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Interview With John Feeney

In-depth responses to some great questions posed by the staff. John Feeney is one of the few but growing number of people out there who realize there are simply too many human beings on the planet and the time for radical change is now.

We’re either going to lose billions to hunger/thirst/resource wars in about 50 years, with the future of the human race changing for the worse, or we’re going to voluntarily employ a program of population reduction for the sake of a better future. There are too many people; anything that reduces our overall numbers is a good thing, and the idea of the individual as the highest good & human rights as the only ideology will lead to nothing but mass extinction in the future.

Here’s another link for those interested in population reduction [click].

The problem with population reduction is that only the intelligent among us realize this is a necessary step; in the third world, as always, people are reproducing at insane, unsustainable rates. This contributes to the income gap and provides more labor & consumers for the stereotypical “people in power” to exploit.

But of course, it’s politically incorrect to say anything against the “human right” to reproduce, provide more consumers to suck the Earth dry of all its resources, and to have most perish while the few with good enough hiding spots sit back, watch, laugh, and eat fruit. Welcome to the future.


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