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Do you want to know what a Post-modern Amerikan really believes? Figure out how he gets paid, and that will show you what he will defend. An awful lot of Republican power-brokers are not paid to be Conservatives. They are paid to raise money to oppose Democrats. So what would happen if Donald Trump won 64% of the popular vote in 2016? What if the GOP took over 65% of the Senate and about 60% of the House? What if President Trump could pick either Kanye West or Albert Speer’s iniquitous poltergeist to fill the vacant Supreme Court Chair and stand a reasonable chance of getting him confirmed?

Well, for one thing, an awful lot for the professional GOP opposition would suffer a major employment recession. You don’t need to send The Heritage Institute jack if your movement has control over the government. The current GOP is not configured to even deal with this event. So major GOP power-players care more about getting paid than they do about facing the great unknown of having to actually govern something. We see this with regards to what major supporters of Mitt Romney are doing with their money.

Perhaps most surprising, more Romney money has flowed into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s coffers (more than $640,000 so far) than has been given to Republicans Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie.

The money is quickly driving the establishmentarian blogosphere. You see, “Conservatives” have talked a whole lot of smack about what government they would cut, what corrupt set-asides they would toss into Boston Harbor in order to recruit the readership and support of The Tea Party.

Give a GOP President a GOP majority and the strong attention and backing of a GOP nation, and all of a sudden these Keyboard Cowboys and Bandwidth Banditos are getting told “Yippee, Kai-Yeah M*&^%$#$%^&*(! You’ve posted, you’ve blogged, and you’ve sloganeered. Now produce or go fap.” And that, my fellow NRxers, is something the leadership of Conservative Inc™ fears way more than Obama Nation.

So, as Donald Trump threatens to take over their bailiwick and turn it into a juggernaut; they have their excuses to defect over to Hillary all ducked out in a row. GOP Candidate Donald Trump, like GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, has expressed a morally callous willingness to see Planned Parenthood continue to receive federal funding*. So leading Conservative Evangelical Erick Erickson has now laid out a philosophical plank that makes him for Hillary or for hypocrisy if it comes down to Hillary v. The Donald in Election 2016. Given Mr. Erickson’s (and much of the rest of the Evangelical Right’s) deafening silence on the Ryan Budget compromise that completely and totally funded Planned Parenthood to all of President Barack Obama’s exacting and sadistic, baby-killer specifications; this is a pretense to justify an establishmentarian backstabbing of the only candidate from whom the GOP required a public loyalty oath.

And I only belabor poor Erick because he sticks out in this drama as the tallest nail. National Review and Fox News had no problem greasing his skids. His fans and people who look to him for leadership as Conservatives are penning several rejoinders along the same lines. Hillary Rodham Clinton will enter her party’s convention with the obedient backing of at least 66% of the established Conservative Inc™ blogosphere for hire.

Never mind the fact that the Conservative Inc™ now works its way towards endorsing a candidate who left Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about the event to high heaven. It’s a moral thing©. The lives of our service members and diplomats do not count in comparison. Never mind Conservative Inc™ now works its way towards endorsing a candidate who exposed the names of American CIA operatives by housing classified information on an unprotected email server in a closet next to her crapper. It’s a moral thing©.

Basic intelligence and judgment are no longer allowed to even enter into this equation. Never mind the fact that the Conservative Inc™ now works its way towards endorsing a candidate who is in a nominating stoop-n-fetchit competition with an unabashed Birkenstock Bolshevik from The People’s Democracy of Burlington. They compete like coked-up harlots on a dirty boulevard to see who can offer a larger indigent population a bigger pile of free goodies that an increasingly bankrupt US economy can no longer afford to hand out like Snickers Bars. It’s a moral thing©. That’s way more important than managing the nation’s finances in a manner that is, you know, conservative.

Yeah, it’s a moral thing©. That’s probably what Saul of Tarsus told people when he held the cloaks so the mobs could limber up the old pitchin’ arms and stone Saint Stephen. I would take offence to any comparison between The Donald and Saint Stephen. That’s not the analogy I’m aiming at, so let’s put that line of degenerate semantics from Conservative Inc™ accusing me of that to bed before it can start. However, the analogy that holds is the one that accurately compares Conservative Inc™ to Saul of Tarsus.

Conservative Incâ„¢, like Saul of Tarsus, feels an instinctive hatred and reflexive contempt towards those of lesser means and more desperate circumstances**. Conservative Incâ„¢, like Saul of Tarsus, has a vested financial interest in the continuance of a status quo that has a continued deleterious impact on the less connected and less well-off members of their society. Conservative Incâ„¢, like Saul of Tarsus, has no moral qualms of using any slimy and disingenuous means at their disposal to keep the Hookworm People and the Tea Party Hobbits in their place. Conservative Incâ„¢, like Saul of Tarsus, will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who upsets their apple-carts or takes away their jam pots.

So unless you believe Jesus has either the time or inclination to strike blind the several hundred thousand Saul of Tarsus wannabees who intend to keep the Green-Toothed Conservative Base down on the plantation for Conservative Inc™, then it becomes up to us; the Dissident Right. It is our unenviable task to destroy this GOP rump that would rather betray William Wallace than risk open combat against Old Longshanks. For any meaningful conservative rebellion to take place against Conservative Inc™, it is down to us to arise. At least 33% of the GOP consists of SJWs who, like Saruman’s Uruk-hai, are one step removed from their true idol in The Dark Tower of Barad-dur. These, we must defeat first. Then we can turn our hostile fire on the entrenched Gramscians who hold our noble and sacred institutions hostage.

*-…And that right there will have me pulling the lever for Sen Cruz in Alabama on March 1st.
**-Particularly those Jacksonians in their own political ranks.

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