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ESPN: SJW Entryism To Masculine Culture


Ideology could be viewed as an infection, or more like a computer virus. Once it infects one area, it quickly moves to all others, conquering whatever it can find and turning it into an agent for replicating the virus.

For the citizen, this means that it is impossible not to have an opinion on issues, and your opinions will be judged on a binary scale: with us (Leftist) or against us (everyone else).

This means that areas which should be free of politics become propaganda shills pumping out the lies at high speed. Witness ESPN, in theory a sports network, spreading SJW style PC propaganda.

This episode starts with the words of a sports commentator, Boomer Esiason, who spoke on the controversy caused by Colin Kaepernick, the black quarterback from an adoptive white family who refused to stand for the national anthem because he wanted to express solidarity with the racial grievance group Black Lives Matter.

Let us look at his comments, as quoted by ESPN:

I cannot say it in the strongest, most direct way, that it’s an embarrassment and it’s about as disrespectful as any athlete has ever been… The NFL football field is not a place for somebody to further their political ambitions… Put on that blue (police) uniform and put the shield on and see what it’s like to put your life in harm’s way every single day, and then get back to me when you’re making $35,000 or $40,000 a year as opposed to the $11 million he’s making.

Boomer Esiason is worse than white to an SJW; he’s a Nordic-style Caucasian, the ultimate enemy that our Leftist press associates with Nazis and Vikings and probably scientific theories about race. He is what the Leftists wish to eliminate because that strain of Caucasian has always resisted the temptation to give in to easy third-world style theories about society that empower Leftists and lower standards so that everyone can be equal.

Your standard Nordic person stands for striving for excellence, and overcoming the guilt and self-doubt and pessimism of a dying civilization, and the Leftists, they hate that like skinheads hate inter-racial couples.

(Esiason has obviously not been in the job market for some time. Around here, police officers start in the $50,000 per year range and can rapidly add on to that by moonlighting as security guards, where they get paid somewhere in the range of $20-40 per hour.)

Stephen A. Smith, an African-American, then weighs in with his political outlook:

Boomer Esiason, I hate to sit up there and say it to you, but you’d have to be black to understand. Because not being a black man, being as white as you are, to say the statement that you said just comes across as being incredibly insensitive to what it’s like to be a black man in America. There’s just no other way to slice it. I am quite certain he didn’t mean it that way, knowing his character, what he stands for and who he is; I don’t think Boomer Esiason meant it that way, but to a black person, it could come across no other way as far as I’m concerned.

…This stuff, as it pertains to black folks, and the police officers of this nation, is not a new issue. It’s something that’s been going on for decades upon decades. I totally understand why Boomer Esiason wouldn’t know much about it, or be sensitive enough to it, because if you are a white individual that is not subjected to some of the insidious things that take place against the African-American community, of course you wouldn’t know. That’s not something for Boomer Esiason to be criticized over. But to sit up there and so flippantly throw it out there, as if there’s no argument, there’s no validity whatsoever, to anything that Colin Kaepernick echoed, I think reeks of a heightened level of insensitivity that, to be quite honest with you, I’m very shocked that Boomer Esiason articulated.

But in this particular instance, he would really have to be black to understand, and more importantly, he would need to be black to really make the kind of statement that he made, but to go in a different direction the way that he did, it just showed either a level of insensitivity that I was shocked to hear coming out of his mouth, or just complete ignorance as to what black folks have been going through in the United States of America, and it’s really unfortunate that he took that position and I just feel compelled to say that.

To give this a spin that will con viewers into accepting the enclosed SJW propaganda payload, presenter Max Kellerman launches into a typical SJW tirade:

You don’t have to be black to understand; Uh, I understand. I mean, this is not that difficult to understand. I don’t think he crossed any line, unless the anti-intellectual line. There’s a strong culture in the jock culture of anti-intellectualism. Essentially when things get too complex to think about, you shut down your brain and just go with your emotion.

Kellerman’s approach is shaming following by keeping-up-with-the-Joneses: it’s not that these white people are mean, it’s that they are simplistic and have determined to be stupid. To be smart, follow the liberal point of view. That is how you, too, can be an “intellectual.” Never mind that it is also “shut[ting] down your brain and go[ing] with your emotion,” because now, you are on the side that we all here at ESPN agree is the smart one and therefore, the right.

Smith’s comments were not entirely off-base. They distill to this: only African-Americans can tell whether Colin Kaepernick was correct. Guys like Boomer Esiason start off by assuming that all of us here in America are in this together and working toward the same goal, therefore we can have a social standard. This is not true; under diversity, each group has its own standard, or we breed them all together and have no standard.

How is an African-American supposed to have loyalty to America? His people did not build this; they were enslaved to pick its cotton and clean its toilets. It was not designed for him, nor does it reward what he does, except in the limited realm of sports and celebrity culture. What Smith wanted to say, but could not articulate, was that Esiason offended Smith by assuming that they shared an experience and goal, which deprives Smith of his cultural identity, specifically the one that Colin Kaepernick was trying to recapture from his white family.

To an altrighter, the entire debate is ridiculous. Why would an African-American stand for the national anthem? And on the flip side, why would he expect a white person to understand? Our interests are different and we need our own countries. This is why most of the alt right seems to have warmed to the idea of reparations with repatriation, or “we pay you what you would have received in welfare to relocate to the continent of your ancestry.”

Turn off the televisions. These people are not your friends; they are your enemies. They have corrupted every institution that is important to you, including the ones you think are neutral, and so it is time to destroy them, because they surely intend to destroy you.

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