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Hate hateful hater haters hating hatred


A leftist hates haters.
Haters, in the opinion of the leftist, are those who disagree with the leftist’s opinion.
Therefore, in the opinion of the leftist, it is indisputably justifiable to hate those whom he has subjectively identified as being haters.

A leftist hates a differing opinion. The leftist also hates the lack of an opinion.
To a leftist, a differing opinion is the worst possible crime, while the lack of an opinion is assumed to be a passive-aggressive attack against what the leftist sees as the obviously right opinion.

The correct opinion is, of course, the leftist’s opinion. All other opinions are wrong, and since they are wrong, they are also hateful. Thus the leftist feels fully justified in hating people who hold such differing opinions. Even if those people hold no opinion at all.

An opinion has no substance, and indeed, no existence. An opinion is merely a figment of the imagination. Yet based upon these wholly fictitious things, a leftist may justifiably hate without limit, because it is, in the opinion of the leftist, a good hate, and if sufficiently indulged-in, will surely bring about world peace.

Beware opinion. It can render once-sane people insane.
Beware hatred. There is no good hatred, ever, under any circumstances.

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