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Eugenic Harmony and the Caste System Cycle

Throughout world history societies have thrived when their social structures match their societal genetic profile, but over time they reform and eventually collapse when social structures and hierarchies cease match the societal genetic profile.

Most of the political fighting between monarchists, republicans, democrats, socialists, communists, and anarchists simplifies to a fight amongst groups with differing genetic profiles, each vying for the proper wealth and representation that should be afforded to them. The greatest folly of all politics, therefore, rests in the inability of each political scheme to comprehend its own genetic limitations. That is, each valid form of government has a time and a place which depends precisely on the genetic profile of the society.

The perfect primordial society is based on the perfect primordial Man. Just as the primordial society is stratified by caste into roles of the slave, the merchant, the artisan, the warrior, the priest, and the king, the perfect Man is a synthesis of all lower castes. He is at once a slave to Justice and Truth, a master of commerce and trade, an artist of both style and creativity, a capable and vociferous warrior, a sanctified priest, and a competent and beneficent king. He is all of these things at once, with each component perfectly integrated and balanced, each supporting the other and working in complementarity for Justice and Harmony.

Only when the population grows and diversity of characteristics increases is it necessary to fragment the primordial man into various castes, so that each person’s dominant and imbalanced traits may be put to good use. The most competent and strong individuals become kings, with the spiritually sensitive given the priesthood, the most aggressive and physically capable given the sword, the industrial and creative types given to craft, the manipulative and extroverted given to trade and commerce, with the most dull and unfit individuals given to slavery. Under the perfect ruler, this society and caste system is in perfect harmony and justice, with each individual slowly being trained to the fullest degree their spiritual, physical and mental traits will allow. The great classical societies of India, China, Greece, and Rome are examples.

But as error enters the world, the genetic qualities of all people slowly degrade, and the harmony and justice which was once abundant lessens and becomes scarce. The caste system is able to withstand a good degree of corruption and decay, that is, until it begins to invert. An inversion occurs when the genetic profile of the ruling class becomes inferior to that of the lower classes.

Disproportionately beautiful, intelligent, and strong individuals appear in the lower classes, and disproportionately ugly, stupid, and weak individuals inhabit the upper classes. Inversion of the caste system inevitably occurs at a point of no return. It is not possible for the beautiful, intelligent, and strong members of the lower classes to reclaim power.

The inept and dysgenic ruling class has so thoroughly scandalized the people that the very concept of a ruling class becomes worthy of mockery. Thus, the ruling class and its principle must be eliminated while the rest of the caste system is salvaged. At key moments this caste system inversion produced the world’s republics and democracies of both classical and modern history.

Within the republic and the democracy, the strong, beautiful, and intelligent individuals have just enough power, wealth, and freedom to maintain the best aspects of the old caste system. The Athenian push for democracy, the beginning of Greek and Roman republicanism, the formation of English Common Law, the American revolution, and globalization of democracy are all examples.

Nevertheless, the genetic profile of the people becomes increasingly corrupt, as the newfound wealth and freedom of the republic/democracy becomes too abundant. Suddenly, the ugly, the stupid, and the weak individuals are given power which they neither deserve nor are competent to wield.

The attractiveness of the society increases immigration of foreigners and leads to the emancipation of slaves and the lower classes. Caste-mixing and race-mixing abound. A further inversion occurs when the lowest level of society possesses the greatest genetic profile, and even the middle and upper classes are populated with largely inept and dysgenic members.

Nevertheless, the lower class still contains the same degree of unintelligence, weakness, and ugliness it always does. The best genetic individuals are now hopelessly mixed with the worst, as both the ugly man and the beautiful man earn the same wage, as both the intelligent and the unintelligent attend the same schools, and as the strongest men fight alongside the weakest.

Here, society has degraded to nearly a single caste of a diverse and dysgenic mix of individuals, each vying for their own bread, with the best and most fit individuals no longer working as a group but as mere self interested monads. Today, modern Western civilization is dominated by a languishing middle class, a discombobulated mix full of dullards and geniuses, ugly wretches and masterpieces, the strongmen and the physically inept.

Its upper echelons are populated by absurdly wealthy and powerful individuals who are often the most incapable, the least intelligent, and the ugliest. Nevertheless, the best of the lower classes are full of individuals who fight for their own families, homes, educations, and salaries, all without being concerned for the nation’s genetic future as a whole.

The final inversion of the caste system results in the complete destruction of civilization. As the ruling class has been entirely overthrown, there exists no competent central government to coordinate the economy or the military. Barbarian hordes of foreigners flood the land and violently loot, rape, and pillage.

Society fragments into tribes separated largely by ability. In this stage, gang/tribal warfare erupts and the strongest, most intelligent, and most beautiful individuals are forced to reassert themselves. This period is a winnowing period, whereby the most unfit: the ugliest, the dumbest, and the weakest individuals die out either naturally or in combat. Thus, the eugenic harmony of the perfect caste system is reborn and civilization can begin again.

We are approaching this part of the cycle. Soon we should expect a complete collapse of western civilization as our borders are invaded by nonwhites, who will become increasingly hostile and violent. Asians will attempt to rule the ruins and will pit us against each other, but their own genetic failures will spell doom for them also. The third world will explode in population but will find no race to take care of it. Only the best members of each race can emerge from a crisis like this, only to begin again.

While it is never possible to prevent the collapse of a civilization, it is possible to extend its life. Western civilization will eventually collapse due to genetic pressures, but it has at least one more golden age available. It should be the object of all of us race-realists to ensure that our Western world experiences a rebirth and revival before the inevitable end. How exactly we approach this golden age is the subject of the next article.

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