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DiversityWatch (October 14, 2023)


  • Why the Woke Support Hamas

    It is a complicated story. But one key part of that story is the way that civil rights, which began as a cause, became an ideology. Eventually that ideology metastasized into “anti-racism,” a radical legal doctrine that scholar John McWhorter suggests is nothing less than a secular “religion.” The once-noble cause of civil rights changed. No longer merely about ending specific acts of discrimination in voting, employment, and public accommodations, it became a crusade to rectify the wrongs of slavery, Jim Crow, and the lingering legacy of institutional racism. In the view of 21st century progressives this entailed transforming America and the world.

    Conservatives banging the tin drum again. Genetics matters more than training, and “values,” the Constitution, the American way, the American Dream, etc. are all simply training like “education.” Culture arises from genetics. The civil rights crusade was never good because it denied this, but it is an necessary extension of egalitarianism itself, which always branches from class war to race war. The only way out is to go Furthest Right on the political spectrum and the Bell Curve, and end diversity entirely.

  • Four Myths Exposed by the Hamas Attack on Israel

    Israel also suffered from a second fallacy: the conviction that our enemy thinks like we do.
    “Mirror-imaging” plagues all countries, indeed all humans: We find it hard to imagine that someone else’s definition of rationality may be different from our own. The Israeli version of this error centered on the idea that Hamas had become too hooked on the economic benefits of relative quiet in its relations with Israel — that it was too focused on securing leadership of the Palestinian movement by improving the lot of the people under its control — to risk everything in a major escalation.

    That calculation of costs and benefits might have appealed to a democratic movement, or to an organization that was mostly interested in governing. But Hamas, alas, proved to be the same organization as ever. It has a penchant for the nastiest forms of brutality. It has a deep-seated hatred for, and a self-declared desire to eradicate, Israel. And it was willing to pursue that agenda at an appalling cost in Israeli and Palestinian lives.

    Hot damn if this guy does not nail the solipsism of democratic societies. The W.E.I.R.D. — Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic — pathology boils down to democracy, which itself is equality, which in turn is individualism or me-first versus traditionalism or the maintenance of a natural order including a hierarchy in which humans and human individuals do not come first before the order itself. Adopt the Big Lie, which is equality itself, and your brain turns off and you go insane.

  • Stop Being Shocked — Once and for All

    For the past decade, an elite consensus began to emerge. It was marketed as a worldview of optimism, of progress and justice brought about by the dawning of correct morality. It favored using the power of digital monopolies and elite institutions to reeducate Americans in new and better ways of thinking, writing, speaking, and being.

    Moralism is based in equality and is simply individualism disguised as group interest. You can never trust the artificial human ideations based on concealing self-interest. You can always trust nature and the divine. For the degree of religious fanaticism that exists in the world, the religious never seem to get to the core of religion: there is an unseen structure to reality that humans cannot change, and when we stray from it, we self-destruct. Satan laughs as you eternally rot!

  • Bidenflation Climbs To 17.0%, Hurting Americans

    It turns out that spending all of your money on anti-poverty and anti-“racism” programs devastates your economy and culture, much as it did under Lincoln, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack 0bama. When do we learn that Leftist and diversity are simply quagmires?

  • ‘America does not deserve me.’ Why Black people are leaving the United States

    Black people are realizing that in a diverse society, they will never have the control over their destiny as a group and as individuals that they need. This is not White-vs-Black; it is diversity-vs-Sanity.

  • Bob Menendez Is a Symptom

    Having arrived in Washington in 1962, Smith charted what he called “stunning transformations” in the previous two and a half decades. These ranged from “the new congressional assertiveness” engendered by Richard Nixon’s resignation and the revolt by young members against the seniority system, to how the utter supremacy of television had warped the system and produced “a new generation of video politicians whose medium was the tube rather than the political clubhouse.”

    Did it occur to everyone that all of this happened since WW2, when we adopted the pro-diversity basis for our government? Diversity spreads corruption by making every ethnic group a me-first special interest group, and they war for their own supremacy at the expense of the shared civilization. Diversity is a path to doom and nothing else, and like all really scary paths to doom, is naturally adorned in flowers, peace, love, art, enlightenment, pretense, intellectualism, and religion.

  • Portland hires private security guards to clear large homeless encampment known as ‘The Pit’ as city outlaws camping in public spaces

    The pendulum swings, even in Kremlin outpost Portland, because “tolerance” and “inclusion” went too far and abolished all the rules necessary for minimum function. As the pendulum gains momentum, people will start seeing that the idea of equality itself means that society cannot have minimum standards at all. We are entering a new dark age of “fascism” because the Left won and then ruined everything. Diversity cannot escape its axe.

  • Harvard students apparently delete Hamas-loving statement

    Cancel culture does not like being canceled, but the worldwide third-world descended population wants to take revenge on any who are able to escape the third world morass. This even includes societies like Israel that are trying to rise above the mediocre norm of the middle east.

  • Progressives call for US to take in some of the expected 1 million Gaza refugees

    The people they call “progressives” are in fact contrarians, and enjoy denying reality because it makes them feel powerful to do so, which tells us that they have no power in life except through creating drama. Future societies will exile or purge such people.

  • Australians Say ‘No’ to Recognizing Indigenous People in Constitution

    The fallout of diversity begins to become visible. Most people just want to get on with life, figuring that enough retaliation has occurred that it is time for the third world to quit it and focus on making itself functional, a bugbear that has bedeviled it since the dawn of time.

  • New Zealand elects conservative Christopher Luxon as premier after 6 years of liberal rule

    New Zealand rebukes the Maori-obsessed liberals who guided the country poorly through COVID-19 and taxed its people into oblivion.

  • Jewish communities in Germany: ‘We are afraid’

    You were afraid of Nazis, but now you see that the problem is that any Other group will try to conquer you. It has no choice. It either conquers or is conquered.



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