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DiversityWatch (January 12, 2023)


It seems darker out there this week. People are hesitant, withdrawn. To see this, go outside of where they expect to be observed. People in liquor, grocery, home repair, and book stores expect privacy. They let their faces down and you see what they are thinking.

This generally means that things are winding down. We transfered the order of nature into a system based around human fears, and consequently, like Gulliver tied down by Lilliputians, we have too many things to consider for any one action to work. This is a form of human entropy:

[Entropy is] the measure of a system’s thermal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work. Because work is obtained from ordered molecular motion, the amount of entropy is also a measure of the molecular disorder, or randomness, of a system.

To provide a quantitative measure for the direction of spontaneous change, Clausius introduced the concept of entropy as a precise way of expressing the second law of thermodynamics. The Clausius form of the second law states that spontaneous change for an irreversible process in an isolated system (that is, one that does not exchange heat or work with its surroundings) always proceeds in the direction of increasing entropy. For example, the block of ice and the stove constitute two parts of an isolated system for which total entropy increases as the ice melts.

All spontaneous processes are irreversible; hence, it has been said that the entropy of the universe is increasing: that is, more and more energy becomes unavailable for conversion into work. Because of this, the universe is said to be “running down.”

When a society is healthy, it has a goal and ignores everything else; when it accomplishes or otherwise loses its goal and does not set another, it focuses on maintaining what it has, and so becomes defensive and lashes out at details on the margins, gradually bleeding itself dry with a death of a thousand cuts.

The problem with obsessing over details is that they usually represent unavoidable conflicts and inefficiencies. You can write a million rules, but each situation will ultimately be a case-by-case decision, following general ideals of your society that make it possible to derive most of the correct path.

There is also an attempt in the human mind — driven by fear for the individual perceiving it — to eliminate suffering. However, suffering is part of life, and someone will always be suffering, with many if not most simply experiencing feedback for their own actions.

At some point, you end up with too much interdependency between the little rules and bureaus designed to keep the details managed. If one tiny part goes wrong, so do lots of higher-up parts because their constituent sub-parts are dependent on those little bits working together.

As societies mature, they stop thinking about goals and instead focus on making people feel happy. That creates the heat-death that finally ends them, because in order to stand out from the crowd, people have to invent reasons why they are exceptions or victims who deserve special treatment. This fragments the society utterly.

A sane society focuses on constant streamlining, simplicity, and big picture goals rather than trying to tidy up all the details, since they will never be tidy. Naturally those who want personal drama focus on exactly those details and exceptions, and form egalitarian parties as a result.

When we channel power and wealth from the center to the margins via Keynesianism or socialism, the details improve but with lost direction, society cannot achieve. That is why the Carter/Biden economy looks a lot like a slightly wealthier version of the Soviet economy.

In our time, we are ruled by consumerism, which is a product of the “mixed economy” that imported socialism into capitalism, since it requires citizens to buy tons of junk to kick up the GDP so that taxes can go up and keep government able to borrow money.

Like most egalitarian programs, this one relies on redistributing wealth and deferring the production of necessary resources in order to reach ideological — read that as “the optics” — goals. Consequently its production slows until at some point it falls below the necessary minimism.

Since our economy has been bled by anti-poverty and anti-racism programs, and everything else is tied up in red tape, most people have been just going through the motions for some time now. As long as the money keeps moving through the economy, we are doing okay, but when faith falls, the money stops moving and we hit a wall.

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.*

When ideology/optics is the dominant paradigm, everyone becomes a salesman and actor, miming a role in order to have enough money to keep from getting ground under the wheels of progress. Everyone is an impostor. No one really does anything essential, and those who claim to be important are usually just wrecking things.

This takes us back to previous egalitarian experiments in France, Russia, and Athens. Things seem to be going up as we race forward on borrowed time, then at some point everything bottoms out because egalitarianism is a lie and does not apply to reality, causing it to rot from the center outward.

Egalitarianism however remains the most popular idea. A form of individualism, it guarantees the individual that his concerns come foremost before any shared concerns, and the latter are in fact destroyed to subsidized the former. We see this in human organizations of every size from rock bands through corporations all the way to governments.

In every human group, the weak eat the strong because the group has dedicated itself to the weak: the exceptions, the details, the failing, the victims, and the dissatisfied. The group re-centers itself around the negative and forgets things it wants to seek, such as positive goals like improving itself.

As a result it stagnates, its members defect, and then it stops producing what it needs to produce. The weak can only eat the strong when there is no goal, so the weak conspired to remove the concept of goals themselves and then to ban any mention of any tasks or methods except those which lead to egalitarianism.

Everything the narcissists do aims to abolish goals, standards, and anything held in common like culture, heritage, or belief. They want granularity so each individual exists as only his reactions and impulses, never a substantive being because that would obligate him toward the commons. He must exist in a vaccuum bubble of his own.

