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If all bad parents killed their kids, the gene pool would thrive

The other day, something happened. A young girl (2 years old) in the UK was beaten to death by her family, while social workers were afraid to intervene. You can read more here.

My response?

I say give the parents a medal.

1 – They were obviously unfit as parents.
2 – Humanity is overpopulated.

Instead of raising another half-pissed, half-useless human, they simply terminated the little idiot-in-training. Right on! These people understand correctly.

If society – like the big, bad ‘n’ brave armchair warriors we see all over the internet, loudly clamoring about what is “right” and to what they are entitled – wants to do something about this, give them a coupon for a free sterilization as well.

In the world of nature, they’re small but still valid success stories.

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