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Idiot Farm

If 2020 was the year when everything became uncertain, 2021 is the year when the vast incompetence and stupidity of everything became too obvious to ignore.

Our leaders appear afraid to follow what they know is an obvious lie. COVID-19 is a severe flu; this kills those who have a weakness to it, like the obese, unhealthy, weak, and those whose bloodlines have little experience with coronaviruses.

While Sweden strides ahead with only fifteen thousand deaths and its citizens able to enjoy normal life, the rest of the developed world seems to be collapsing into totalitarianism, panic, and bullying in order to force forward the narrative.

Sensible observers point to the bodies in the street videos from China as the source of this mass manipulation, but Western Leftists have to keep up the panic. If they do not, they reveal the hoax, and it will take them down.

Look around out there. It is a smoking ruin, metaphorically. Supply chains have collapsed. Employment exists in a Twilight Zone of missing workers and two-hour Zoom calls every day for a year and a half to prove your worth.

That just peeled back the surface. Look underneath, and you see a society run by middle manages promoted for their race, sex, sexual preference, ideology, or just willingness to work long hours on meaningless bureaucracy.

From the top to the bottom, this is an obedience cult. Managers like employees who will do whatever they are told for twelve hours a day since this looks like productivity. Schools like students who regurgitate the pablum in order to make it look real and important. Voters like politicians who address big symbolic issues and avoid bigger reality-based ones.

Every person seems to be broadcasting the message: validate my illusions, and then you are in the gang, but if you fail to do so, you are considered a dissident and outsider.

Fellow citizens revealed themselves as petty tyrants who, being far in denial because they want to believe that our system is not a dying waste of time, will “kill the messenger” by retaliating against anyone who does not conform.

This pathology proves consistent with Leftism itself: the idea of equality is unstable because it does not exist in reality, therefore everyone must be forced to comply or it collapses from lack of acceptance.

Symbolic belief systems tend toward this psychology. They command attention because they are simple answers to a complex world, and therefore make people feel powerful for adopting them, but since they are not inherent, they exist only on a wave of human popularity, and defections threaten that.

Since the dawn of democracy, America has been dumbing itself down by catering to the wishful thinking of its population. It started slowly at first, but picked up speed as more errors were made, and therefore more denial was needed.

We encouraged mindless consumerism, hive mind socializing, and participation in mass illusions like wars for democracy and fake panics, seeing Satanists and white nationalist terrorists under the bed.

Anyone who rejected this absurdity got cut out of the system. Their books were not published, their candidacies were rejected, and they were fired from their jobs. They were heretics against the illusion.

America depends on the illusion. If it shatters, we find ourselves in a dark place: being led by a blind and insane system, following false ideals, self-destructing, and headed toward the historical dust-bin of democracy.

We are ruled by idiots because they accept the illusion and get ahead; those who insist on some measure of reality get filtered out early on. So you will only hear lies, insanity, and deception in public.

Those left in the Silent Majority find themselves wondering why idiots get paid so much money to hold what look like ceremonial sinecures in a dysfunctional government, while the rest of us have to actually work for a living.

They are slowly figuring out that the government they trusted managed to import enough foreigners to vote for it that it no longer matters if it does good or bad, right or wrong, competent or incompetent. It is just another business now.

Societies always end this way. The method — the task appointed to each — takes the place of the goal, and the observation of reality that occasions the goal. The “how” replaces the “why.”

Over time, people focus entirely on repeating what they have always done, intensifying it to signal denial and therefore harmlessness, at which point society becomes a fat, bloated corporation producing nothing.

Nature may abhor a vacuum, but even more, it detests an occupant where empty space might be preferable. This is the warning of history, and instead of heeding it, we beat down anyone who noticed until true idiot-rule could prevail. For a time.

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