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Introducing The Realist Party Platform for 2024

With any luck, Donald J. Trump will be your president in 2024, since he is a Reagan/JFK moderate who only appears “far-Right” because the Left has crawled so far up the digestive tract of Stalin and Marx that it sees all dissent as extremism.

However, if for whatever reason — more Tammany/Pendergast antics during the election, WW3 kicking off in Taiwan, Putin nukes DC and we hope gets Austin too — Mr Trump cannot be our president, you have another great option: me.

Let us look at a platform for the Realist Party, composed of ragin’ realists like many of our readers here, in 2024 as part of its quest to resurrect Western Civilization from the doom of egotism that ate it after it over-civilized itself.

  • Half Earth. We set aside half of our land and sea for nature alone and remove humanity from it, and only trade and recognize other countries that do the same in their territory.
  • End immigration. America has had too many people for several decades now. End immigration, deport those who are here illegally, and focus on a population of just under 200m as ideal.
  • Cut labor costs. To bring manufacturing, agriculture, and services back to America we must end legal protection for unions, cut the red tape and regulations, limit lawsuits, and slash taxes.
  • Reduce cost of living. For people to be able to thrive, they need free time, which means they need to work less and be able to stretch their income further.
  • Stop predatory taxation. Any tax that takes from one group and gives to another group is predatory, and this needs to be made illegal by Constitutional amendment.
  • Create hierarchical rights. Individuals have rights, but so do communities, cultures, religions, and nature, and these need to be reflected as a hierarchy not an absolute, granularized and atomized standard.
  • Remove the Deep State. The “Deep State” or permanent unelected bureaucracy exists mostly in administrative agencies, which themselves work around the Constitution and should be removed.
  • States Rights. Give the states rights by giving them independence, meaning no SALT deductions or other means of transferring costs from one state to another. Let states determine who can settle there.
  • Flat Tax. Nothing proves more destructive than people who vote to use Other People’s Money (OPM, pronounced “opium”) to bring themselves benefits. You vote, you pay.
  • Simplify. All government rules need to fit in one 300-page book, and all government transactions need to occur through one office where citizens can have their cases heard.
  • Court reform. All court cases need to be heard within a month and concluded with a month after that, and for any spurious lawsuits, costs need to be assigned to the losing party.

After reading that, you have seen more detail about how government works than politicians have mentioned in public over the last fifty years. Voters need the power and matching burden of knowledge.

If elected, I promise to do my best to accomplish as much of the above as possible, and to offend everyone “equally” in the process.

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