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DiversityWatch (November 30, 2023)


  • Gannett moves to toss white workers’ challenge to diversity goals

    Affirmative action began as support of unions and through the acts of a non-White president, became the standard for federal hiring, then was extended via the same interpretation of the 14A to private business, which can only defend against claims of racial and sexual discrimination by following affirmative action standards. This means that if a White guy and a minority or woman walks through the door with vaguely similar qualifications, you hire the minority or woman. When Whites push back against this, industry lashes out because it still fears the civil rights lawsuits that have bankrupted major companies in the past.

  • BBC radio star struggles with ‘too many white colleagues’

    The diversity will not be happy until Whites are removed. Whites remind the diversity that it is here, living among White nations, because something went wrong where it came from. This is one of the ways in which diversity is cruel to all participants, mainly because now no group can feel good about its origins or confident in its future. Diversity is just a stupid and paradoxical policy.

  • Greenfield: Thirty Years Ago Israel Deported Hamas. Clinton Made Israel Take It Back

    How The New York Times, in its perpetual pursuit of pity for the underdog, lionized Hamas terrorists and gave Bill Clinton the public support necessary to force the current hack of a diversity state in Israel, where terrorists essentially live on nature preserves among the people they want to kill and constantly launch rockets and carry out suicide attempts among them.

  • The Case That Should Restore Our Government

    The administrative state came about after the civil rights movement as a way to manage ugly parts of government without elected congresspeople having to be associated with those actions. Decades later, the administrative state has its own courts and passes decisions in them, which caused this plaintiff to demand that he be able to try his case in a regular court where the judge does not work for the defendant. If this case goes through, the power of the administrative state will be reduced, conveniently in time for the populists to abolish the unelected bureaucracy and to force Congress to be accountable for its actions.

  • ‘Woke’ Disney, broke Disney

    The first of the old companies may be committing suicide by shilling Leftist propaganda instead of making the films its audience needs to give their children sane and safe entertainment. Just as American executives pander to China, big corporations accommodate the Left, possibly because they do not want incur the ire of a political establishment that enjoys using lawfare against anyone who steps out of line.

  • Rep. Carlos Gimenez warns ‘growing trend’ of Chinese nationals illegally entering US

    It is as if they are slipping an army inside our borders, just waiting for a sign to activate, and yet somehow bungling democracy cannot even put a dent in it. It feels as if this is by design, and since the Clintons own the DOJ and China funded the Clintons, one would be forgiven for inferring a causal link there.

  • Foreign-born population of US tops 49 million for first time ever: study

    Tell us again how “White Replacement” is a “conspiracy theory.”

  • Study shows Black households pay higher heating costs, seek cold-related medical care more often

    People from tropical climates do less well in the cold. Somehow this seems to confuse scientists.

  • Swedish murder: Five teenagers found guilty over taxi driver’s killing

    Another diversity crime that authorities seemingly punted on leads to a disproportionate but understandable response.

  • Army vet, 94, kicked out of NYC nursing home to make room for migrants

    Current infrastructure cannot support them, but they keep coming for the free stuff, affirmative action, more stable society, and joy of tearing down something they could not create.

  • How Chinese Marijuana Operations Cropped Up in Small-Town America

    Foreign-genetics people do not have the same care for your country and your people as you do. To them, your country is a well-priced apartment with amenities, and they have no obligation or concern beyond that. They are like the ultra-bourgeois in that they are literally only economic actors who will seize political control if they can.

  • Germany unveils law for faster migrant returns

    Europe finds itself rapidly reaching a tipping point with the diversity crisis. If it becomes inundated in immigrants, its welfare state will collapse, and that will remove politicians unlike anything else.

  • German teens allegedly planned Christmas market attack

    Another day, another terror attack from people who wanted to join the Islamic State.

  • Beyoncé’s mum hits out at ‘racist’ skin lightening comments

    Black singer dresses up as Aryan for Halloween and noticing this whitening process now is apparently “racist.” What isn’t, really.

  • Germany is being infiltrated by economic migrants abusing an asylum system that isn’t fit for purpose, claims country’s former top judge

    He calls it for what it is: they are here for the money.

  • Russian court bans ‘LGBT movement’

    The Russians push back against the Western civil rights takeover, instead styling the LGBT+ movement as a form of political subversion.

  • Texas Gov. Abbott vows more migrants to NYC and other cities until Biden ‘secures the border’

    Texas forces the issue of disproportionate impact of immigration on the South by shipping migrants to luvvy cities where the authorities find themselves immediately overwhelmed.

  • CLPE report shows ‘remarkable’ rise in inclusive representation in kids’ books

    More propaganda, soon to be followed by more landfill as parents yank their kids away from these and other neurosis-inducing books for youngsters.

  • Germany: Right-wing extremist group leader sentenced to jail

    As democracy fades into confusion and disorder, the replacements line up, which causes panic by the bureaucrats, who promptly kick off massive crackdowns.

  • Elon Musk curses out advertisers who left X over antisemitic content

    His so-called “antisemitic” statement consisted of acknowledging that Jewish organizations pressed hard for diversity, an assertion supported by Jewish historians

    In the United States, Jews have been both the subject of exclusionary immigration policies as well as the leaders to liberalize those laws.

    In the 1920s, after decades of relatively loose immigration laws had enabled more than 2 million Eastern European Jews to settle in the U.S., Jews fought an effort to close the gates to the “goldene medina.” The Immigration Act of 1924, a bill advanced by a notoriously racist Republican congressman named Albert Johnson, enacted a quota system that would severely limit Jewish immigration and totally exclude immigrants from Asia.

    Jewish leaders staunchly opposed the bill, with JTA reporting “militant action against” it. The United Hebrew Trades, an association of Jewish labor unions in New York, brought together 136 Jewish organizations in order to “wage a nationwide campaign to defeat” the bill.

    Now Musk makes the point that the old order of corporations are fading away because they followed the Biden ideological lead, just like companies in the Carter years, and drove away their White audience only to find that the diversity audience was not particularly committed to them either.



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