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Intolerance and pluralism

Pluralism is the idea that, since every group or person has an organizing idea and goal to life, these goals can coexist.

Pluralism denies that societies are inherently collective, and so we need a collective goal to the whole of society. Pluralism becomes that goal, but what of its effects?

The first thing we learn is that there is not one rule that is right for every person; however, if these rules come in conflict, those people cannot live in the same society. And if we think clearly, we see that every ideology by the very fact of asserting itself as true is calling every other ideology untrue.

So pluralism is a stupid idea, unless we grant different areas the right to segregate themselves, exclude outsiders by ideology, race, religion, sexual orientation and so on, because each constitutes a de facto ideological bias.

One person I showed that to wondered at the passage about “an intolerance for cultural diversity and diversity of thinking and are views that are not shared and are not representative of the thinking of a majority of the citizens of Oklahoma.” But that’s accurate. After all, the majority of citizens of Oklahoma share an entirely different set of intolerances!

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In this sanctimonious young liberal’s eyes, every place must obey the same standards. An ideology of standard parts: there is one right way, and we must apply it anywhere. God forbid that Oklahoma wants to believe in God or do anything else that opposes his globalist True Moral Right Way. He considers his view Progress, and the rest of us to be ignorant, all while talking about freedom, but really what he’s offering is a lack of freedom to disagree with what he sees “scientifically” as a moral right.

Confusing? Not to a philosopher, who understands that negation is also assertion. In pluralism, every view must be tolerated, including explicitly its intolerance of separate views, which means pluralism cannot work unless divided up geographically. Oklahoma understands that; this liberal bigot does not, which makes him the ultimate in intolerance.

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