The desire for universal truth starts with individualism, moves to pacifism, then enforces itself through political correctness and censorship, eventually becoming the dogma to which an individual must adhere in order to succeed within the system:

Establish “single point of truth” for definition of “news” across Google products.

When they control the official symbols, they control your mind; in fact, the hallmark of narcissism is the use of external changes to reinforce an internal mental state in all participants. They want to control you so that they can feel the sensation of power that comes with control.

Leaders on the other hand set goals, reward those who achieve parts of them, and punish those who work against them. Their goal is not control but sorting: they want to keep the good, yeet the bad, and encourage everyone else to get their act together and move toward the good.

Like nature itself, this process moves slowly and is not as immediate and gratifying as the egalitarian approach. However, by steadily improving everything at once, it lifts a society from primitive disorganization to a level of quality that ensures that all who do good are rewarded and more importantly, recognized.

On the contrary, in control-based society optics and symbolism win the day and are more important than reality. Therefore those who lie are rewarded while those who strive for realism are punished and eventually removed, at which point the Soviet economy kicks in and leads that society to a third world state.

No wonder it seems darker out there this week. Our crazy train is heading for a wall, although we do not know how close it is, and all of us are busy making the train go faster because this is the only way we can feed our children. The darkness is our collective suicide pact based in the sum of our fears that is the “consensus.”


  • Parents say their kids were brainwashed at school, seek deprogrammers

    A Manhattan mother of five daughters told The Post she saw their indoctrination into gender and race ideologies start at Dalton, one of New York City’s poshest private academies — and worsen when her girls went to colleges. Most of them went to Ivy League schools.

    When a system takes over, the only way to succeed is to endorse it, so the teachers teach it, the kids repeat it, and the employers make room for it.

  • US renames five places that used racist slur for Native Americans

    “Words matter, particularly in our work to ensure our nation’s public lands and waters are accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds,” said Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who is the first Native American cabinet secretary in US history.

    Diversity means erasing history so that everyone can feel represented.

  • Laws allowing consent as a court defence for sex with a minor need reform

    Although the legal age for consent in New Zealand is 16, the defence of consent with the 12-year-old was open to Leiataua because he was charged with sexual violation by rape.

    Soon every act of sex with a child will be claimed to be consensual, and then are you down to he-said/she-said which means no meaningful verdict can be reached.

  • Home Depot’s co-founder says the rise of ‘socialism’ is making people ‘too lazy,’ ‘too fat,’ and ‘too stupid’ to work

    The problem, according to Marcus, is the rise of socialism.

    “Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn. ‘Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work — I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid,’” he says.

    To be sure, America isn’t known for being a socialist country.

    Free healthcare, public schooling, housing, welfare, and COVID quasi-UBI? These entitlements are socialist policies, paid for by the high taxes that are strangling innovation and productivity.

  • Biden’s ‘Tammany’ machine revs up

    The Bidens were surely moved as much by self-interest as parental love. They know the veil on their lucrative Tammany Hall-like schemes could be ripped off by the thorough investigation Republicans have promised. 

    The chief result would be that Joe Biden’s self-created image as a straight-talking friend of the working class would be shredded to reveal him as a modern equivalent of George Washington Plunkitt. He’s the legendary Tammany boss who famously boasted of his graft by declaring, “I Seen My Opportunities and I Took ’Em.” 

    As we have been saying here for years: the political machine run by Bidens, Clintons, Pelosis, and other crime families runs on the diversity vote. This was their plan all along when crime family member Ted Kennedy pushed the Hart-Celler Act into acceptance.

  • NYC judge rules polyamorous unions entitled to same legal protections as 2-person relationships

    “Before gay marriage was legalized in any state, Braschi v. Stahl Assocs. Co., 74 NY2d 201 (1989) was decided. The New York State Court of Appeals became the first American appellate court to recognize that a non-traditional, two-person, same-sex, committed family-like relationship is entitled to legal recognition, and that the nontraditional family member is entitled to receive noneviction protections. The Braschi court interpreted the Rent Control Law in effect at a time when there was no legal recognition of same-sex marriage, and broadly construed the law to effectuate its remedial purposes. Braschi is widely regarded as a catalyst for the legal challenges and changes that ensued,” she pointed out. “By the end of 2014, gay marriage was legal in 35 states through either legislation or state court action. Obergefell, et al. v. Hodges et al., 576 U.S. 644, 135 S. Ct. 2584 (2015), the seminal U.S. Supreme Court decision that established same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, was also heralded as groundbreaking. However, Braschi and its progeny and Obergefell limit their holdings to two-person relationships. The instant case presents the distinct and complex issue of significant multi-person relationships.”

    The slippery slope is real.

