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It is worth tossing in a few words in here about the Joe Biden impeachment: it is a show trial, it is designed to legally exonerate him while giving the GOP bragging rights, and it is the wrong way to approach the massive problem of the wrongdoing that has been perpetrated here.

First, you are not going to catch the Left in direct evidence that you can present in a court and win. Like criminals, they toss the gun in the bay the instant it is used, and do not wait around until you start investigating to hide the records of their activities.

Like the Clintons, they systematically eliminate all data, hide their communications, destroy or publicly shame those who know compromising material, and otherwise leave a trail of chaos and destruction behind them as a camouflage for their actual activities.

Plato warned us of this long ago: given the ability to hide their deeds, a good man will hide his good deeds, and a bad man will hide his bad deeds. This is why we say “good to the good, and bad to the bad,” since if you do not act against the bad, they quickly take over like the Clintons, 0bamas, and Biden Crime Family.

Second, an impeachment is a political process. The GOP botched the impeachment of Bill Clinton because they lacked evidence on his actual wrongdoing, so they went after him for grooming a young college intern instead. True, it was a bad look, but you need more than that.

Similarly the impeachments of Donald Trump were political activities. Impeachment serves as a way for a party to drum up support for its platform through outrage, or making a group feel it has been unfairly disadvantaged and denied equal importance, which is what Leftists crave like someone addicted to crack, ice, heroin, and meth at the same time.

All an impeachment achieves at this point is a big “boo hiss” from the opposing group. There are enough people from the opposition to ensure that it will not pass, and there will always be “the conservative case for” Republicans who will swing over to the other side in the interest of appealing to their liberal voters.

Third, the problem is that the Biden Crime Family, new Tammany Hall machine run by 0bama and the Clintons, billionaire donors and internationalist NGOs, and “deep state” or entrenched self-interested bureaucracy will remain intact. We need a criminal case with RICO enforcement in order to start flipping people to testify.

An impeachment signals that your evidence is too weak to merit a legal case and so instead you have opted for a political solution, namely reading all the outrages into record (which five nines of citizenry cannot and will not read) and then take a vote for boo hiss or attaboy.

I will say again that civil court may be a better venue if you can find someone who has been directly injured by the activities of these criminals. This is hard to do, since the courts so far have not accepted higher taxes, lower currency value, and the mediocrity of everything as causes for lawsuits.

Generally government criminals hide behind incompetence. If they botch everything, who is to say that one case you have found is an example of criminality and not just the usual botching? This is why they love to bungle and botch, then hide email servers in toilets, smash phones with hammers, burn hard drives, and shred any paper they can find.

A true sociopath is not psychotic or psychopathic; he only acts in his interests. When they get together in groups, they form little cliques, do favors for each other, and bully everyone else into silence. This is part of The Human Problem that we see arises as a dark organization after The Committee Problem starts off the decay.

This means that you will find few people willing to do this in Washington. You will at the state and local level however, but you have to pick your judges carefully. The Democrats are the party of trial lawyers because Republicans make clear laws that reduce legal wrangling, where Democrats write reams and reams of regulations that create endless loopholes.

But it is possible to have a civil trial, based on the loss of assets, in the same way we fight over Fifth Amendment cases over what is a “taking,” meaning that government has seized an asset of the citizenry and now needs to compensate them. With the rise of the administrative state, such cases have become more common.

We have clear Biden Crime Family activities that could be pursued criminally, and if they are criminal and caused damages, could result in civil suits by states, local governments, or individuals:

House Republicans, led by Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), are currently investigating President Biden and his family’s shady foreign business dealings, whether these activities compromise our national security, and federal agencies’ involvement in protecting the Bidens.

In particular, we have the elements of conspiracy with the censorship and suppression of evidence, and through the corruption in Ukraine before the war, a pattern of trading on government influence for political power. Smart trial lawyers could make these into winning cases.

From the larger view, criminal charges are needed, including conspiracy. These people are acting outside the role of their offices and being personally enriched by it. That is what needs investigation and charges filed, and impeachment is just a weaker version that lets the GOP rebel without actually threatening the status quo.

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