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Donald Trump Win Provides Entry, Not Extremity


The election of Donald Trump caught the media and pundits by surprise, and they have followed it with the tacit admission that they are incompetent by wondering aloud how it could happen or repeating tired clichés about economic problems.

In reality, this election — like Brexit, and the European ones hopefully to come — is refutation of liberal democracy. We were willing to try to pie before we saw the filling, but when we cut into it, what came out was an endless procession of Fergusons and Trayvon Martins, illegal aliens shooting people, Hispanic immigrants waving Mexican flags and burning American ones, Leftist pundits proclaiming the end of white people, and elites who got wealthy through their connections in the political system telling us that we were just ignorant racist dirt people in the flyover states.

If not the arrogance of this approach, its incorrectness rankled Americans. White people had been doing their best to be both non-racist and afford normal lives, but according to the Clinton-Obama gang, it is impossible to do both. Being non-racist means giving up your country and being taxed into oblivion while rioters destroy your cities and talking heads tell you how terrible you are and how your children should not look like you at all.

That was enough for the dirt people. We — many of us highly educated — said nothing and waited silently, then marched to the voting booths. As it turned out, there were still enough of us to win, and that signaled the end of the free-for-all on whitey’s dime. Immigration has dropped, the political elites are moving away from their more ambitious globalist programs, and nations across the globe are affirming nationalism, which is inevitably based in the race of the founding group, instead of the previous mix of egalitarianism, diversity and globalism that has collapsed as its programs matured and revealed unending bad results.

That is what put Mr. Trump into office. It was not the usual Leftist chant of “racism, homophobia, sexism and Islamophobia” but a desire to not be obliterated by the liberal democratic tendency to abolish borders and invite everyone in, destroying the group that created that society by taxing them to death and crushing them with racial preferences in hiring, renting, buying and business.

Most of the city people are oblivious to the fact that government construction contracts always go to woman-owned and minority-owned firms. Or that the fear of affirmative action lawsuits means that if a white person and a plausible non-white candidate apply for the same job, it goes to the non-white person, even in a totally white community. They might not know that our society pays out billions a year in anti-discrimination lawsuits, or that people lose their jobs and end up in the poorhouse for one joke on Twitter. But we, the dirt people, experience this reality every day.

The pundits and elite classes, who went from schools where they were the best memorizers to internships and then a series of comfortable jobs to which they commuted from gated city communities, do not experience this reality. They do not want to, and they view anyone who does as a loser, instead of as someone for whom becoming powerful in an increasingly vile society is not desirable. Most of us dirt people are more competent than our elites, but have no interest in fake jobs and power in a system that always chooses wrong. We went for real jobs and more time on real life instead, and that means we have souls, where the pundits and city people seem to lack them.

The chattering classes cannot admit this reality. To do so would destroy the single pillar on which they base their perceived legitimacy, which is that they are warriors for egalitarianism. Instead, it appears they are self-interested people who want to get rich off the backs of the rest of us, all while talking a good game about how egalitarian they are while scrupulously avoiding anyone who earns under $100,000 a year. They are high on their own self-importance, drugged on wealth, delusional with power, and they proved it in their reaction to the Trump election.

In particular, they like to claim that Donald Trump is the second coming of Hitler and will plunge our society into darkness. Instead, as Amerika writer Joshua Seidel opines, they got a gentle but firm rebuke of the liberal democracy, egalitarianism, globalism and diversity agenda:

The “Trumpenreich” isn’t going to “name the Jew,” women are still going to be allowed to vote, Black people aren’t going to be enslaved. Jews will occupy high places in the Trump administration. More than likely, Trump isn’t as focused on issues of identity as the Alt Right would like him to be. The extreme members will be disappointed and likely drop out, while more nuanced thinkers will continue, with perhaps a greater “air of respectability.”

So, for the less extreme ideas? White identity politics? Reaction to globalism? Trump’s victory gives them a place at the table. No longer can the concerns of White Americans be mocked and ignored. No longer can the mainstream media claim to represent the views of the country. The echo chamber has been breached, and the right wing is on its way in. I expect this will take the form of reaction to the identity politics of the left. The Alt Right has built its following pointing out the Liberal Establishment’s hypocrisy on the issues of race, gender, and other identities. They will still win points here, particularly if liberals double down on identity politics. If we continue moving down the path of racial division, the Alt Right will be well placed as leaders of “the White faction.”

The Alt Right has its core a simple idea: realism is more important than ideology. This means that we can recognize details of the world outside us, such as that homogeneity works and equality creates spoiled angry brats, that diversity does not work no matter how nice or talented the groups involved are, and that our society needs a purpose quickly or Western Civilization will fall. The Alt Right is an anti-pathology movement looking for an escape from the rote thinking that conveys empires into the dustbin of history. That thinking is egalitarian ideology, and much as it drove the Soviet Union to failure, it will collapse the modern West.

We do not want to go out like that. In fact, we want to make Western Civilization greater than it ever has been, using the technology cultivated in the last three hundred years and the methods of social order from the thousands before that. We have no need of ideology; we have reality, and it is our only yardstick. Not feelings, social pretense, emotional judgments, crowd sentiment or political appearances. We want what works. Liberal democracy does not work and so we cut it down a peg.

Expect the pundits to continue raving pointlessly as their various gambits fail. They have made themselves obsolete. In the meantime, a new future opens which is not doomed to failure like the old path — liberal democracy is not only 227 years old, dating to the French Revolution, but was tried before 2500 years ago in Ancient Athens and more recently in pre-collapse Rome — and we want it. For ourselves, our children, our great-grandchildren, our natural world and most of all, for our pride. We are tired of being put down and trampled by those who could not make in a lifetime what we do every day.

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