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Epistemological Chaos

Mauricio Garcia, who shot up a mall in Allen, Texas, aimed to be a different kind of school shooter. Enraged at his world, he combined a number of belief systems, including neo-Nazism, in order to convey a sense of nothing making sense. Perhaps that is what we should take away from this shooting.

As Late Stage Democracy winds down, nothing makes sense because everything has been inverted. Our leaders are not leaders, but manipulators; our experts parrot each other and dash into insanity; our tolerance has become intolerance, our “love,” hatred.

Consequently people are looking for ways to shout paradox and insanity back at the system. They are guided more by desperation leading to rage than analytical thought. The result is the type of chaotic recombination of taboo ideas we see in the expression of this killer.

He expresses solidarity with the recent transsexual shooter Aubrey Haile, then endorses what he knows is bait for the media, planning his suicide in elaborate detail. He sets up a paradox that the media cannot refuse to exploit because of their biases.

In the end, this leaves behind more chaos and confusion than he could have done with a simple suicide, which is his goal. He wanted to hurt the society that birthed him of what appeared to be the wrong race, in the wrong place, without many options for survival that he could tolerate.

If we are to survive, we cannot stop the means of these killers but only the cause of their discontent, namely a rotted and declining society rushing on a linear path into decay out of ideological fervor.

Just like with the explosion of drug use, no one will look at the underlying cause: no one feels safe in a society that is running off the rails. We live in terror of its instability and new horrors beyond human comprehension that crop up every day.

The Left wants excuses to disarm us, humiliate us, demoralize us, and make us repeat their absurd and idiotic propaganda so they can project legitimacy to their ultimate plan to replace us. In the meantime, distractions abound as the USS Democracy sails into oblivion.


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