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“I Do Not Understand” Is Not An Argument

The internet is the ultimate extension of democracy in that all get a voice, and through what they are saying, we see how the problem with humanity is us: as a group, we make poor decisions, and most individuals do not understand or focus on the issues at hand.

A common trope in comments is the “I don’t see” or “I don’t understand” argument. In it, the person arguing wants you to believe that because they do not comprehend the particular argument, it cannot be true, because everyone must understand and agree in order for something to be true.

This is obvious nonsense. Besides the Dunning-Kruger effect, there is raw history. Throughout the human story, there have been a few brave people who saw what was real and unrecognized, and spoke it, earning the ire of the crowd. Truth is always elusive because most humans are bigoted against truth.

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