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DiversityWatch (May 2, 2023)


Ron DeSantis has revealed that he aligns with the RINOs and their agenda of not mentioning the Genetic Question while pursuing the “Christian libertarian” coalition engineered by fake WASP William F. Buckley.

Recent polls have shown us exactly how many people are credulous obsessives who still believe in Biden — 37% — and will be the ones voting for him on election day, most of them being single whitish women, homosexuals, unionists, or minorities.

The world moves closer toward war in Europe as it becomes clear that Russia may still be in the fight, but they have not won, and the fact that they are bogged down means that this war needs to gain intensity for them to win. This means full draft plus air attack.

China awaits its moment to seize Taiwan, since that will cement Xi Jinping as dictator-for-life or give him the ability to appoint proxy successors, sort of like Biden and Obama are to the Clintons. The political machine keeps going.

In the meantime, the safety blanket that most clutch (equality, democracy, individualism, pluralism, diversity, pacifism, bureaucracy, moralism) continues to murder them and create tyrants ruling above them, but they cannot connect the dots.




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