  • Biden announces pardons for thousands convicted of federal marijuana possession

    And that’s before you address the racial disparities around who suffers the consequences. While white and Black and brown people use marijuana at similar rates, Black and brown people are arrested, prosecuted, and convicted at disproportionate rates.

    Very few people get arrested simply for using marijuana. Usually, they are in the process of committing another crime. Somehow the studies never take that into account.

  • Uncertainty and lifestyle are reasons to postpone having children in Finland

    “Uncertain life situation emerged as the strongest factor behind the decision to postpone or not to have children,” Golovina states.

    It comprised many dimensions of uncertainty, ranging from perceived financial situation and own or spouse’s unfinished studies to size of apartment and challenges in combining wage work and childcare.

    High taxes mean everyone must work constantly and the half that pay taxes support the other half, which means fewer children for productive people. Socialist policies caused the reproductive crash that had politicians convinced they had to import foreigners to be new taxpaying citizens.

  • Does mask-wearing affect behavior?

    The research, conducted across 10 studies focused on deviant behavior — such as running red lights, violating parking rules, and cheating for money — shows that people wearing masks were less likely to behave deviantly than those who were not wearing them.

    Obedience pleases those in power, who think that if they just maintain control the consequences of their leadership are irrelevant.

  • The Association of Political Orientation With General and Partisan Conspiracy Beliefs as a Function of Corruption Levels

    The results suggest that although conspiracy mentality was associated with a right-wing ideology in general, this association became weaker in highly corrupt countries, and left-wingers were relatively more likely to endorse a conspiracy mentality in high corruption countries.

    When official explanations do not suffice, people imagine that shadowy forces are at work, when it is most likely the usual corruption instead.

  • Troubles aside, Xi says China on ‘right side of history’

    However, he later turned somewhat obliquely to the challenges facing the world’s most populous country and second-largest economy, saying, “The world is not at peace.”

    China will “always steadfastly advocate for peace and development … and unswervingly stands on the right side of history,” he said.

    Diversity always comes from a moral argument, and with a moral argument, saying that what is popular must be right. A deeper exploration of history shows that what is popular is usually wrong, and most people choose what will destroy them because they are afraid of the risk involved in doing what is necessary to survive. Our first religion as a species is the religion of avoiding conflict which requires us to believe humanity over nature.

  • French Unions Vow to Fight Increase in French Retirement Age

    The French leader plans to increase the age of retirement from 62 years old by two or three years, because he says it is the only way to preserve France’s social model without raising taxes or increasing the country’s debt.

    This shows us that diversity has failed and that default is on the horizon, thanks to the socialist entitlements of last century. Diversity was designed to bring in new taxpayers, but instead it brought in new costs; that government is risking raising the retirement age shows us that it is in bankruptcy and has no way out but to squeeze the half of the citizens who pay all of the taxes in order to subsidize the rest. Socialism always ends the same way, just like democracy: at gunpoint because there is no other way to motivate people anymore.


  • Portland woman says homelessness is ‘piece of cake’ thanks to 3 meals a day, lax drug policies, no cops

    “It’s a piece of cake, really. I mean, that’s why you probably got so many out here because they feed you three meals a day,” Wendy told Dahlgren in a street interview. “They’re loving us to death. You don’t have to do s–t but stay in your tent or party or if you smoke of a lot of dope, you can do that.”

    Socialism — engineered in America to address our links between diversity and poverty — always fails this way.

  • Carla Bruni is accused of ‘condoning racism’ after posting edited photo of Harry and Meghan that replaces the Duchess with Yoko Ono

    Carla Bruni has posted an edited photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex which replaced Meghan Markle with Yoko Ono.

    The former French first lady, 55, posted the photoshopped image to her 750,000 followers with the lyrics to All You Need is Love by The Beatles.

    The wife of Nicholas Sarkozy even tagged the Royal Family in the post which some praised but others criticised as ‘racist’ for comparing the two women of colour and their supposed influence over their husbands.

    Everyone knows that people who marry, date, or procreate outside of their group — race, ethnicity, class, religion — are underconfident and generally have lots of emotional problems. Of course, John Lennon had other problems owing to his partial Irish ancestry.

  • US intelligence materials related to Ukraine, Iran and UK found in Biden’s private office, source tells CNN

    The classified documents were dated between 2013 and 2016, according to the source familiar. They were found in three or four boxes also containing unclassified papers that fall under the Presidential Records Act.

    Not everyone in the government wants to go screaming into default with non-White [[[ BIDEN ]]] and his plan for spending until we hit permanent Carter-style malaise, at which point we can talk about his really big ideas like paying people just to exist so long as they vote Democrat.

  • Kay LeClaire, non-binary art collective boss, accused of faking Native American heritage

    LeClaire, also a founding member of the collective and emerging leader in the Madison Indigenous arts community, earned artist stipends, a paid residency at the University of Wisconsin, speaking gigs, and art exhibitions with the help of their Native American claim.

