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Grow Up About Sexuality Already

Typical sleight of hand — they project what they’re thinking, imply a negative judgment, but never say it so they can’t be criticized:

MALE science students are a university’s most likely virgins while females who study arts subjects are the most sexually active, Australian researchers say.

It found arts students were “younger, more likely to be sexually active and to report having little or no knowledge of chlamydia”.

“Males in the study were less likely to have had sex as a group compared to the group of females in the sample,” said the study, published in the journal Sexual Health.

The Daily Telegraph

Idiots allow sex, money, food, shiny objects, intoxicants to rule their lives. Why: they have no other potential.

The people who make this world fun to live in are the ones who forgo convenience and pleasures in order to achieve things, invent things, make positive change.

These tend to be more intelligent, so they tend to mate for life via marriage or a near-analogue.

Hipsters — the smarter type of idiot — tend to use the implication that having sex is the only way to have fun, in order to imply that others are losers. The truth: hipsters create nothing and invent nothing, but help society destroy itself from within, so no wonder they’re using cognitive dissonance against those who have a future but — gasp! — aren’t sexually-obsessed neurotics like hipsters.

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