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Forty Percent Of Citizens In Western Europe Are Obsolete


I never know what to think of evolution. It seems to accurately describe how populations change themselves over time by selecting unrealistic methods of choosing their best people. Whether it also reflects human origins is a debate for someone else, as either way evolution applies to us now and is shaping us as we speak.

The simple idea of evolution is that those animals which survive make up the next generation. It has no moral component, nor any broader implication. Whatever finds a way to survive, persists, and everything else by virtue of not persisting disappears.

In modern society, this means that the obedient people who go to school and memorize all the zombie nonsense, then go to jobs and recite all the zombie nonsense, and finally socialize with other people like them, get the most money. In theory they have the most children; reality seems to be mixed, on that point. But either way, society is selecting for these ideologically-correct conformists.

When another century passes, if our society has not snuffed itself as I believe it will, all that will be left will be people shaped by customer service. They will always be pleasant, and care not about consequences. Their job is to make the sale and ensure the customer is happy, and anything wider than that will be a mystery to them.

This is how populations destroy themselves. In the name of eliminating risk, they set up a bureaucracy that determines who is good and who is bad. That institution then promotes those who play the game by its rules, and excludes everyone else, oblivious to the fact that its game is defined by the same human illusions that screw up everything else. Through this method, Romans go from being conquerors to meek bourgeois salesmen with perverse dreams.

The sad fact of the modern West is that we have reached this point. A large portion of our population — perhaps 40%, by a conservative estimation — are useless without The System. They can handle school and jobs, but not life. And as a result they are obsolete, because such people always choose whatever idea is trending and not what is right.

If our society wants to succeed, we must drop the dead weight. The ranting wild-eyed professors, blue-haired activists, obedient cubicle slaves and others must go. We need people who can adapt to any situation, not succeed only within the narrow confines of what society has defined for them. The tools must go.

We can send them to Mexico, Africa, or Brazil. In each case, they will be happier according to their own words. They will live in diverse, non-judgmental and socially liberated societies. It will be a much better life for them than that chosen by those who wish to survive in the long term, which will be conservative, fascist, realistic and confining.

I suggest that no one impede these people in their exodus. They belong elsewhere, and we belong apart from them. The remaining 60% are practical people who also possess long-term realism, which manifests in a preference for moral character and common sense decision-making. We are incompatible with the 40% who want novelty.

It sounds cruel at first, to send so many people away. But they will never be happy in our society, and their society is slavery to us. A Great Separation awaits us on the horizon of history. It is better to simply accept this, and put them on boats leading to their new life, than to insist on some dream of equality.

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