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DiversityWatch (November 29, 2023)


  • Millions of U.S. apples were almost left to rot. Now, they’ll go to hungry families

    Your average person has no idea that this article is product placement by a major industry that needs some good press. We hear a lot about “food insecurity,” but generally what it means is that there are some people who are so dysfunctional and possibly alcoholic that they cannot manage to put food on the table. Most of these are lower IQ, and many are diversity. Dumping a few million apples on them will not do anything except have those apples rot at various tenement apartments instead of on the floor of the orchards where they might renew the soil.

  • Britain’s ‘unbearable’ sewerage problem is a warning against privatisation in Australia


    More than 70 per cent of the industry is owned by foreign hedge funds and private equity houses which have scraped from the country’s existing stock of water infrastructure every possible scintilla of value.

    You mean foreign ownership sending the money home instead of re-investing it. We can blame anything but diversity even when the problem stares us in the face, such is the stigma around being a “racist.”

  • Redacted warrant reveals how Jack Smith scoured Trump’s Twitter data for election case

    Look at your diversity government in action. They requested all notifications to the account as well, which means that anytime someone followed the account or liked a post, the feds now have that username. In the third world, getting back at your enemies is seen as intelligent and normal politics; now that has come to the USA, thanks to the diversity vote that the Clintons weaponized.

  • Defendant Sentenced To 90 Months In Prison For Distribution Of Child Pornography

    Another Leftist writer gets caught pursuing the forbidden pleasures of child molestation. This reminds us of Slade Sohmer of course, who “debunked PizzaGate” according to many sources, and like Sohmer Zelony-Mindell was a contributor to Leftist publications who glorified various sexual cultures. Did we ever figure out what Anthony Weiner was up to?

  • Raising South Africa’s Economic Prospects by Curbing Crime

    A once-promising society goes diverse, promptly gets outvoted by the diversity in elections, and now exists in a permanent state of kleptocracy from the top down. Corruption, theft, assault, kidnapping, rape, and murder are daily events in the beleagured multiculture, which finds itself in the international focus as observers point out that if it could get its crime under control, it might have the ghost of a chance of having a functional economy again. As they say, what do socialists use after electric lights? Candles. In the case of diversity, the answer might involve the flickering lights of arson and tire fires.

  • The administrative state must be brought under control

    The administrative state will never be brought under control until we remove its blank cheque in the civil rights laws (including the 14A) that compel government to embark on anti-poverty and anti-“racism” programs that so far have cost us over thirty trillion dollars. Poverty rates have not moved, and we are told that “racism” and “antisemitism” (in addition to “homophobia,” “islamophobia,” “sexism,” “ableism,” “classism” and a host of other made-up Lefterms) are worse than ever before, so it is clear that this policy has failed and yet, our bureaucrats derive their jobs and salaries from it so they are doubling down even as it crushes what is left of our economy.

  • Why aren’t kids going to school? COVID taught them some bad habits.

    A third of students now regularly fail to show up for class. Perhaps some of these are lower IQ students who fell so far behind during the panicdemic that they see no hope of rejoining, or others just have opted out of the diversity wastelands that our schools have become, but most likely people no longer have faith in authority and assume it has failed with anarchy taking its place. In any case, it becomes clear that students were not learning much of note before, and they are learning less now, which sketches our future with a diversity population for even the most intransigent idealistic Christian Republican who just wants to believe that everyone is a special snowflake in God’s design and we can all get along.

  • BLM leader turns against Dems over ‘racist’ policies, backs Trump for president: ‘We’re not stupid’

    Even the diversity realizes that diversity-driven government has gone too far, and wants the return of functional WASP governance. While everyone debates who is the bigger “racist,” it might be pointed out that the fairest racial policy is to accept that each race and ethnic group needs its own nation, and diversity voting will always swing us down the path of wannabe tyrants like the Clintons.

  • Genetic research into a 9,000-year-old shaman burial in Germany

    They keep trying to retcon diversity into history by saying that skeletons like this had “dark” skin tone, when they mean olive skin tone as people in the mediterranean tend to have, and fail to point out that this group was probably an offshoot of the Nordic group that had ranged across Eurosiberia but then re-entered Europe and promptly outbred its smaller and darker cousins who had ventured into more temperate regions.

  • Three in four Canadians say higher immigration is worsening housing crisis: poll

    The more people we dump into a country, the more housing is required, and therefore until housing stocks catch up, the higher the prices rise. No doubt the increases in property taxes to fund all this new expansion also drive up rents and home prices. Somehow this never occurred to the voters until it had already happened and there was nothing they could do about it, as usual.

  • Bangladesh: Why are Rohingya refugees fleeing to Indonesia?

    Even fellow Muslims do not want ethnic diversity in their countries. Somehow, except for in the West, everyone has figured out that diversity is a path to failure. Maybe this is because the West has enough money to hide from consequences in reality for awhile, and enough education to be thoroughly biased against common sense and nature.

  • Tenn. university tries again to cancel former KKK leader who fought for integration

    We must erase history or people will pine for a time before diversity. Therefore, anyone who is not a minority or a Leftist must go, even if they contributed a great deal to the paths that led us to where we are now.

