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Five Types of Fakers You Will Find on the Far Right

Having spent close to three decades on the far-Right, a writer such as yours truly might learn some things over the years by observing continuous events. Time allows us to see what people say, what they do, and how that turns out, including implications for the future.

This provides a great counterpart to “living in the now,” where you are put on the spot because someone suggests some “new” idea or another, and you are asked yes/no whether you support it. Well, how are you supposed to know? Unless you know of the history of this idea, you are naked and unprepared.

Over these decades, people have come and gone, with many vanishing because they were never serious about their political beliefs in the first place, but wanted something to use in social situations to make themselves seem intelligent, informed, and most of all, “different” from the herd.

You have to stand out in a socially mobile society, after all, or you will be ignored and someone else will get the jobs, parties, girls, contacts, friends, and hot stock tips. Being “different” while not actually being different provides a way to achieve this appearance with the lowest actual risk.

Consequently, many people are… fakers, for lack of a better term. They talk a good talk, but in the end, they do not intend to achieve change; they just want something they can say that makes them look cool so they can go back to their jobs, shopping, and hobbies. They are non-serious.

Here are the five biggest types of fakers you will find on the far-Right:

  • Bourgeois. After a long day of work and checking his stock portfolio, Bourgeois likes to stop by the internet to spout off about politics, often with a six-pack present. He needs to let off stream and show people that he is the boss and he has the reall truth, man, even if he never acts on it. Bourgeois stockpiles guns, ammo, and food, but his main activity consists of enriching himself so that he can buy his way out of the disaster he complains about on the internet. He will take many forms — libertarian/classical liberal, cuck neoconservative, voluntarist Christian, crunchy conservative — but at the end of the day, he has zero hope that anything will change and knows that he will not risk what he has to get actually involved. It’s easier to have a WordPress blog and repeat Boomer memes or post a Gadsden flag than it is to take a dangerous stance like one against diversity, socialism, feminism, or equality. Besides, to Bourgeois, politics is a hobby. His life is about himself and what he wants, not achieving results for (gasp!) someone else. Bourgeois tends to describe himself as a “rugged individualist” and believe in working hard, having American “values” like democracy and capitalism, being a civic nationalist, saying nothing in public, going to church, and keeping your head down and doing the “right thing” (an ideological quantum) while hoping that the rest of humanity somehow wakes up, overcomes its low average IQ, and decides to start caring about doing the right thing despite an unbroken history going back to the dawn of time of doing the opposite. Bourgeois tend to mix capitalism, Christianity, worship of the military, “muh freedom,” and alcoholism because in his heart, he has given up on this world and knows that he is just another variety of Leftist, albeit one who is on the surface “conservative.”
  • Me First. Unlike others who pretend that their politics are oriented toward saving civilization, Me First admits to being only about himself as if this were somehow unique or rare. His only concern with a new law is whether his taxes go down, he only cares about morality insofar as it might block him from getting laid that night, and he likes “freedom” so that he can chase his pleasures and not have government get in the way. Basically an anarchist, Me First will actually be the first to demand that government do things for him once problems get in the way of his good time. He tends to either view himself as a Nietzschean superman or an independent anti-hero, but either way, his concern stops at the boundaries of his personal desires. He will be the first to speak up about what a strong conservative he is, but admit he is a libertarian after a few drinks, and if you feed him LSD, will eventually get around to accepting that he is a Leftist who simply wants society to stay away from him. A strong advocate of open borders and legal abortion, he sees himself as a “really far-Right” kind of guy who just wants to make sure that he can get legal weed, cheap lawn service, and an abortion for his trailer hot mess girlfriend if the condom breaks. He is fond of saying that it is good that people can buy giant V-8 SUVs because this is “our freedom,” and likes the thought of gay marriage so government cannot force him to get married or stop him from easily getting out of his third bad marriage. He really wants a society ruled by only capitalism because he intends to be rich and wants everyone else to just provide him services; he has no concern for what happens before his birth or after his death, and thinks that we should bring in people from all over the world as long as they think as he does, too.
