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Genetic Socialism

If we are to assume for the sake of argument that the Liberal / Socialist ideals of egalitarianism and diversity are honorable, I believe I can provide an interesting and realistic means for achieving such goals.

Egalitarian philosophies have perpetually failed throughout history in that they so often attempt to deny what must be one of the most blatantly self-evident truths, people are not born with the same skills, abilities, traits, etc.  If we ignore the typical rhetorical devices used to explain away such difference and instead accept the empirically verifiable reality that these differences are intimately tied to one’s genetic make-up, a rather straightforward chain of logic follows.

The wealthier and elite classes of societies have an unfair advantage in life in that they control a disproportionately large share of the means of production for ensuring genetic health.  It is therefore necessary for the working class to break this monopoly by consolidating and utilizing the tools necessary for increasing the genetic health (or genetic capital, if you wish) of their communities.

Necessary steps in this process would naturally include the following: decreasing the overall population size of the working class, making use of the tools and tactics which allow the working class to accumulate and consolidate genetic capital (e.g. selective breeding programs, use of genetic screening processes, etc.), and working to restructure the culture and institutions available to the working class to maximize the gains to be had from this increase in genetic capital (e.g. restructure schools to teach to the brightest, shun those who spoil, squander, or pollute genetic capital).

There exists quite a dilemma, however, in this process of redistributing genetic capital.  The process in its broadest incarnation would totally homogenize the working class population.  Since we wish to maintain  ethnic, cultural, and biological diversity both for their practical and moral significance, it is required to alter this process in ways that allow diversity to flourish.

The solution to this problem is quite simple.  Diverse groups of people, based on their ethnicity and culture, must enact and perform these procedures in isolation of one another.  Thus, the separation of people’s along these lines of diversity is an essential component to liberating the working class.  After all, what’s so bad about ethno-nationalism?  Aren’t we supposed to be celebrating our differences?

Already I can hear cries of outrage by those that will insist that such programs of separation will cause disproportionate harm to populations that are already lacking in genetic capital.  However since ethnic groups are understood to vary genetically based on differences in gene frequencies and not more complicated divergences of genetic pools, anybody who would even suggest such an idea is a vulgar racist.  In fact, such tactics would actually disproportionally help groups who are currently lacking in genetic capital, which makes those who object double racists.  Furthermore, such notions are founded implicitly on racist notions of white supremacy akin to Kipling’s infamous ‘White Man’s Burden,’ making those who object triple racists (the worst kind of racists of all), and because they are so patently and viciously racist yet accuse others of racism, they are also hypocrites.

So, go ahead and object.  I dare you.  You’ll simply expose yourself for the triple racist hypocrite that you are.  Workers of the world unite!  World wide genetic socialism now!

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