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How To Make Women Miserable

As the world slowly awakens from the pleasant stupor of the past 228 years, chips in the edifice are showing, including this study on the existential effects of birth control pills:

Scientists in Stockholm carried out the three-month study, published in the scientific journal of Fertility and Sterility, on 340 women aged 18 to 35-years-old.

Those given the drugs reported that their quality of life was significantly lower than those taking the placebo.

…Professor Angelica Lindén Hirschberg added: “Despite the fact that an estimated 100 million women around the world use contraceptive pills we know surprisingly little today about the pill’s effect on women’s health.”

The Alt Right has snapped to awareness of something that most Conservatives will never admit: modern society makes people existentially miserable. It fills them with doubt by substituting pro forma activities for significant ones, and by asserting control over people, infantilizes and domesticates them. This leaves them lost for a sense of agency or fulfillment, as they have been robbed of purpose.

Birth control continues this practice at a psychological level. When sex is removed from its purpose as a means to a family, it loses all significance, which means that it becomes measured in quantity and not quality. Quality would measure the results obtained, such as a family; quantity pretends to be quality, but in fact measures intensity and amounts as a substitute for quality.

Biologically, birth control also makes women miserable by altering their hormonal profile, but this is probably lesser than the existential damage done by the activities — casual sex, endless dating, and childless marriages — created by the “empowering” nature of birth control.

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