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Interest In Alt Right Is Rising: Amerika Stats


Every few months, or sometimes years, it makes sense to check our stats. From the above, you can see the rough traffic on this site. We are serving up 55,000 pages to almost 2,000 distinct hosts per day, with many of those hosts having multiple users.

This site will never be popular. It is designed after all as a counter-action to the idea that what is popular and simplistic is best, and to that end, challenges its readers with complex topics devoid of emotion and social language. It is closer to an academic journal or the political writing of two centuries ago than to a modern blog. It has always been doomed for this reason to watch others zoom past with jazzy titles and quirky, eclectic texts that sound like a suave hipster-agitator just set down his Yuengling Traditional Lager to lay down a half-rap, half-NPR style screed.

However, despite this, it has carved out an audience for itself through its one useful tendency: to penetrate into the core of issues, bring out their origins, and to then identify contrary directions which center around its overall goal, which is the health of civilization and the restoration of a golden age.

In addition, we just surpassed 5,000 posts, of which (shockingly!) only 3,347 are Brett Stevens texts. Most of these are very good, especially those by other authors. Our forum, while lagging, has some quality material on it and few active contributors. All in all, not a bad ratio of material to activity.

Thank you to all who are reading, or will be reading, and to all our contributors.

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