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German Government, In Wake Of Refugee Shooting, Doubles Down On Anti-Right Crackdown

The German government, rocked by recent terror attacks, has decided to prosecute the man who verbally accosted Munich spree shooter Ali David Sonboly:

During the rampage in Munich there were many witnesses – including the excavator operator Thomas Salbey. The 57-year-old saw the perpetrators on the parking deck of the balcony, tried even with a thrown beer bottle stop the shooter.

After the murder Salbey gave some journalists willingly interviews, some his statements were documented with video recordings. He took the gunman with insults, so he was now displayed for defamation, reports the Munich newspaper “tz” on their online portal.

This is typical of the pathological nature of Leftism: when the narrative fails, find a scapegoat, and use the destruction of that person to further the narrative.

Leftism is pathological because it denies the inherent mathematical order to reality by which people are unequal, and the best people make the best decisions, opting for mob rule instead, which always tends toward tearing down the best and replacing them with the mediocre.

In the case of the Munich shooter, the narrative failed because the killer was not a right-wing extremist but part of the imported multiculture, and he was still miserable, and may have hated other parts of the diversity.

They are covering for that possibility by continuing to beat the tin drum that he was a right-winger:

According to information from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung the gunman from Munich to have been a racist and right-wing extremist. It will examine whether he chose his victims deliberately

Examinations of this nature are expeditions in cherry-picking, or looking through the evidence to find anything that supports the narrative, and then discarding the rest, especially any parts which contradict the narrative. If he has 500 books on Communism on his shelf, and one from a Conservative, he becomes a conservative; if he had books on a thousand spree shooters, and one chapter was about Anders Breivik, he was influenced by Breivik.

This is the nature of the dishonesty of the Left, because dishonesty is the only way they can make an unrealistic plan sound plausible.

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