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Human rights and censorship at this blog

I don’t believe in human rights.

Put simply, I think you shouldn’t get any absolute rights for just being human.

lootersInstead, the best society rewards those who do good things and makes sure those who do destructive things are smote, while doing nothing for those who do nothing to help themselves, the rest of us and the world around us (environment, culture, and so on).

I do believe in trying to do the right thing by people who are also trying to do the right thing for me and others like me.

I believe in censorship. I believe if a TV program encourages young girls to act like sluts, those of us who know that this leads them to disaster in later life — and lonely alienation in their 40s, not to mention a declining population — will want to take the tapes and burn them. I can see how this violates human rights, in which every person has an absolute right to do whatever they want, but human rights don’t measure consequences. I measure consequences.

I believe in the death penalty, or rather, death to the dysfunctional. Life is a gift, and those who are going to defecate all over it and destroy others need to be viewed just how we’d view technology: the failed machines go into recycling, and the good ones go on to bigger and better things.

But again, I believe in trying to do the right thing.

Voltaire has this interesting quotation:

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

For me, it’s not censorship to defend the airing of an opposing viewpoint.

However, I also believe in doing the right thing, and that includes civility.

When we are polite, and express ourselves logically, the emotions and drama are secondary to simple communication — and getting clear the reasons for disagreement.

But then I see comments like this:

Without HELP? Africa would be holocausted, as it can support only 1/8% of its population with its own resources. Negro middle-class professionals under-preform White counterparts by 30% – from doctors & engineers to clerks, according to a self-described ‘liberal-centrist’ associate of my dad’s from S. Africa, they can’t finish any project autonomously & steal freely. Pure [censored] & halfbreeds are a biologically worthless burden, they know it deep down & most passive-agressively hate us for it.

You will note that I haven’t replicated one of the words there.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask to request that our visitors keep civility in mind and speak using the terms we find make the most sense out of politeness, for example, “African-Americans.”

It won’t kill you to do it, and it ensures your message is expressed clearly without throwing emotional bombs into the mix that are going to drive people away from responding logically.

And if they cannot find a logical response, they then cannot fall back on an emotional one, or if they do, they are signaling to the rest of us that they’re not ready for that debate.

We shy away from no truth on this site. We’re cool with talking about ethnic differences in intelligence and other abilities, fine with talking about the third world’s ongoing failure as not a byproduct of Western colonialism, and we’re honest about class war and IQ, the psychology of liberalism, biological determinism and other taboo issues.

But our goal is to express them succinctly, clearly and without using words as an emotional weapon against others.

Our staff here are not all from a single ethnic group, religion or political bent. They’ve been picked because they’re intelligent and realistic. As with all of us, their realism may evolve and get better over time. But they’re here to be treated with respect.

Each of us who writes here is determined to face as much of the whole truth as we can discern, no matter what it says about us as individuals or our ancestors.

We don’t yet have African-American or gay columnists, but we’re not excluding the possibility — we are New Right, which means we’ve cast aside the pretense of both destructive liberalism and calcified conservatism, and we’re looking for others who face the truth. One aspect of that truth is that no group is within needing a lot of work to get back in line, and that the same solutions can be adapted in different parts of the world to bring us together not as one grey race of cultureless modern droids, but as parallel nations striving for excellence in each of their areas.

It would be great if other people saw the wisdom in what I’m trying to do here, and would voluntarily comply with civility, so that we don’t need censorship. As we like to say around here: no tyrant exists without a thoughtless population that needed and deserved him.

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