  • Bone tests show 80% of migrant minors are actually adults and they’re costing taxpayers a fortune, warns French MP

    They do not mind breaking your immigration laws, so why would they stop the lying there? Immigrants come to Europe for the free stuff, not because they are suffering unduly back home, and they will say whatever is needed to get the free stuff.

  • U.S. companies have lost momentum in promoting Black professionals into management, according to new data from McKinsey.

    We are surrounded by government-created industries. In the diversity industry, government mandates that businesses hire diversity, so they hire them and pass on the costs to consumers. However, in the wake of the competence crisis, many companies are dialing back their support for hiring people solely or mostly on the basis of membership in a politically protected group (race, creed, sex, national origin).

  • Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs steps aside at Revolt TV network

    At the same time women are brutally discriminated against by the transsexual movement, they are also given the power to revoke consent and then use it as a weapon for destroying powerful males unless those males pay up. Even if the court case goes nowhere, although court cases require no evidence these days except tears, the man will get fired like this guy, so the next man better just fork over hundreds of thousands to the grifting thot. Let us review it again: honest rape victims go to the cops that night, dishonest grifters wait decades and then pull out the Christine Blasey-Ford approach. Casual sex creates this problem, so cease casual sex including casual dating if this bothers you. Women are rapidly going to find that men are simply going to go to prostitutes handled by the mafia, which will kill them if they start grifting customers.

  • Huntsville homeowner, who alleged a hate crime at his property, charged with arson

    Speaking of grifting, when the accusation is enough to get the reward, you will see it abused whether rabbis writing backward swastikas, immigrations claiming refugee status, or Black churches and other buildings burning. Diversity is over and the sooner people realize that, the sooner we can stop wasting our time, pity, and money on these ridiculous clowns.

  • Migrants attempting to cross English Channel ‘kidnapped and beat French police officer’ attempting to stop them, authorities claim

    The immigration debacle passes into dark comedy as the situation spirals out of control while the freeloading diversity shows up to claim what democracy-addled Europeans hand out with the low, low bar of simply being human qualifying the recipients.

  • US border overwhelmed by migrant surges in three states, closing international bridges and causing chaos

    The total collapse of a failing system shows how little voters and politicians have taken this seriously to the point that there is no way to bring control back, which means that soon the only sensible policy will be ethnic separation and starting again. Maybe get rid of the attractive nuisance of the Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme (KcPs) that keeps bringing people here and stimulates record numbers of domestic parasites as well.

  • In the US, Black survivors are nearly invisible in the Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis

    While we have great sympathy for such victims, the only reason they are nearly invisible is that they did not acquire lawyers and sue like so many other victims, so this being pitched to us as something-that-society-must-fix seems paternalistic and condescending.

  • Steven Crowder Tells Viewers “You Need To Start Watching on Rumble” After YouTube Suspends Him for Episode Featuring Dan Bongino

    The old platforms are all fading away because they are dedicated to censorship, propaganda, and surveillance in line with the government, who may or may not have contributed venture capital funding to them at some point and may or may not hold them hostage with the threat of disruptive subpoenas. The newer platforms are more interested in keeping all legal content and spending more time growing and less time adding useless employees.

  • Māori suicide rates remain too high. Involving whānau more in coronial inquiries should be a priority

    Diversity is destructive to all parties. Only reparations-with-repatriation avoids this problem. The Maori would be happier in their Polynesian homeland.

  • Horrific moment white student yells ‘N-word’ as he attacks black girl, leaving her hospitalized with a broken nose … and school suspends HER sparking outrage

    No matter what you do, someone gets screwed by diversity. If a fight is provoked with racial terms, and retaliation occurs with racial terms, who committed the crime? Do you jail everyone? Diversity turns into comedy as time goes on.

  • Russia warns of tension as Finland shuts last crossing

    WW3 is shaping up nicely as immigration, used as a weapon of war, points to Russia-China as the aggressors.

  • Texas judge Lina Hidalgo slapped with criminal abuse of office complaint day after visit with VP Kamala Harris

    Apparently diversity politicians allegedly managed to skim quite a bit off the COVID-19 windfall — this is how unelected bureaucrats view it — through kickbacks, and now they are getting caught on the regular.

  • Boy Publicly Shamed by Journalist For Wearing Native American Headdress is Actually Native American

    Another false narrative implodes after the Left was willing to destroy the future of a small child in order to make a point and keep back those who keep noticing that diversity and woke are giant failures in reality, even if they cause warm feelings in the Leftist hugbox.

  • Sinn Féin’s rising tally of lawsuits fuels fears it is trying to stifle scrutiny

    Following the BLM and DNC playbook, a diversity group in Ireland has found a way to use lawfare to bankrupt its opponents enough that they stop reporting on its misdeeds.

  • Woke books bought for huge advances by ‘inexperienced’ editors hired post-George Floyd have FLOPPED

    In a panic to seem contemporary, the failing publishing industry, which seems to put out very few books that anyone cares about for long, adopted radical Leftist policies and hired radical Leftist editors, who promptly went out and signed books that people “should” read (according to Leftists) but almost no one but fellow radical luvvies want to read, digging the hole further for the legacy publishing industry. We might see most businesses from before the Biden era self-destructing and being replaced because they, following conventional wisdom, heeded government demands and popular impulse like in the 1960s and therefore, hired Communists to do a job that requires capitalists or at the very least, people who can tell an interesting book from tone deaf pearl-clutching Maoist propaganda.


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