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DiversityWatch (November 22, 2023)


  • ‘You’re rude!’: Houston mayor scolds reporter over water bill question

    Diversity mayor does not like being asked about why water bills are going up despite hundreds of millions paid years ago to “update infrastructure” that has somehow vanished in the diversity system.

  • Oklahoma restricted how race can be taught. So these Black teachers stepped up

    Oklahoma passes law against DIE being taught in classrooms, so now Black teachers — mysteriously noticed and aided by hwite luvvies — are teaching the propaganda on their own time. This is how the system should work: your culture is yours, and you have to keep it going. Slowly the disadvantages of pluralism are becoming apparent to hwites and minorities alike.

  • London violence: What to do if someone is stabbed

    About 13,503 knife crime incidents were recorded in the capital between July 2022 and June 2023, a 21% increase on the previous 12-month period.

    Diversity in London working out about as well as diversity in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Israel, Rwanda, Detroit, South Africa, and Berlin.

  • Elon Musk is now giving new life to the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy

    Oh no:

    In a post Monday, an X user attempted to link the founder of Media Matters — the progressive media watchdog that last week identified ads for major brands running alongside pro-Nazi content on X — to the owner of the “Pizzagate restaurant.” Musk replied: “Weird.” By replying, Musk called the post to the attention of his more than 160 million followers on X.

    But as even neocommunist propaganda outlet Politifact recognizes:

    The rumor first began after WikiLeaks released Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails.

    Users at the online forum 4Chan noticed Podesta corresponded with Comet Ping Pong pizzeria owner James Alefantis, discussing a potential Clinton fundraiser.

    Let’s go back to Alefantis, who said he has never met Clinton but supported her presidential bid. The 42-year-old Alefantis was once in a relationship with David Brock, a former conservative commentator who now runs the liberal site Media Matters For America.

    This was the content Musk was replying to, which seems not to mention Jews or Israel at all. Weird, indeed.

  • Lawsuit Highlights Why Meat Has Been Overpriced for 40 Years

    Allegedly, meat companies worked around antitrust rules against collusion by having a third-party NGO compile data that allowed each company to fix its prices to that of the others. This is the indirect warfare of our time: instead of acting directly, large entities promulgate information and regulations that coordinate others through a reward structure. This is how government ensures that big business and colleges adhere to the latest DIE/ESG standards.

  • Federal Judge Finds DEI Policies are Mandatory & Unconstitutional in CA Case

    After the Supreme Court realized that affirmative action was unconstitutional, the fallout trickles down as other courts recognize that programs based in race, ethnicity, or certain political views related to those are discriminatory against others. Pluralism cannot have favorites. Much like it replaced WASP culture with many cultures, it will also replace any of those cultures with non-culture. This seems like a win, and in the short term it is, but in the long term the grinding destruction of culture and its replacement by government and commerce continues.

  • Reflecting on 18 years at Google

    In time, exceptions to Google’s cultural strengths developed. For example, as much as I enjoyed Vic Gundotra’s enthusiasm (and his initial vision for Google+, which again was quite well defined and, if not necessarily uniformly appreciated, at least unambiguous), I felt less confident in his ability to give clear answers when things were not going as well as hoped.

    Diversity killed Google.

  • What Hamas Promises, Iranians Know Too Well

    People focus too much on specific groups in the diversity, and not enough on the problem of diversity itself. The system is working as designed; democracy breaks down society and makes it a slave of the bureaucracy. Diversity overthrows the founding group and replaces it with people who vote for the Third World System of warlords giving favors for obedience (perfected by Tammany Hall but a direct descendant of the ancient Chinese system of sinecures and civil service exams). The intermediate show of transsexuals, jihad, White Nationalist terrorists, and so on is just a byproduct of this and a helpful distraction to keep the voters so confused their heads swim and they go back to sleep. The funny thing is that all human groups go down this path once they succeed. That is The Civilization Problem and almost no one talks about it because human groups proscribe mention of hard real problems so they can engage in symbolic activities that unify the group.

  • Silence Over Hamas’ Mass Rapes a Betrayal of All Women

    Another guy who does not understand that pluralism, including polyethnicism, arises from egalitarianism, and in egalitarianism, because you cannot make the weak get stronger, you take from the strong to give to the weak. It may take time to get there, but all egalitarian systems get there, which reprises the historical progression from Athenian democracy to Athenian democracy as well as the decay from the Magna Carta through The Enlightenment™ (spit) to the French Revolution and finally to French Socialists a decade or two later. In egalitarian systems, society favors the underdog, so every group is somewhere on a Victimhood Scale. Poor, dumb, and very not White is at the top, so women and Jews get kicked down a bit so the Left can fawn over Hamas, who are disorganized murderers who pulled off a pointless attack that brought predictable retaliation, although more than they expected. There are smart and good people in every ethnic group and religion, but Hamas not that, merely the Leftist grievance-grift cycle of a diversity population.

