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How Trash Pandas Conquer Democracy

Democracy is government by, of and for the deformed, immoral, and defective maggot-folk. Now that I’ve shot through all the euphemism rounds, I’ll tell you how I really feel. I don’t really feel any different. Democracy is bound within the constraints of a negative gradient. The worst and the trashiest always win in the end. There is a three step algorithm by which any Democracy anywhere will be conquered by the trash pandas of any society’s dung heap who will then gleefully pour Socrates the hemlock.

  1. Demand One-Sided Tolerance. Most people have an intuitive immune system. We stereotype and then discriminate against any stereotype that we deem to have an abnormally high probability to fornicate our happy space in an upward direction. Refer to this as !RACISM!, !SEXISM! or rampant !BITEMEISM! all you want to. I call it common sense and highly recommend that you apply it more rigorously to you daily interactions with the NPC retards that surround you like the drones in the matrix. My biggest problem with tolerating what our hateful elite tells us to tolerate is that you always get more of it.

    You will always be ordered to celebrate diversity like a North Korean missile parade, but will never be encouraged to celebrate your own remarkable whiteness. I always hate people who overcompensate in how much they claim to love Mystery-Meat Big Brother. They remind me of this. I disown every last Shaun King and Rachael Dolezal. Let them go live in the hood off their EBT cards. Once you’ve convinced any sizeable portion of a majority to emulate you because they aren’t jack-shite, you have begun their inevitable conquest and enslavement.

  2. Subvert And Undermine Virtue In All of Its Forms. When Alinsky spoke of making the other side live up to their code of honor, he dreamed of a society where that code of honor would only apply to his enemies and perpetually put them at an ideological disadvantage. You can’t do this because you are a Christian/Conservative/Gentleman/Free Mason of the Eighteenth Planetary Order or whatever. This is a drop your weapons argument designed to prevent the intended victim from ever fighting back.

    Unlike Priapic Cadillac-Whale Edward Moore Kennedy, Brett Kavanaugh must be above suspicion. Unlike Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avanetti, we must not question the fundamental dignity, or ever invade the privacy of an accomplished professional. Nor should we doubt the decency of an honorable working man like Rodney King. Doing so is a vile act of politics. But you, on the other hand must be perfect.

  3. Weaponize Scandal And Destroy The Man Any Time You Fear His Argument. Knowing that every man is a sinner prone to falling short of the glory of God, you have your pathway to never having to win an intelligent argument again. Simply mine the victim’s past. Find an incident you can conflate and lie about and then say “I’m not entirely sure what happened here, but this does certainly raise questions… I worry deeply that having someone under this cloud of suspicions holding any important position could send an inconsistent message about our societal commitment to whatever the f*ck I happen to want right now.”

    It isn’t intended to really raise questions. It is intended to disqualify and dispossess. It only works in a democracy. It only works when people are no longer allowed to effectively redress deliberate and targeted dishonor and scandal. You never have to prove anything, and the target never gets to speak out on his own behalf. Also, decent and right-minded people would never involve themselves is arguing on behalf of somebody accused of such vile things. Never you mind whether the accusations bear any degree of truth.

The end result of this is to chase any decent human being who values both reputation or privacy out of the Political Arena unless they have a very high threshold for fighting off slander. I think about 99 unpleasant things about Nikki Haley, “backseat slut-piggy” isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, this was trotted out in order to chase her out of the South Carolina Governors Race. She won her race int he end, but sometimes it keeps people out of politics.

Selena Zito describes how it worked against Mitch Daniels.

In the spring of 2011, then-governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana announced he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, ending months of excitement among conservatives around his possible run. His family’s reservations under the spotlight far outweighed any political pressure he may have been feeling, and he gracefully bowed out. His decision was a low point for conservatives hungry for that Midwestern sensibility and sharp wit that Daniels embodied. The former political adviser to Ronald Reagan and head of George W. Bush’s Office of Management and Budget, Daniels was a rock star in the conservative movement. But the Daniels family had a complicated past. He and his wife had married, divorced, and eventually remarried one another. Most people would have called that a happy ending. On social media, you can imagine, that story would have been told very differently.

So Mitch Daniels had a choice to make. Serve your party and country or remain loyal to your wife. This is studied and deliberate. This is why scandal is done. If you can’t beat them, if you can’t do it better, you disqualify anyone who would make you feel the need to pull a bag over your head and go screw off. This will work on a wider scale. Every time you chase off a good person, there is one less good person to defend the remnant.

It gains greater positive feedback until there is no talent or quality left. You are ruled by Maduro and you deserve to be. Unless, of course, this time is really different. If it is, then the blessed downfall of our unhinged demotic mob rule by turd-chucking may finally be on the horizon.

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