this reason, we see ourselves as real and reality as arbitrary, so we hate it and retaliate against it by being anti-realistic.

From that comes the idea of “we are all one,” which has been popular since the dawn of time. It is pacifism and bourgeois commerce united, which is why it always comes from the cities. It is concentrated in the US at the coasts which are dominated by large cities.

The pacifism comes from the same arrangement behind jobs and commerce. We buy off other people by giving them something, namely license to be selfish like us, and cloak ourselves in the guise of righteousness because we endorse equality and no one can argue against that without appearing selfish.

In this way, the narcissists of democracy disguise their true nature by projecting it outward. They are selfish, so they claim everyone else is selfish by using the Herd to abolish all standards, culture, and heritage. They are dishonest, so they claim that realists are dishonest for denying popular opinion.

“We are all one” eliminates the risk of being attacked by others. It also eliminates evolutionary pressures: you no longer have to struggle to uphold the standards of your culture, ethnic group, social class (IQ band), and history; you are simply a sovereign individual, doing whatever you want, and paying for it with your jobs and taxes.

This is the culture of the cities and the bourgeois middle class. For them, everything is social, and the more you please others, the more you sell or are paid, so the whole point of life is to flatter others and pay for a bureaucracy that takes care of any moral imperatives so that you can ignore them.

“Intellectuals” have been pushing this nonsense since the days of Athens or long before. To them, it is simple: they validate what people want to believe, and therefore the intellectuals get wealth and power, so by their morality of bourgeois individualism, they have succeeded by finding ways to justify this idiocy.

You cannot argue with the narcissists because they use inverted reason. Sane people use reason to understand reality and adapt to it; for narcissists, they know what they want and will contort reason to find some way to argue for, justify, and excuse whatever they want. They hate reality and want to abolish it.

Narcissists lack some part of their minds that would make them whole. Perhaps it is intuition, or maybe just awareness beyond the proximate. It torments them because in true Dunning-Kruger fashion, they do not understand what others have, and this makes them hate it.

By validating narcissism, democracy makes everyone into a narcissist. Those who care about culture, history, wisdom, heritage, and reality lose out because that is now their hobby, a burden they carry in addition to their job, and it makes them weak in a world where pitching lies to narcissists is the only way to get ahead.

After a couple centuries of democracy, most people have their heads filled with mostly marginal thoughts and almost no clear, consistent, and realistic thoughts that endure their whole lives. They exist in a fog of distraction, guilt, worry, victimhood, and revenge.

When you look at the world out there, consider Occam: the simplest explanation is often best. Societies die when everyone in them goes insane, and they go insane by pursuing popular illusions so that they can avoid conflict and natural hierarchy, which would have our wisest guide us against our wishes.

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