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How To End Diversity

We know that diversity is over, meaning that the policy of diversity has failed. This does not reflect badly on any race or races, but on the idea of diversity — different ethnic, cultural and religious groups co-existing in the same civilization — as a realistic principle. We have seen what it brings, and done our best to salvage it, but it still self-destructed, so now we know it is just an unstable policy.

The question then becomes how to end diversity, and ideally how to do so in a realistic but not unkind manner. We have seen enough of the horrors of Leftist government, with its mass executions and secret police, to shy away from anything like those solutions. We also on the Right know we are on notice regarding the crimes of the Nazis: repeat anything like those, and your popular support will evaporate.

Let us visualize how our civilization could get rid of diversity entirely in a few easy steps.

  1. Ditch the benefits. People come here for the same reason trick-or-treaters arrive at your house on Halloween: you are handing out free stuff. We give out free healthcare, welfare, education, food, cell phones, retirement benefits, legal advice, jobs, entertainment, clothing and housing to people who arrive in the West. Even better, the less they have, the more they get. To stop the flood from arriving, we need to lose all these social programs and make people pay for this stuff instead, which will be reducing externalized/socialized cost in turn make it cheaper.
  2. End the one-sided protections. Under our anti-discrimination laws including Affirmative Action, if someone from a minority group shows up to a job interview and does not get the job, they can sue and will likely win. For that reason, they will get hired every time instead of a white person. The same applies to renting, purchasing housing and getting service in public. If those protections were removed, and people were able to freely associate in business and private life, another attractor goes away.
  3. Shift culture toward identity. Without laying a hand on anyone, we can make our culture clearly ours again in the images we show in public and the behaviors we expect. If people go around saying “Merry Christmas!” and advertisements show smiling white families, the attractiveness of this society to the Other will diminish. If all they see is our culture and we make it clear that our direction involves our identity and no other, the place becomes outright hostile.
  4. Offer reparations with repatriation. A good businessperson knows that when a deal works out badly, the right way to end is to do so decisively: offer a fair amount of money to the other party in exchange for their time and trouble, and from that, extract a contractual obligation to end the deal. That is: we tell minorities that diversity did not work after all, and so we are ending it, and they can receive a reasonable amount of money but only if they surrender their passports, their citizenship is revoked, and they are shipped to their continent of origin (Asias to Asia, Africans to Africa, Australids to India).
  5. Build up ethnic identity for all. For us to have strong nationalism, every other group will need strong nationalism as well, so that they can take pride in their identity and believe a positive future is coming their way. With this change in outlook, they will want to be with their people in lands they exclusively control, as opposed to being part of the multicultural morass. Strong ethnic identity allows them to see the empowerment in ethnic separation.
  6. Emphasize self-interest. When we participate in the universalist delusion, which is a kind of pacifism that pretends that all humans are looking out for each other, diversity seems to make sense as a way of eliminating ethnic strife. When we advance the contrary and factual notion that every person, group and nation acts in its own self-interest, it becomes clear that those self-interests will clash with immigration and diversity.
  7. Let ethnic communities police themselves. Currently, white police and firefighters sacrifice themselves to protect communities of other ethnic groups. If we end this, those communities will need to have their own governments, and will take on the burden of doing so, which will make them see the true cost of living here as opposed to back home where culture not government enforces standards. If shouldering the costs of their own governments, courts, fire, police, medical and social services, these groups will find living in the West far less hospitable than being back home.

Right now Western people are addicted to our welfare states. The reason for this is that we have become addicted to self-pity and the corresponding low self-esteem it creates, which makes us inclined to view work and society as obligations which compete with us for our time. This gives us a sense of entitlement as expressed in “muh freedom” and “muh social security.”

In our view, we suffer for our society — this part is true — and therefore we deserve benefits, which is psychologically appealing because others are paying those benefits to us. This is like hazing; we did our time, now they do their time, and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This applies to anything free the government hands out, even while we are working, because we visualize this process as similar to the process in our jobs where employees take turns doing particularly disliked tasks.

However, these benefits are not just attractors to others, but have ruined us. Our low self-esteem comes from the fact of our dependence on government and society — we can never be free from it. Our self-pity comes from miserable nature of interacting with a society that is basically a bureaucracy where being at work is the highest ideal, and the ideological obligation to all people. Remember, our Leftist government is like all Leftist entities a “worker’s party,” which means that the only people with rights and respect are workers.

These conditions have created a sick feedback loop. To be good Communists patriots, we work all the time. That makes us miserable, so we take revenge on others by soaking up whatever benefits, luxuries, indulgences and vices we can. That further sabotages us because for all of our angsty behavior, we are still enslaved to the system, and the anger at that knowledge drives us to further parasitism.

Escaping this modern lifestyle provides the basis for ending diversity: when we stop working all the time and demanding “free” benefits to match, those who are free riders on our wealth will then begin to disappear, which makes it easy to implement the rest of this list and gradually shrink our excess population without sabotaging our economy. Diversity is over; all that remains is for us to formalize this.

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