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With recent events, humanity has entered the final stage in the epic tale of Western Civilization. Having united the globe, Western Civilization promptly fell into DIEDS (democracy, inclusion, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements) and self-destructed. Its carcass threatens to die further and take humanity down with it.

That after all is the problem with globalism: the bigger they are, the harder they fall, so “too big to fail” really means “too big to fail without destroying everyone.” We are all passengers on this train headed toward a bridge whose far span, invisible from here, has eroded from Mafia concrete and will drop us a thousand feet to the river below.

Our species now finds itself having bet everything on one hand, waiting to see what cards come out. We either win big and rise to new heights, or we decisively lose, at which point everything we have goes away and we face a new world in which everyone is third world and nothing is excellent.

If we want to win, we have to beat the problem that put us into decline in the first place. Individualism, or the idea that the desires of the individual are more important than reality or culture, rotted out the West because once it succeeded people no longer had a need to work together.

Instead, the West lost direction, and people began pursuing their own desires or trends that they felt would make them both distinctive and pleasing to others. The optics, popularity, symbolism, and pathology won out over common sense.

At the same time, the lower echelons of society, enabled to have more surviving babies by the hygiene and steady food supply of civilization, bloated their own numbers and eventually took over through sheer amount of financial influence. We threw out the kings and replaced them with bureaucrats.

Individualism proved popular with this group who were not interested in achieving much of anything. To them, life meant jobs and the ability to buy stuff and pursue desires, and they resisted any attempt to load more of an agenda into existence than that. These bourgeois city-dwellers inherently dislike maintaining civilization.

To get rid of individualism, you find a goal for the whole society, which in turn requires culture which in turn requires mono-ethnicism or ethno-nationalism. This upsets the normie. To understand this, we must look at the psychology of individualists.

Like its cousins narcissism and sociopathy, individualism is a type of paraphilia which values a certain symbolic result more than interaction with reality. For the individualist, the feeling of being able to fulfill any desire is more important than the actual ability to act them out.

Those who live in symbolism — this replaced idol-worship as our religions grew — care about how they are considered by the crowd above all else because the goodwill that the group has toward them determines how much flexibility they will be afforded in being able to pursue their random and obsessive desires.

People in the grips of individualism develop a fixation, pathology, and addiction to having society consider them good. They are ruled by popularity itself and its optics, since only then are they on the side of symbolic good and therefore able to indulge their paraphilia of believing that they can do anything (indulge any desire).

They exist in the validation-victimhood cycle, where when they are good society will treat them well, but if it does not, they act as if they have been victimized and demand what they are “owed” from it. Once they have gotten away with that, they crave validation, or the restoration of the assertion of social goodwill towards them.

For many, this psychology comes about simply because it is easier to go along with the herd than to recognize the grim reality that many things are going wrong and it will take work, risk, and change to right them. People want armchair solutions because there is no risk and they will not need to change their thinking or exert themselves.

Others however find this cycle fits their evolving psychological makeup. They must either be in total control or playing the victim, much as a narcissist does, in order to manipulate the group. For that reason they shape their lives around this process, which then leads to a loss of the perception of individuality and thus repeats.

Everyone in an individualist society behaves like a narcissist because a society of absolutes must be manipulated in order to get what you want. Therefore they conform and use that as the basis to demand things, then play the victim when those things do not come their way, and in doing so they manipulate the herd like it manipulates them.

If the West wants to escape its decline, our first order of the day is to break this cycle by ending our sense of pity or obligation to others. We are wild creatures, and we do what benefits us while ignoring others because we trust nature to select the best of us and therefore all of us to benefit from their greater ability.

Civilization cannot exist when everyone is tearing it apart in order to make a name for themselves, to lay some claim to a new idea, or simply to steal. It works when we all move in the same direction toward an approximate shared goal, at which point we rediscover our individuality in what we can do, instead of how we can manipulate.

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