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DiversityWatch (December 11, 2022)


We live in an age of moralism where “good” and “evil” are decided by the methods used. Bad guys kill, good guys save lives. During the humanist era, “saving lives” was the ultimate good, and no one bothered to question whether the people being saved were particularly useful or not.

In the post-humanist era, we see these moralistic phrases as regulation of method for the safety and fears of individuals. They fear violence, so they ban violence, making the effect (violence) into its own cause (its end in the ends-over-means calculus).

This produces a type of Disney, Shopkeeper, and Jesus narrative where there are craven villains and innocent heroes based on the methods they use. Brave heroes include everyone; craven villains have standards. Empathic heroes are drawn to love; craven villains have a list of things they dislike.

A simplistic world of this nature results from the collectivization of individualism. An individualist wants no responsibility to the world and only to focus on his own desires (“needs”). When you get a group of them together, they home in on fears, lottery-style wins, and emotions, ignoring the elephants in the room.

Of all those elephants, the biggest perhaps is the knowledge that we know how to make society good: a mono-ethnic hierarchical culture-driven civilization that accepts (more than tolerates) eccentricity and the notion that life is its own goal and should be pleasurable, interesting, and consistent.

Collectivized individualist societies confuse internal narrative with external narrative. Instead of creating an unchanging and stable society so that individuals are forced to fix their inner problems and strive for their inner goals, these societies externalize all of those inner needs and replace them with group activities.

You get to the point of a collectivized individualist society by losing focus on positive goals and, as human organizations tend to do, focusing on micromanagement, risk, and efficiency instead. At some point, you have too many rules and this marginalized cost alienates everyone and even the normal work against the system.

This failure comes about through success. A business, church, rock band, social group, or civilization that succeeds finds soon that it has no more mountains to climb, so it focuses on repeating the past and eliminating little losses. This redirect its view from the positive and affirmative goal-orientation toward a backward-looking, detail-obsessed pursuit of negatives.

That, then — instead of almost all of the dialogue we have on politics — forms the core of what humanity needs to move on to the next stage of its evolution: we must beat The Civilization Disease that causes all human groups to fail over time, something that seems to be equal parts individualism and groupthink.

Forget “good” and “evil.” There is function and dysfunction, based on how well we adapt to reality. Everything else is irrelevant.

We can get past “good” and “evil” by acknowledging that people act in their best interests to the degree that they can perceive, and that the accuracy of their perception varies widely, being distributed on a Bell Curve like all other human abilities.

Some are super-competent; some are totally incompetent; most are in the grey area in the middle. When we create hierarchy, those in the middle have an example to follow, and the total incompetents get gradually driven to the edge of the kingdom if not pushed into the third world where they experience genetic extermination.

Western Civilization remains caught in a struggle between the competent realists who want hierarchy, organic culture, and homogeneity and the neurotic individualists who want equality, bureaucracy, and low standards across the board. There is no compromise or bipartisanship here.

Culture serves as a holy grail because it arises from events. People learn not to eat the red spotted mushrooms. They learn that sexual infidelity produces damaged children. They find ways to conceptualize the heavens, architecture, cuisine, philosophy, and even the calendar that live in them through genetics after several generations.

Culture is inherently heuristic. When humans say something “feels like…” they are often approximating, and that flexibility keeps the ends/goals in sight without getting hung up on methods like bureaucracy does. Bureaucracy and culture are opposites; each one eats the other on contact.

For us to embrace culture, we must believe in an eternal hierarchy of nature in which humankind serves a certain role and no other. We call this Tradition: the idea that an order of living can be derived from the patterns of reality which leads to a transcendent mental state and therefore, the only option for actual pleasure and sanity.

Ideally, conservatism is not an ideology at all, but a preservation system for culture. It rejects conjectural ideas in favor of time-proven realist notions such as those which are part of culture. By keeping the new and unproven away, it allows the eternal to thrive.

Ideology consists of Utopian thinking that is inherently universalist and means-over-ends. If we all just do a certain method, we will end up with something better than reality, or so the thinking goes. Being conjectural, ideology is inherently unstable, since any functioning alternative will reveal its Narrative as extraneous.

Internationalist religions act more like ideology than culture. Religion as part of culture means one religion per ethnic group; internationalist religions attempt to unite people across ethnic groups for the purposes of common moral standards enabling commerce and bureaucracy.

