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From more of the chronicles of the fall of New Rome, popular culture presents us with the term infinifat, which you may have seen thrown around social media. What is this strange term?

It turns out that “infinifat” rests at the heavy end of the scale of fategories, or self-assigned descriptors of weight load. Infinifat means fat beyond measure:

A complementary term to superfat, infinifat was coined by Ash of The Fat Lip podcast to describe those whose “size is greater than any assignable size number.” “Too fat for commercially-available clothing,” they are sized out of brick and mortar plus size stores and must order clothing online. In some cases, they may not know their size. In order to fly, they must purchase two seats. They experience acute institutionalized sizeism daily.

With the demise of culture, the equal people out there need reasons for their personal existences. Some dedicate themselves to hobbies, some to laboring for progress, and others, to a strange fetishism of consumption and ego in obesity.

Infinifat provides a new victim category, since reality discriminates against a lack of health and noticing this, ordinary people pull back from the grotesquely oversized. This allows Infinifat Lives Matter-style activity:

It’s so important for voices like mine to have an outlet. The shame is constant. It comes from everywhere. Family. Friends. The nightly news. Doctors. Trolls on the internet. People with powerful platforms like Oprah (yes, even if she’s claiming “healthy” to be the new “skinny” as she shills for Weight Watchers).

This shame is without equivocation, harming me and those who, like me, live in very fat bodies. These are our homes. Does anyone really think it’s healthy to be told over and over and over again that you’re essentially on the verge of death every moment of every day?

In a society of equals, where the path to equality always involves taking from the strong to give to the weak, one always wants to be weak in some way that justifies the pity, attention, and subsidies of others.

By being grossly overweight, the infinifat achieve a victim category of their own that transcends race, sex, and class. They are simply pitied. No one wants to be from a minority group in any land, a religious outlier, or a sexual non-conformist; to be these things is to be cut out of the social mainstream and to become isolated.

However, by choosing to be massively fat, the infinifat gain themselves an identity and with it a presumption of victimhood, which protects them from any criticism; they can claim that all attacks are directed at their weight, even if ostensibly targeting other areas.

As New Rome descends into chaos and stupidity, every person needs to find a shield behind which to hide, and for many, infinifat will tempt them, since they can be a minority and victim, but also have great snacks too.

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