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Introducing the Google Analytics Bomb: The Non-PC URL Redirector


Many sites use Google Analytics to measure where their traffic is coming from. One of our nerds was thinking one day that it might be interesting to load up these variables with some non Politically Correct information.

The result is the “Non-PC URL Redirector” which takes a given URL and adds to it highly recognizable Google Analytics tags. This will show up on the statistics reports for these sites and will generate predictable outrage.

The script turns this:

Into this:

This does not constitute endorsement of the message, nor does it refute it. It simply uses it as a means to upset those who are triggered by such things.

Type a URL here:

Warning, this text is “Not Safe For Work” as is most of the content of this website. Use especially on big mainstream sites like The New York Times and the SPLC.

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