  • Hello Fellow Kids! This one is easy: Hello Fellow Kids is either a federal agent or a paid shill from Leftist troll farms like ShareBlue and Organizing For Action. The former will try to trick you into doing something illegal, and then offer you $2500/month to “just pass on information” about your fellow far-Right activists. You will do that for a couple months, and then he will ask for something else, for a little boost in that salary. If you get busted for DUI or meth, Hello Fellow Kids will magically appear and make the charges go away… if you do him “just a little favor” that usually involves convincing someone else to do something illegal. Eventually it ends up to the point where if you do not do everything he says, including planting evidence, all those old charges for DUIs and meth come back to visit you. FBI agents get promoted for media events, like being able to say that they arrested 500 far-Right terrorists, so you are his bread and butter, even if you get paid a fraction of what he takes home in salary, benefits, and “favors” from fellow travelers. He will end up on the board of some non-profit designed to fight racism, increase tolerance, raise awareness, promote acceptance, and spread peace or some other crap that no one there believes but they know sells to the greebos out there writing the donation checks. If HFK is from a shill farm, he will have a single agenda: to force you to admit that you agree with the Left on some issue, any issue, and from there, to argue you into saying that you are basically a Leftist except for a few trivial things. He wants you to say that you believe that conservatism is working for equality because then he can turn around and say to the audience, “See? They want the same things that we do, but they don’t achieve them like we do.” These guys convert moderates — fence-sitting weaklings, generally — by droves through this method. He will always start out pretending to be a conservative, usually further Right than you on some uncontroversial issue like gun rights, libertarianism, or the military.
  • Survivalist/Revolutionary. Among our faker types, SR proves the hardest to spot because he engages in little discussion of abstract ideas. He will be at the front of any issue to point out how things look bad, for example now that there are race riots or Leftists being promoted to lead the Church or even how creeping government over-reach is intruding on any area of life. He does not propose solutions; he wants to spread hatred, doubt, fear, ambiguity, and unease. If you push him, he will spit out his philosophy: everything is dead or dying, and all we can do is stockpile weapons in our bug-out bags while lifting weights and hoarding canned goods so that we can be ready for the apocalypse, the civil war, the SHTF, or the final government takeover. When you remove his statements from the equation, you will see that this guy is basically a shopper who goes to the gym a lot. He likes to guy guns, knives, fear, and properties, and he is the target audience for those “30 days of dehydrated soy protein” food kits they sell at Costco, but ultimately this guy is about himself. He has a big-ass Dodge Ram truck and a hunting lease with a bunker on it. In the meantime, he is really interested in his promotion at work and will be the first to teach a diversity seminar or tolerance lecture if they ask him because hey, he needs the money for an extra-special bug-out bag.
  • Jesus Saves. These guys are hard to dislike because they mean well, sort of like the Mormons who came to your door to talk about Jesus that you conned into mowing the lawn. He is usually a really “sweet guy” type who opens doors for little old ladies. He has zero hope of anything ever going well. He thinks that Western Civilization started with Christianity (spoiler: not by a thousand years at a minimum) and that our problem is that we got away from Christ, and the obvious solution is that everyone must turn to Jesus before the end. This will obviously never happen, so he lives without hope and waits instead for something called “The Ratpure” which is when everyone dies and the good go to heaven after a war starts in a place in Israel called Har-Megiddo, which is why we all need to support Israel and provoke those dastardly Muslims by calling them goat-fornicators. JS will talk about how terrible everything is, wave his finger at those who are immoral, but comfort himself with the classical liberal idea that the Founding Fathers intended this to be a voluntarist society, so all he can do is work hard at his job, go to church extra hard, and teach his kids to turn the other cheek and be anal rape victims so that they can go to Heaven, too. He defends the freedom of other people to make any and every bad decision that they want, consoling himself with the idea that individual choice determines the destination of the soul and he wants to have the choice to exercise his “free will” (a concept universally mocked by sane philosophers) and go straight to Heaven with his Christian Jewish Zoroastrian God for having done the right thing despite it having never benefited him (well, except for that high salary and nice home in the White Flight ‘burbs). When pushed into a corner, JS admits that like SR, he is simply waiting for the end and never expects anything to change. If he were not Christian, he would be an emo.

What can we learn from this? Many of the people on the far-Right, especially those who call you weak or cucked, are actually do-nothing people who are just posing away the years with social pretense so that they can stop feeling bad about being entirely self-centered and profit-oriented. You can ignore them because they will never do anything.

The backbone of the far-Right, by the way, consists of silent people. They simply admit that they do not know all of the answers, but have some basic gut instincts, and they tend to read more than participate, having accepted that participation means risk. You can count on them to vote for the Right if properly energized by the right reading matter, to boycott certain bad things, and most importantly, to shift national culture toward social conservative ideals. These are the heroes in this story, even if they get drowned out by the internet loudmouths.

And since you might ask: what is the type of your author? Ironically, he is a True Believer. TBs actually have hope, understand that most of humanity is a poseur, but understand their beliefs as leading to a better civilization for all in the long-term and intangible big picture, even if they mean short-term sacrifices. They also realize that nature, not Humankind, is in command, and that whatever adapts to nature best leads to not just survival, but excellence and therefore, domination of history. They believe that our sad self-hating and selfish little species can get its act together and have staked their future on the gradual bounce-back from Leftism toward that goal.

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