In the end, we can only trust realism, and like natural selection, apply it by rewarding only the good. It is more important that every contributor gets rewarded than that we punish the bad, but when the bad get rewarded, people give up on the system and begin working to destroy it.

This takes us back to amoralism: there are no “good” and “evil,” only realistic adaptations and everything else. We reward realistic adaptations and become more competent, or fail to and become incompetent like the third world. Either the best oppress the rest, or like now, the rest oppress the best. It is a binary solution set.


  • The self-proclaimed kingdom that doesn’t recognise Germany

    He’s what’s known in Germany as a “Reichsbürger” (Citizen of the Reich), one of an estimated 21,000 people who are defined by the country’s intelligence agencies as conspiracy theorists who don’t recognise the legitimacy of the post-war German state.

    “People who are corrupt, criminal or willing to be used thrive in the German system and those with an honest heart, who want to change the world for the better, in the interests of the common good, don’t have a chance.”

    The international/diverse state has revealed its insincerity.

  • The Year of the Indian CEO

    This year has been the year of the Indian CEO. From OnlyFans to Google to Twitter, even my parents have noticed that every company has an Indian CEO.

    This ended when Silicon Valley discovered that it could fire three-quarters of its H-1Bs and NEETs and let a handful of engineers do the actual work instead of forever being suspended in the process of trying to get a herd of inept programmers to work together.

  • Ideological Intensification

    This report documents and quantifies the growing prevalence of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) associated language in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in the United States. For this study, five new datasets were assembled—comprising over 30 GB of data in over 280,000 files—focusing on American university webpages, university Twitter accounts, annual programs of academic associations, grants of major scientific research funders, and publications of scientific research, making this the largest study to date of DEI ideology’s intensification in STEM fields.

    Like ESG, DIE (diversity, individualism, equality) is another socialist-style government ideological subsidy.

  • Herschel Walker’s Defeat and the GOP’s Lost Vote Harvest

    Some 1.9 million people cast their ballot prior to Tuesday, and Democrat Raphael Warnock won 64% of those voting absentee and 58% of those voting early. Yes, Mr. Walker had a good election day, winning 57% of votes cast Tuesday. But turnout for the day was 1.6 million, or 46% of the total vote.

    The Left has made a cottage industry of rounding up neurotics, alcoholics, soycels, and minorities to vote for Leftist candidates. Since this group tends to be too mentally scattered to vote, the Left visits them manually and buys or chides them into voting. American-style democracy cannot co-exist with diversity any more than democracy could in South Africa or Northern Ireland.

  • White Americans who believe White people are poor may be more likely to support welfare policies

    “We find that White Americans’ beliefs about White poverty predict the humanization of the poor and welfare policy support,” say Drs. Brown-Iannuzzi and Cooley. “These effects are strongest among White Americans who feel the most status threat from Black people, which further suggests that these processes may be motivated to maintain the racial status quo.”

    All members of a group benefit when that group has a solid position. Diversity forces people to support welfare programs in order to subsidize their own group to be larger.

  • Black-owned yoga studio in Waterloo, Ont. closes due to harmful, racist messages

    The small black-owned business in Waterloo, Ont., was hit with thousands of what Debs calls “racist violent messages” from people against mask and vaccine-passport mandates.

    That means these are “allegedly racist,” with that open-ended term being freely interpreted, when the actual bone of contention was COVID-19 mask and vaccine rules.

  • Massachusetts library nixes Christmas tree to be more inclusive: report

    Library supervisor Lisa Desmond said she had been told that the decision was made because some patrons didn’t approve of the display.

    “I was told that when people…walked in that room, it made them uncomfortable,” Desmond told WBZ Radio.

    “Town Hall has a menorah out. I say let’s celebrate every tradition, religion — whatever it is that sparks joy for you and your family.”

    It is inconceivable to me that anyone thought diversity was going to end any way other than this. The majority culture gets abolished so that it can contain other cultures, like viruses growing within a cell, and finally it bursts and the markets establish lowest common denominator standards. The menorahs and Kwanzaa are going to be replaced by a generic “Happy End of Season Holidays.” I retaliate with “Merry Yul.”

  • White teachers often talk about Black students in racially coded ways

    When a white Texas middle school teacher told his students in November 2022 that he was “ethnocentric” and thought his race was “superior,” he attempted to explain his position by arguing that he was hardly the only person who held such a view.

    “I think everybody thinks that; they’re just not honest about it.”

