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How Demotism Selects a Jury

Joe Biden had some awesome campaign rallies during Election 2020. Check out that bonfire that was once a neighborhood or two in Kinosha, WI. Fiery; but mostly peaceful. With enthusiasm like that, Biden-Harris will get their entire agenda – or else. Or else what? That’s for a jury to decide. A jury enpaneled under demotism.

Why speak in terms of or elses? Sometimes teenage kids need smacking around a bit by their wiser and more urbane superiors. Maybe jump kicking or skateboarding them about the ears is extreme. However, when Joe Biden’s fan club burns down the city some child’s father lives in, Kyle Rittenhouse needs to stop being so darn extreperous. When a Democrat burns things, it is urban renewal.

Kyle Rittenhouse needed the punishment. He saw dad’s hometown burning like a White Supremacist’s tiki torch. He overreacted by showing up with an AR-15 and standing guard over businesses that happy Joe Biden fans intended to render more carbon nuetral. When some defective pedophile of the sort Kamala Harris seems to collect and trade with her friends threatened his life, he demonstrated why The Bill of Rights included The Second Amendment.

When another detestable cretinous moorlock put a weapon in his face, Rittenhouse showed the obnoxious jerk how to operate a firearm. Kyle Rittenhouse poured a nice dose of chlorine into the Amerikan gene pool. Pond scum yea verily died. Amerika’s crowdist ecosystem is apparantly an algae bloom or two short of enough pond scum. Convict Kyle Rittenhouse then put him in front of The People’s Jury.

Here is where Democracy hits the iceberg of reality. We have a republic, if we are not too stupid to keep it. This means you don’t get The People’s Juries preferred by Parisian Knitting Women and other real democrats. Thus, juries need to be “adjusted” to the norms of Crowdism.

Jury adjustments work in a manner reminiscent of the sights on Kyle Rittenhouse’s rifle. There are two sorts of adjustment that can be made: coarse and fine. A fine adjustment is a subtle sort of a thing. Send George Floyd’s relatives around to film the jury when they leave the courthouse. This gives you an image dox and reminds that jury of which verdicts fit in a given case of interest.

The coarse adjustment is a heavier slouching beast. The Wisconsin Army National Guard prepares in anticipation of some sort of rough adjustment.

Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin activated about 500 members of his state’s National Guard ahead of the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial in Kenosha. Officials said the troops would be placed on standby outside the city but would be ready to help if requested by local law enforcement.

“I urge folks who are otherwise not from the area to please respect the community by reconsidering any plans to travel there and encourage those who might choose to assemble and exercise their First Amendment rights to do so safely and peacefully,” Mr. Evers said in a statement.

Kinosha might still have some nice buildings if the citizenry wants to keep them. The Kyle Rittenhouse jury has its instructions. They enjoy activist fame and are well aware of how the crowd would react to an adverse verdict. The judge, the Rittenhouse legal team, and any journalist not doing the backstroke in The Team Biden Tank may well have demolished any logical case against Kyle Rittenhouse based upon written jurisprudence.

However, The People’s Court out there in the streets has a different set of legal standards. They tend to get fiery (but mostly peaceful) when they file an appeal. Any verdict not involve Kyle Rittenhouse staked out in a field and basted with molassis for the ants, beetles, and hornets could provoke the sort of thing you need 500 Wisconsin National Guardsman around to put down or prevent. This is how demotism selects a jury. It might not end well for Young Kyle Rittenhouse.


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