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“Inclusiveness”, like “access” and “equity”, is a way of talking about equality. Liberals believe as a matter of principle that the benefits of society should be equally available to all and that a basic task of government is to help make them so. As liberalism has developed so have the specific demands of that principle. Today it requires that persons of every race, ethnicity, religious background, sex, disability status and sexual orientation be able to participate equally in major social activities, with roughly equal receipt of status and rewards the test for equal ability to participate. This requirement of equal participation is referred to as “inclusiveness”.


Actually, I think you’ve got it backward: equality exists so that inclusiveness, which motivates people who share no values or wisdom in common, can be used to motivate mobs to support ideas.

It’s a control method, like giving out free beer. Everyone is welcome. Now you’re against those who don’t think everyone should be welcome, right… we all don’t want to rock the boat.

How academic mafia.

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