    But LeClaire, who went by the Native American name nibiiwakamigkwe, was allegedly exposed after a hobbyist genealogist posted evidence of LeClair’s real genealogy on an online forum, Madison 365 reported. The online forum user, AdvancedSmite, told Madison 365 that questions about LeClaire’s claims led to some digging.

    Egalitarian societies try to raise up “victims” by taking wealth, power, and status from the successful and giving it to those with less, which means that only those who have some kind of victimhood categorization can get ahead. Not surprisingly, some White and hwite people find it a lot easier to get ahead by claiming minority status.

  • Golden Globes host Jerrod Carmichael: ‘I’m here because I’m black’

    “I’m here because I’m black,” Carmichael bluntly launched into a monologue touching on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s problems with lack of diversity.

    “This show, the Golden Globe Awards, did not air last year because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which I won’t say they were a racist organization, but they didn’t have a single black member until George Floyd died,” he explained. “So do with that information what you will.”

    Even affirmative action has become a punchline.

  • Want to be healthier? Hang out with your friends.

    Roughly half of Americans say they’ve lost touch with at least one friend during the pandemic, according to a 2021 poll by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). In 2021, 12 percent of Americans surveyed by AEI said they had no close friends.

    While having friends is good for your health, not having them can be detrimental. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, loneliness has been associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. For older women, loneliness and social isolation can increase the risk of heart disease by as much as 27 percent.

    Diversity abolishes culture, which brings people together through group activities and inclinations, and hierarchy, which allows people to find those like them. Individualism — dedicated to each of us being king on his own virtual island — not surprisingly ends up meaning equal isolation for all.

  • What is racial battle fatigue?

    As a concept, racial battle fatigue is rooted in critical race theory, which holds that racism is systemic and embedded in legal systems and policies, not just something that takes place on an interpersonal level.

    Smith was not the first to connect race and fatigue in one phrase. For example, in his 1990 book “Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America,” author Shelby Steele wrote about “a kind of race fatigue, a deep weariness with things racial.”

    When you are from a group other than the founding group, you will always be an outsider and exhausted by how little this world fits into what you need.

  • Denver councilmember pushing to decriminalize jaywalking

    City research shows that while only 10% of Denver’s population is Black, 41% of jaywalking citations issued were to Black residents and a quarter of citations were issued to those who identify as homeless. Research also showed that most citations were issued along the inverted L. Those areas include East Colfax, West Colfax, South Federal Boulevard and North Peoria; all areas CdeBaca says are majority communities of color and low-income neighborhoods.

    Soon we will abolish all crimes that disproportionately affect minorities. This is the same push that was “Defund Police” until that perished in a cloud of unsolved murders.

  • BlackRock Introduces First Mass Layoff In Years After Losing $1.5 Trillion

    The company’s assets under management declined from $9.5 trillion in the third quarter of 2021 to $8.0 trillion in the third quarter of 2022, according to the firm’s most recent earnings report. The reduction in headcount, which represents less than 3% of the BlackRock workforce, occurs after one of the worst years for the stock market in history and similar layoffs in other industries.

    The losses come amid BlackRock executives’ promulgation of the environmental, social, and corporate governance movement, also known as ESG, by which managers commit themselves to pursue green energy, appointing minorities to serve as managers, or otherwise blending profitability with activism. BlackRock has taken “voting action on climate issues” against dozens of portfolio firms, according to a company stewardship report.

    Critics say the recent poor performance of ESG funds discredits the movement.

    More likely, ESG was just an attempt to get enough government money to cover the losses from devastating monetary policy and economic choices.

  • Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name

    This frankly outdated spaghetti-Western ‘romantic’ presentation of a living and vibrant community as dead and gone in order to build a technology company ‘for the greater good’ is as ignorant as it is offensive.

    Indians attacked first. This led to their eventual removal. They would be happier with their co-ethnics in Mongolia.

  • Global South must create new world order

    PM Narendra Modi on Thursday exhorted developing countries to work towards redesigning global political and financial governance to remove inequalities, enlarge opportunities, support growth and spread progress and prosperity. Modi called for creating a new world order to ensure welfare of citizens of the developing countries, as he emphasised the next phase of global growth will come from countries in the South.

    The next big war is not the US versus Russia, but the first world against the third.

  • Well-being of old natives and immigrants in Europe: Does socio-cultural integration matter?

    There is perhaps a suggestion that individuals who become more integrated tend to have better mental health, higher levels of social support, and a greater sense of belonging and purpose in their new community. Research in the International Journal of Happiness and Development has investigated whether or not this is true in the European context with regard to new migrants and natives.

    Assimilation is a false notion. What this says is that those who choose to behave according to the standards of their new home are accepted easily while those who keep acting in a third world manner find themselves ostracized.



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