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It Took Just a Decade for Diversity to Kill Halloween

As detailed over a decade ago, the Obama years killed Halloween. Why: White families found that they gave out a lot of candy, but almost none to kids from their neighborhoods, and very few to White kids.

If you are genetically healthy, you like to be around people like you, not just in terms of race but culture, religion, ethnicity, and social class. This means that on Halloween, you want to be giving back to your community, which consists of people like you.

When instead the Escalades unloading minority children from neighborhoods twenty miles away never end, and the only people enjoying the holiday are the soy and boxwine types who delight in more free giveaways to the third world, since that assures them of their own conformity to the Ideology, the joy leaves quickly.

For me, the enduring symbol of diversity will be the Halloween after the great Obama rush, when I saw White guy after White guy in our neighborhood turn on a sprinkler and turn off the lights. The holiday was dead; it was for children to enjoy, but now it has become another wealth transfer entitlement.

You can have nice holidays when you are surrounded by people who understand our culture. In American (WASP) culture, Halloween is a time for children from a neighborhood to go around that neighborhood and meet the neighbors, get some candy and apples, and have fun dressing up.

That got ruined when it became another giveaway holiday. The right way to “win” Halloween is to buy $200 of candy, then give it out to the smiling foreign faces which show up from nowhere into your neighborhood as if by coordination (no doubt Leftists have made helpful maps).

That way, you can show the world that like America in WW2 or Jesus on the Cross, you are willing to die for the Ideology of equality. You have made yourself a perfect citizen by adhering to the nonsensical demands of ideology because in the absence of culture, this is how you demonstrate your goodness.

This year, our neighborhood looks like a place where no one owns a calendar. No houses are decorated, and no one is going to let the kids out. Instead, they are watching scary cartoons and having their own candy with the world safely walled away, as is what happens when diversity takes over.

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