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How to Know Which Republicans to Smother with a MyPillow

Donald Trump saw the problem with America back in 1987: the Republican audience was concerned about nothing other than a few symbolic issues because they believed that American society was basically like them.

Your average Republican ignores politics because he knows that the insanity is always there and everything that he pays in taxes will be wasted unless there is a real crisis on, at which point good people sacrifice themselves to preserve the bad.

As a result, 1980s Republicans had become accustomed to voting for post-1960s “conservatives” who signaled “Christian libertarian” hard and talked about personal liberty so that they could, they hoped, continue to be personally conservative, and also so that the taxes kept flowing into Washington from the conservative cash cow that powers this country.

Until the virtue-based corporate culture of the 1990s, which came straight out of the 1960s playbook, arose, most people with money were conservative or at least conservative-leaning.

The Leftists had a plan, however, the same plan that revolutionaries always have: destroy whatever order exists outside of the political order so you can confuse people and brainwash them, allowing you to take over.

Sure, the Left made its march through culture mainly by guaranteeing people popularity if they joined in with the counter-culture, which was then stamped and branded by powerful forces including many from Soviet-bloc countries.

Their real goal was political power. On the back of the Hart-Cellar voter audience created in 1965, they intend to rule forever. WASP America usually voted conservative; since it was dethroned, we have turned Leftward.

The conservatives of the day slept through that, but more importantly, so did their voters. The voters never concern themselves with far-off problems and as a result they are easily bought for free stuff today.

Trump took one look at this audience and realized that Reagan getting in the door was an accident which required far too many compromises. The Republican Establishment was just as vested in continuing Leftist America as the Democrats.

This meant that before anything useful could be done for the Right, it needed to wake up its voters and make them very mad. These voters needed to snap out of armchair mode and go into full Revolutionary War and 1840s Populist rage.

Otherwise, they were going to keep voting for “safe” options like Bushes out of fear for getting another Nixon or, worse, Reagan, in office because those guys were actually effective and that means conflict which could be bad for business.

The Republican Establishment, by the way, operates like any business. At first it presents itself as an alternative to the bad options out there, but once it gets established, it bloats with lots of people working there who are dependent on it. Republicanism becomes a job. These people want most of all to avoid risk, which means that they will prioritize a mediocre but consistent result over the up-down of being great in one cycle and failing in the next. If you have a job, you want it to be there between elections, and Republicans devolved a constituent base of many tens of thousands who depended on regular paychecks. At that point, they stopped fighting and let the Hart-Cellar audience in.

Obviously these workers are — like all workers, to be honest — oblivious to the big picture. In the long run, the Republican party is doomed and they know it. They just want to make it to retirement age, cash out those 401ks, and run off to Costa Rica where the free market will provide them private security, clean food, bespoke medical care, and anything else they need. To them, America is a soft drink can whose contents are long gone so that it can safely be chucked out the window on the freeway.

Here is RINO “wisdom” in the form of voluntary speech codes from head egghead nerd bureaucrat Mitch McConnell:

So you can’t nominate somebody who’s just sort of unacceptable to a broader group of people and win.

In his view, the candidate who wins is the ultra-moderate who avoids offending anyone and appeals to the broadest group so that, statistically, he will not offend most of the parties who traditionally vote.

This of course misses the fact that relatively few people vote and a candidate who actually offers a way out of our civilizational decline gets people out to vote who otherwise ignore politics as hopeless.

Trump sees America as something other than a soda can. In his eyes, it is an undervalued property that, with a little development, could be made into something really worth money.

For that to happen, we need real conservatives in office, but this will not happen so long as the Republicans can make a comfy living by appealing to the usual voters as inoffensive fake options while all the actual conservatives stay home.

This means that in order to defeat the Left, we must first defeat the fake Right. And by the way, we want to defeat and remove the Left because they are civilization-destroyers and parasites who never do anything good.

Our end goal will resemble America with a patched up constitution, strong leaders, boats repatriating non-WASPs to their homelands, and boats exiling Leftists, perverts, criminals, incompetents, retards, and the insane to somewhere else.

Defeating the fake Right requires that we know which “conservatives” are actually working toward our goal and which ones are secretly working against us like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham.

You can figure out which ones you should support and which ones you have a moral obligation to suffocate with a MyPillow® by asking them one question:

Do you agree that diversity is suicide?

It is unwise to make the question more complex than that. If you start talking about Blacks, they will laugh and promise you to do something about Negroes, then immediately replace you with Asians. They will laugh last.

If you start talking about Jews, they will recognize immediately that you have mental health problems and cannot read. If you could read, you would realize that high-wealth groups become important donors in every democracy.

Luckily, every anti-Semite I have ever met supports either democracy or socialism, so these people will achieve nothing more than self-destruction and being ruled by a mixed-race mostly white caste of priest-shopkeepers.

If you start talking in the buzzword NewSpeak about budgets, equity, patriotism, and all the other usual jive that RINOs spout, they will recognize you as a cuck and start talking about Jesus, abortion, and libertarianism.

You have plenty of ways to self-defeat, and one way to win. Go for the jugular.

If asked “Do you agree that diversity is suicide?” a politician has two answers:

  • Yes, I believe in society and that we can still openly discuss issues of importance and therefore, that we can fix them, and for that reason I will work toward fixing them because I believe in society and am not a cuck.
  • No, for me this is a career and a job, and so I am most interested in getting along with my coworkers and less concerned about the future, reality, or finding better options at all. I like decay and am a cuck.

The split is that extreme. You may find a Trump who will say, “You know, that’s one of the questions we need to ask” and then move on since his election depends on splitting enough of the minority vote to get past the Left voting bloc.

But in general, you want to avoid the goodthinkers who tell you “no” and that everything will work out with (mental gymnastics begin) this one obscure Belgian theory paired with some Russian research and a voluntary UBI.

You can do the same with any conservative by asking them “Do you believe in equality?” Any answer other than “no” means you are talking to a Leftist, not someone capable of independent thought. Vote ’em out.

Occasionally you will run into a smart one who says, “I believe in equality only in the context of equality of birth mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, which simply means that we have no inherited rank.”

Similarly you could ask them if they believe in flat tax or wealth transfer. If you get a lengthy explanation that begins with “Well…” assure yourself that it is nonsense. The only answers for conservatives here are YES and NO respectively.

We can get out of the hole we are in, but it requires navigating some very precise steps back to sanity and then removing the insanity which has clustered here since the 1965 Hart-Celler Act.

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