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Sense Of Justice Re: Illegals? No, Wishful Thinking…

…that was my first reaction to this news.

The other was a feeling of bitterness. Illegal immigrants have a good deal in the US: they stay illegals for ten years, ride the gravy train of our economy, some get arrested and spend their terms in jail cells paid by taxpayers..and when the economy goes south they just pack up and leave with a “don’t come back for ten years” message by our wonderful Ministry of Homeland Security. On top of that, the media actually has sympathy for these people, as if living in America and sucking off taxpayer dollars is a right. It’s not. It’s a privilege, and one that shouldn’t exist. The people who feel priviliged to be here and act accordingly, trying to find some level of cultural identity in this country, are labeled as bigots or worse for wanting people who don’t belong here out of the country. Wonderful.

Part of me hopes the economy sucks for years just so they continue leaving…

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