    In the first part of our partnership with the school, we found that while Black students made up 89% of the student body, they represented 97% of all disciplinary infractions. Conversely, while white students made up 8% of the student population, they received only 1% of the disciplinary referrals. This early quantitative finding confirms studies from across the nation that showed that, even when controlling for rates of misbehavior and poverty, Black students are still disproportionately disciplined compared to their white peers.

    Each group has its own behaviors. Setting up any rules will reflect a bias toward one group. With diversity, you cannot have schools without being interpreted as being “racist” in some way to some group or another.

  • BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is told to QUIT in bombshell letter by North Carolina Treasurer slamming his obsession with ESG

    He claims Fink is in ‘pursuit of a political agenda’ and adds: ‘A focus on ESG is not a focus on returns and potentially could force us to violate our own fiduciary duty. 

    Ideological fanatics never realize that they are setting themselves up in a trap. All they can see is smashing down and controlling those who are naturally above them. In the meantime, ESG has become trendy because the corporate stooges want to tap into the “new 1960s youth movement” or however they explain it in BoomerSpeak. Descending MyPillow when?

  • The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    The AND, AND Foundation (ANDF) and its key leaders have ongoing interactions with corporations. These include AND’s leaders holding key positions in multinational food, pharmaceutical or agribusiness corporations, and AND accepting corporate financial contributions. We found the AND has invested funds in corporations such as Nestlé, PepsiCo and pharmaceutical companies, has discussed internal policies to fit industry needs and has had public positions favouring corporations.

    Once you go diverse, and no longer have an organic national culture that restricts corruption, the multinational corporations come in and buy up everything. The root cause is democracy.

  • The Death of Liberal Education and the Birth of the ‘Woke’

    The most important tool in this demolition has been the dishonest idea of “diversity” created out of thin air by the 1978 Bakke decision. The legalization of Constitutionally forbidden discrimination in university admissions and hiring put the weight of federal power behind illiberal identity-politics. As a corollary to the increasing numbers of “protected” classes eligible for affirmative action, there was soon spawned attacks on liberal education for being the products of “dead white males”––not just irrelevant for contemporary students “of color,” but absolutely toxic in their promotion of the defining principles of a peculiarly destructive, racist, imperialist, colonialist Western Civilization, global history’s most heinous villain.

    Conservatives repeat stupid lies to each other in order to avoid seeing how big, deep, and enduring the problem is. The actual origin of “diversity” was policies designed to favor the Irish by hiring them in Big Government entities like Tammany Hall. Unions followed, and by 1866, they had figured out how to use minorities as a battering ram to force everyone to accept a lack of culture. That 1866 law was added to the Constitution four years later as the 14a.

  • State capacity: what is it, how we lost it, and how to get it back

    The concept of state capacity – “the ability of a state to collect taxes, enforce law and order, and provide public goods” – was developed by political scientists, economic historians, and development economists to illuminate the strong institutional contrast that parallels the economic contrast between rich and poor countries. Rich countries are all distinguished by having large, strong, and relatively capable states; poor countries, by contrast, are generally characterized by weak and frequently ineffective states, while those polities dysfunctional enough to be characterized as “failed states” are among the poorest and most miserable on Earth. 

    The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, has challenged the easy association of rich countries with high state capacity. The United States and western Europe failed to contain, much less suppress, the virus with public health measures, while a number of poorer countries in East Asia performed much better. And here in the United States, the fumbling public health response was only the latest in a string of spectacular governing failures during the 21st century: most prominently, the intelligence breakdowns that led to the Iraq war, the ensuing bungled occupation of Iraq, the botched evacuation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and the meltdown of the highly but inappropriately regulated financial sector. 

    So many words to cover up the fact that affirmative action, diversity voting, and socialist entitlements have created a “Deep State” of people promoted by the meritocracy (education, credentials, political correctness, connections) who are far less competent than WASP America was just a generation ago. You cannot replace evinced (ethnic Western European Nordid/Cro-Magnid descendents) people with mixed-ethnic and trace admixture cases like Southern, Mediterranean, Irish, and Eastern Europeans, much less with third world peoples or Eurasians. You end up with a less capable state with diversity anyway, but when you destroy national culture and swap out a relatively unmutated group for highly mutated groups, you create the same kleptocracy we see in the third world. Then add socialist style entitlements on top of that and you have basically added a theft and corruption VAT to everything.


