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Everyone Is A Racist

Very few people want to admit this, but everyone is a racist.

The term “racist” refers to any one of the following, depending on who you ask:

  1. Someone who recognizes innate differences between the races in the “Human Biodiversity” vein.

  2. Someone who prefers one race over another, including limited to their nation or local community.

  3. Someone who believes that a hierarchy of racial groups exist, with some destined or suggested to rule over others.

Every single person on earth fits into one of these categories, anti-racists most of all. The big secret is that anti-racists are bigoted against the existence of racially-distinct groups, because an anti-racism agenda can only be satisfied when those groups which might rule or might be distinct are eliminated through outbreeding.

This means that for every human alive, there is a racial preference. Some want their race, others want no race, which is an illusion because a race will be created through the genocide by outbreeding of existing races.

For us to have an honest conversation about race, as the media continually encourages us to do, we must first get past the dichotomy of “racist” versus “non-racist.” There are only racists, with anti-racists among them.

That frees our discussion about race to focus on ultimate end results. What should our society look like, for the best possible result? Anti-racists and racists alike — ironically — agree that it should be homogeneous, with racists wanting their race and anti-racists wanting a new hybrid race.

When we realize that not only is everyone racist, but that everyone wants racial homogeneity, our task becomes a lot simpler. We have narrowed the options to simpler choices: for our homogeneous society, do we want an existing race, or to become a mixed-race group?

Logical analysis like this removes the neurosis around the question of race and brings dialogue back to the practical. We do not need more airy terms like the racist/non-racist dichotomy. We need real plans, and judging by not just the racial tension but the general existential misery of our societies, we need to choose quickly.

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