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How Democracy Drove Everyone Insane

As the COVID-19 panic fades, we find ourselves forced to take stock of the remaining ruin of humanity and wonder what went wrong. It seems as if everyone went insane.

One set of photos came out of China with bodies in the street and then, uncritically, people “followed the science” which was selectively edited to only show one side of story.

The Tammany Hall style Leftist regime was clearly at the heart of this, making a deal with China to produce a virus and cause panic so that an election could be stolen. But why did everyone else go along with it?

The people in authority feared offending others but also, saw a chance for their own power to increase. Nurses reveled in their fifteen minutes of fame. Scientists delighted in talk show appearances. Even Mask Karens ruled the streets!

This tell us that we no longer live in a society, but instead, survive in a society-shaped object. No institution is doing its actual job; all are following the agenda both out of ideological zeal and a desire for fame, power, and wealth.

Modern society has become a game of follow-the-leader. Whatever seems to be important this very minute rules everything else because if you do not seize the moment, you remain irrelevant.

Those who are irrelevant, no matter how well they do their jobs, will never make it big. That is, they will never achieve enough fame to make the big bucks and have enough cash to get out of this madhouse.

Even more, there are no longer any social rules because we have no culture. Diversity obliterated it, then we replaced it with greed, then high taxes and costs forced us to dance and sing for our fame in order to keep our heads above water.

Common points of reference? Even in pop culture they no longer exist; everything is niche. What you consider classic music or fiction will not be relevant or even known to another. We are all drifting apart because we have nothing in common.

Into this void dropped a panic that, a few months in, was clearly not as bad as it was reported to be. Few people were dying, they all had multiple comorbidities, and the bodies dropping in the streets were not occurring.

Yet no one wanted to pull back because they saw dollar signs and television appearances for themselves, or even a small amount of naysayer power like the Mask Karens.

Democracy drove us all insane. Making people equal removes the social infrastructure and competence ecosystem that we need in order to have context and background. Without it, we become little viruses, voracious for new hosts.

As we clean up the wreckage and wait another two months for the herd to try to move on, we should remember how badly things got screwed up, and how it was not just the Democrats doing it to us.

We did it to ourselves because democracy drove us insane and turned us all into the equivalent of e-thots. We were afraid to avoid complying because we have nothing else but this system and how to succeed in it by being e-thots.

Before you go looking for an exotic cause — Freemasons, Illuminati, Jews, Bilderbergers, aliens — look toward the mundane and most likely cause. Democracy always goes out this way because, being paradoxical, it breaks brains.

No one is equal. We do well when we listen to the wise. In democracy, we exclude the wise and listen to the wishful thinking, boastful arrogance, and most of all radiant fear of the crowd.

That gets us into crises that are not real, like the pandemic or the wars on drugs, poverty, terrorism, racism, and climate change. We are forever chasing phantoms and ignoring the plain fact of our decay thrust into our faces.

We hit a new low with COVID-19. Things have been this bad for some time, but now it is hard to ignore. This society is not thriving; it is killing itself as it dies of equality and democracy.

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