For eight months we have been fighting this war against the gangs. And thank God, we are winning. This is a very surprising victory that is nearly within our grasp. Let us be clear that the glory is for God and it is God’s glory. We humans are lucky to be instruments of God, all of us, to bring peace, liberty, and happiness to the Salvadoran people. We are the instrument to heal this land. Each of you is an instrument of God to do this. Peace is not reached through agreements signed between the corrupt, sharing power among killers. Peace is built with hard work, with sweat, with effort, and with the bravery that you and your brothers in the police have. You must have something to know that you are part of something greater than yourself. And that it is worth risking your life for that purpose that is more important than yourself alone. It is values. Values such as bravery, courage; such as strength, discipline, patriotism, honor, loyalty, and love for your fellow man. These are fundamental values for human society, but these values are increasingly scarce in the world. If you watch the international news, you will see how the most important values for human beings such as honor, loyalty, bravery, courage, and love for your fellow man are precisely the values that we are losing with each passing day. And that is why you can see how societies that seem to have won, now are degrading, as they are losing the values that made them great. These values were probably not strong in this land, and were strong in other lands. And that is why those lands grew and became great. But they are losing those values now. And on the other hand, in El Salvador, the values that previously were degraded in our country are now the most important ones. Just take a look at yourselves, young men and women who embody all of those values. How could a nation not rise up with values such as these? How could a nation not rise up when it puts God first and then puts in the hard work and effort with these kinds of values?Nayib Bukele


  • How Demographic Shifts Fueled by Covid Delivered Midterm Wins for Democrats

    Data from the U.S. Postal Service and Census Bureau shows how the pandemic drove urban professionals who were able to work remotely — disproportionately Democrats — out of coastal, progressive cities to seek more space or recreational amenities in the nation’s suburbs and Sun Belt. This moved liberals out of electoral districts where Democrats reliably won by large margins into many purple regions that had the potential to swing with just small changes to the map.

    What a fascinating side effect, or perhaps this was the intention all along, since we know Obama did the same thing by relocating the diversity to the burbs.

  • Pentagon splits $9 billion cloud contract among 4 companies

    It did not mention the legal challenges behind those delays, which had come from Amazon, the losing bidder. Amazon had questioned whether former President Donald Trump’s administration had steered the contract toward Microsoft due to Trump’s adversarial relationship with Amazon’s chief executive officer at the time, Jeff Bezos.

    Amazon leads Big Tech in dependence on cheap diverse H-1B labor, therefore could not have an “America first” candidate in office. It needed more Democrats to bring in more cheap labor to tax it and redistribute the money so the underclass will keep buying consumer garbage in order to keep the whole scam afloat. Diversity destroys culture and creates a permanent, parasitic political class.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son is heard making adorable comment while his father watches birds in new £88m Netflix documentary

    Earlier in the episode, the duke says off-camera: ‘My son, my daughter, my children are mixed race and I’m really proud of that.

    ‘When my kids grow up and they back look at this moment and they turn to me, they say, “what did you do in this moment?” I want to be able to give them an answer.’ 

    They rarely say it more clearly. The great drive to mix races and ethnes originates in the same impulse behind the French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolt, Magna Carta, Peasant Revolts, and English Civil War: quantity over quality. When we are all merely quantity, none feels a need to improve himself or manage his own emotions, but can exist in the warm bath of solipsistic self-adulation.

  • Are outspoken social media users more polarized in their views on racial equality?

    Paradoxically rooted in a concern for fairness, racial resentment locates the source of racial inequality in the belief that Black people do not work hard and do not adopt other American values such as discipline, self-reliance and a Protestant work ethic. It casts Black people as undeserving recipients of benefits that more “deserving” groups—particularly white and Asian American people—should receive instead.

    Democracy rarely finds honest people. We all prefer living with our own group, and this means finding ways to exclude outsiders. There are still fewer Asians than Blacks in most areas, but this is changing, especially when you realize that Hispanics are Asians originally from Mongolia.

  • Texas expects up to 40% increase in border crossings after Title 42 ends

    In El Paso, the policy end would mean the 1,700 daily border crossings could jump up to 2,380 a day. Nationally, as many as 18,000 migrants could daily cross into the US.

    The pandemic policy begun during the Trump administration is used by the US Border Patrol to expel about 40% of all border crossers from the US. A federal judge ordered the government to end the policy, but the Biden administration appealed Wednesday, asking to use it in the future — though vowing to stick to the Dec. 21 end date.

