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ISIS the distant mirror


ISIS has truly sunken to a new low. Just how bad, just how barbaric, just how bloodthirsty have they become? Well, they are now almost as evil and depraved as Planned Parenthood over yonder in the Good Old US of A. Now people will read this post and wonder how I could say such vile and unfair things about traditionalist practitioners of an old-timey Abrahamic faith. Why some of us find them a more diverting office timewaster than watching bums fight on Youtube over bottles of Wild Irish Rose.

You see a Saudi Sharia Judge has issued what is called an “Oral Fatwa” authorizing the execution of disabled children in all area that ISIS controls. So far, 38 dirt naps for Allah have been initiated and the moral indignation rises towards heaven.

This truly proves Barack Obama correct in characterizing ISIS as the JV. If they had issued a proper fatwa like Roe v. Wade they could pop enough waterheads to irrigate the Sahara. With some Good Old Amerikan ingenuity, they could fatwa the fvck out of about 60 million of the little blighters in the next 52 years. Just think of all the non-performing student load debt they could avoid.

Just to show you how stupidly ISIS goes about this whole business, they don’t even get the aftermarket. Who in heck wants to order a 12-piece Tissue McNuggets off a tard baby? You need the partial birth abortions, one or two weeks before the end of gestation, to make the real money out of that racket. If you want the Lamborghini, it’s all in where you put the forceps.

Now that Kermit Gosnell could really teach those sand-rubes of ISIS a thing or two. He’s got the storefront and the refrigeration capacity to really do it First World. If you ever find your crime stats a little rough or your welfare state a wee tad too expensive, Dr. Gosnell had one hell of a cure for it.

Just do it more quietly than Dr. Gosnell and Postmodern Amerika will thank you. The government will see to it you get funded. ISIS may have had a fatwa, but I’m not hearing any reports of the sick bastards getting an additional budget line. They just don’t quite grasp logistics and economies of scale. It’s got to make you proud that the American People elected every one of the sick, malevolent tyrants that vote to fund our very own Abortion-Industrial Complex more generously than your typical rural county can successfully fund its school system. I guess once you invest in one, you don’t need as much of the other. I’m sorry, why are we so hacked off at ISIS again?

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