  • Joe Biden’s Unpopularity Isn’t a Misunderstanding

    The Leftist president did what every Leftist president does, which is transfer wealth from the productive to the poor and diverse. Wealth transfer not only penalizes productivity and therefore demoralizes the capable, but also raises costs, which we see in “inflation” that is really devaluation because the money printer ran too long while Joe was taking one of his famous naps.

  • Border agents nab Romanians with organized crime ties entering Maine

    Opening the borders is like setting out a Thanksgiving feast for all of the ne’er-do-wells of the world. Come on in and steal… it’s all there for the taking. Thanks, socialism and diversity!

  • Chinese-Russian cooperation has strengthened significantly in the past 30 years, analysis shows

    Of course! They have blood ties. Every slitty-eyed Russian has a Chinese ancestor and possibly a Turkish, Jewish, or Iraqi one as well. Russians are Eurasians, and they will always pair with those who have the element that makes Russians different, i.e. Asiatic blood, against the Caucasians. Anyone who failed to read history deeply will find this puzzling, which is five nines of the population.

  • Most American households have gun owners, poll shows: ‘Stunning number’

    By the late 1950s, it was clear that diversity and socialism were going to take over, so Americans have been stocking up for home defense against the instability and in preparation for our next revolution, where we overthrow the government “by the people, for the people” (hint: the people are retarded) and replace it with something functional.

  • Fiery crash kills 2 at Niagara Falls’ Rainbow border bridge. Officials say no sign of terrorism

    This morning, the explosion at the bridge was considered a likely terrorist event; by now, people have figured out that it was a runaway car at high speed, perhaps trying to evade immigration authorities. Open borders have consequences.

  • Stuart Seldowitz facing hate crime, stalking charges after harassing New York City halal cart worker, police say

    Diversity requires constant censorship, surveillance, and propaganda to keep up the appearance of function. Even so, people are seeing through it. If someone raped and kidnapped people you knew, you too would feel as this man does. We know that because the behavior of American Indians turned ordinary settlers into redskin-killers after those Amerinds got a name for theft, assault, murder, rape, and torture.

  • Old National Bank shooting report released; gunman left detailed manifesto; attorneys for survivors release statement

    Leftist shooter wanted to target gun accessibility, much like Stephen Paddock almost assuredly did, probably based on The Life of David Gale, because Leftists love mooovies.

  • US nuke reactor lab hit by ‘gay furry hackers’ demanding cat-human mutants

    No one said the fall of civilization would not be occasionally hilarious. Seems like these guys are carrying on the mission of the GNAA.

  • Study shows how leaders can break down ‘benevolent marginalization’

    More propaganda for letting the diversity take over your business merely for the sake of EID (they stopped spelling it DEI because we all typed it out as DIE, sort of like DEADS: democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, and socialism).

  • Russia sending migrants to our border, Estonia says

    Thanks heavens for the Russians! They have just shown us that diversity is a weapon of war, which means that it weakens us and makes us ripe for conquest. They have also shown us that Russia-China knows how to use immigration and diversity as weapons, therefore is probably doing that at our Southern border just as it has to Estonia, Finland, and Germany.

  • A population of hard-to-eradicate ‘super pigs’ in Canada is threatening to invade the US

    They are often crossbreeds that combine the survival skills of wild Eurasian boar with the size and high fertility of domestic swine to create a “super pig” that’s spreading out of control.

    You mean sort of like third world immigration, which combines domesticated castoffs from the first world with foreign races in order to make mixed-race grey people?

  • A debate on Islamophobia and antisemitism in Germany

    They tried to make diversity function by criminalizing criticism of it. Now that the diversity is there, and realizes that it hates each other, the powers that be are trying more nagging and pearl-clutching.

  • Firearms officers: UK report reveals the ‘toxic culture’ keeping women and ethnic minorities out of specialist squads

    Before pointing the finger at resentment of other groups, ask whether there is some reason behind it, including possibly the endless pushing of quotas that have excluded White men from other opportunities.

  • NC progressive Democrat says Jewish caucus would ‘end’ the party: ‘They control everything’

    Seems he agrees with the Elon Musk statement.

  • Christian high school sues after it’s banned from all athletic tournaments for forfeiting game over transgender player

    We might see conservatives as the “biological reality” group and Leftists as the “social reality” group, and never will the two meet. In the meantime, transgender players endanger girls and make all sports into male sports.

  • Pantera tour: Heavy metal band with Nazi-saluting singer about to arrive in Australia

    This happened years ago and he apologized for it extensively, but it boosted his popularity at the time despite being in a warmed over speed metal band with groove and blues licks.

  • Video shows Hamas weapons lab, whiteboard with rocket sketches under Gaza mosque: Israel

    The Third World Way of War reveals itself further in this deliberate attempt to hide behind civilian targets.

  • At last! Tories pull the trigger on tax cuts

    The great unraveling begins as socialist welfare programs fall under the assault debt, war, and diversity. Other nations will follow and the free stuff will begin to dry up, ending the immivasion.


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