    Since the days of Tammany Hall, the Left has relied on diversity to win elections. Diverse groups can be counted on to vote against what the majority wants, and for any program that transfers wealth from the majority to the diversity. The Left consider themselves clever for having come up with a way to stay in power forever, but have forgotten that the loss of value in the nation caused by this chaos will make them rulers of ruins and ashes.

  • The Indian women calling themselves ‘proudly single’

    In a country that’s often described as being “obsessed with marriage”, a lot of stigma still surrounds singlehood.

    Ms Kundu and the women in the Delhi pub I meet are different. Mostly from middle class backgrounds, they include teachers, doctors, lawyers, professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, writers and journalists. Some are separated or divorced or widowed, others never married.

    The wealthy urban single women are increasingly being recognised as an economic opportunity – they’re wooed by banks, jewellery makers, consumer goods companies and travel agencies.

    Sexual liberation turns your society against itself and business will be there to cater to the new niche.

  • Documents show how Twitter shadow banned users

    “We do not shadow ban…and we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology,” said former head of product Kayvon Beykpour and former head of legal policy and trust Vijaya Gadde in 2018.

    There was a higher level that involved Gadde, Yoel Roth, and Dorsey, and subsequent CEO Parag Agrawal, called the Site Integrity Policy, Policy Escalation Support (SIP-PES). The team made the “most politically sensitive decisions,” according to Weiss.

    There seems to be a complete absence of Anglo-Saxon names here.

  • Germans struggle with influx of Ukrainian refugees

    It’s designed to be temporary; strangers sleep in bunks in shared cubicles or tents.

    But many of the people here will stay longer; it’s getting harder to find permanent accommodation in a city where the rental market is under pressure, and sending people on to other parts of Germany is getting harder too.

    The mood is darkening; the authorities recorded 65 attacks on refugee accommodation so far this year, a significant increase on 2021.

    And a recent survey for the national broadcaster found that concerns about immigration had increased in the last year: 53% of those asked were concerned that too many people were coming to Germany, up by 11% from September 2021.

    The secret to diversity is that it does not matter who the groups are; the anti-diversity argument is not “Blacks bad” but that if you have more than one identifiable ethnic, racial, religious, and/or cultural group in the same nation, you will abolish national culture, commit genocide by replacing majority frameworks, induce covert race war, and create constant infighting that will destroy the nation-state by reducing it to third world levels of dysfunction.

  • Kanye West references latest anti-Semitic remarks in newly released song

    At the end of the song, called “Someday We’ll All Be Free,” a clip of his interview with Jones plays, in which the conspiracy theorist tries to give Kanye a chance to pull back on his pro-Nazi statements.

    “Can we just kind of say, like, you like the uniforms but that’s about it?” Jones can be heard saying in the song.

    The track then cuts to Ye replying to Jones: “No, there’s a lot of things that I love.” It then repeatings the phrase “that I love” as the music fades out.

    West got tired of his music being commercialized, so he found a way to make it unable to be exploited, in the process pointing out that being African without living in an African state with a FUBU government is kind of miserable, just like it is for every group in a diverse society.

  • Monkeypox given new name by global health experts

    Monkeypox will now be known as mpox, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced, after complaints over racist and stigmatising language linked to the virus’s name.

    When we get done editing our language to avoid offending anyone, we will have terms so general that nothing of substance will be expressed, even though we know that renaming a disease MMMPox will do nothing to change underlying attitudes except drive them further underground.

  • Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck, who came out as trans, announces detransition: ‘destroyed my life’

    “I was used … I was very naive, I was in a really bad way, and I got taken advantage of. I got propagandized. I got used badly by a lot of people who had knowledge way beyond me. They knew what they were doing. I didn’t,” he said during the interview. 

    No one will say it, but the root of the recent transsexualism trend is Obamacare. Now that government will pay for these procedures, lots of people are undergoing them in order to partake in the latest Leftist trend and gain victim status so that they can be as privileged as the other diversity.

  • Non-binary Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton accused in second luggage heist

    Brinton, who made history as one of the federal government’s first gender-fluid officials, allegedly stole luggage from another traveler at Harry Reid International Airport in Vegas on an unknown date, according to the outlet.

    Details about the alleged theft are scarce, but court records viewed by The Post showed that Brinton, 35, was charged with grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

    People who require external validation to manage their inner mental states tend not to be terribly stable.



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