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DiversityWatch (December 1, 2023)


  • Black Women In White Workplaces Are More Likely To Be Considered ‘Low Performers’

    Different races have different skills and abilities that make them powerful in their native environments. In White workplaces, you have to fall into the White workflow, which nastily requires you to reject your Black ways. This is not fair, sane, or good. Black people need Black-owned companies staffed by at least mostly Black people, creating products and services for Black customers. Anything else places them at a massive disadvantage.

  • Elon Musk is One of Us

    Here is what the pro-capitalist, pro-colonialist Musk told Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times Dealbook conference:
    “The Jewish people have been persecuted for thousands of years. There is a natural affinity, therefore, for persecuted groups. This has led to the funding of organizations that essentially promote any persecuted group or any group with the perception of persecution. This includes radical Islamic groups.” He continued, “Everyone here has seen the massive demonstrations for Hamas in every major city in the West. That should be jarring. Well, a number of those organizations receive funding from prominent people in Jewish community.”

    Fear of Hitler caused wealthy Leftist Jews to sponsor diversity initiatives, much as wealthy Whites and others got conned into supporting them. Now that we see we are merely empowering a third world army that wants to kill anyone with a higher average IQ than the third world norm, this support is evaporating, and it becomes clear that our future cannot be in the hands of people outside our ethnic group.

  • It’s Not the Economy. It’s the Fascism.

    Being not very bright, Leftists are busy fighting the last war by busily slurring Trump as fascist, Nazi, racist, anti-Semite, and any other nasty term they can think of, but the world has moved on. “Fascism” to the Left means anything but Leftism, and it never applies when Leftists do authoritarian things. We see this now, and also realize that a lack of any authority leads to BLM and Antifa burning down your cities while Leftist prosecutors let the real criminals out of jail and go after thought criminals instead. Communism is worse than “fascism,” we the audience have concluded.

  • Hunter Biden’s Missing ‘Services’

    The diversity president appears to have been aware of the business dealings of his son and profiting from them. While this may not rise to full illegality, like what the Clintons did it shows a pattern of corruption, and this means that any who support the Bidens, Clintons, or Obamas who engaged in similar behavior are actively working against the health of the country and need to be removed for normal function to resume. Diversity governance has failed again.

  • D.A. Gascón’s Secret Scheme to Release a Convicted Cop Killer and Mexican Mafia Shot Caller

    Pro-diversity DAs want to do more than make their crime statistics look less “racist”; they want to put fingers in the eyes of all of those who believe in law and order, and they are doing it by releasing hardened criminals as if their crimes and victims did not matter. Diversity and rule of law cannot coexist in the same nation.

  • A new NHS trans scandal is now unfolding across the country

    Voters do not understand the “long tail” effect in bureaucracy. In essence, it is what happens when the higher-up leaders make decisions and it takes months, years, decades, or generations to filter down through every level of the bureaucracy to the rank-and-file who are making everyday decisions. Years ago the word went out that health services could prescribe puberty blockers for sexually confused children — given their ages, one suspects molestation at work here — and now it turns out that the many tiers of the bureaucracy have not yet figured out how to stop doing what they started doing. In the meantime, as we said here years ago, the transgender trend reveals itself to be driven by “free” government healthcare, which is getting billed billions by specialists who are taking home huge payments to provide these dubious services.

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger says company’s movies have been too focused on messaging

    After a few disastrous seasons, corporate America is getting the message and delivering the message. Government and its educated “elites” wanted to believe in neocommunist reprogramming, so they rewarded it, which meant that in order to avoid prosecution and lawsuits companies had to comply, but now with Bud Light, Target, and Disney struggling it has become clear that mainstream America has turned against this messaging, either because they disagree with it or simply because they do not want to live in an environment managed by propaganda, surveillance, and censorship merely to make the failing diversity program seem to be functioning at any acceptable level.

  • How Far-Right Provocateur Geert Wilders Pulled Off a Shock Election Win

    The far-Right was always designed to be temporary, a type of shock troop that existed to force issues so that normal people “woke up” and accepted realism over symbolism. Mainstream politicians adopted many of the ideas of the far-Right in an attempt to keep the far-Right out of office, and now the voters figure that they might as well simply turn to the guys who had the ideas in the first place. Warning to the far-Right: you succeed when you make practical changes that benefit your citizens, and fail when you go on ideological, religious, or symbolic quests like the windmill-jousting against abortion or burqas. People want to see immigration end, deportation begin, and the remaining diversity be made functional or removed. The fairest approach would be simply to declare ethno-nationalism and deport everyone who is not ethnically of your founding group. This would also sink housing prices, raise wages, and lower red tape; ideally, it would include removing the socialist welfare state which attracts and nurtures parasites and induces pathologically helpless and indecisive behavior in everyone else.

  • New Jersey drops basic skills requirement for new teachers: ‘Caved to … union demands’

    In order to make diversity appear like anything other than the loser lame duck it has revealed itself to be, standards must constantly be adjusted down to third world levels. In America, this has precipitated flight from the public schools by anyone who can afford to get their kids out of them, and with any luck will result in defunding the public schools and going back to private education for everyone paid for each parent instead of subsidized by the State.

  • Meta closes nearly 4,800 fake accounts in China that tried to polarize US voters

    Asiatics think of themselves as chess players. They like to be one move ahead, even if they miss how that will change the outlook on the board as a whole. They will give up a small network in order to make people think the problem is sorted and ignore the much bigger issue, which is that there are larger foreign networks impersonating Americans and offering up all kinds of fake news and propaganda, not just to change minds but also to profit from the various lunatics who click on anything that seems to support their worldview. Musk drove this change by cracking down on fake accounts on Twitter, improving the quality of discourse while at the same time, without American government censorship, revealing how divided the country is over Chinese-sponsored Leftism.

  • Judge Rules on Kari Lake Being Able to Review 2022 Ballot Envelope Signatures

    Leftists are blatantly hiding the evidence of Leftist vote manipulation, which is enabling Leftists to win elections in the name of defeating the “evil” of noticing reality and acting accordingly.

  • Autoimmunity Has Reached Epidemic Levels. We Need Urgent Action to Address It

    Most likely, these are diversity illnesses caused by changing microbiome in the gut, whether through racial admixture or exposure. We will find many more health consequences of a mixed-race and mixed-ethnic society in the future as the postmortem on this disaster plays out.

  • Derek Chauvin was stabbed 22 times by federal inmate as new details of prison attack emerge

    FBI informant stabs railroaded man after evidence began leaking out about the forced second autopsy report that reversed the conclusion of the first, namely that felonious George Floyd died of fentanyl overdose. While the usual Right-wing lunatics see the hand of the CIA behind everything, that misses the point that since TWA 800 the Clintons have run the DOJ, and that controls the FBI by being necessary for the successful prosecutions that get FBI agents promoted. Wherever the political machine shows its hand, expect treachery, and recall that it is usual domestic police agencies that enforce the will of tyrants, not the spy machine which tends to look abroad.

  • A world away from the West Bank, Vermont shooting victims and their families face new grief and fear

    Diversity family belatedly realizes that diversity means that the problems of the world visit you in your neighborhood instead of stating overseas, thanks to diversity.

  • America’s Black attorneys general discuss race, politics and the justice system

    Diversity propaganda from Leftists journalists tries to deflect from the failure of diversity back toward scapegoating “systemic racism” and blaming White people for the inability of paradoxical diversity to function on any level.

  • Illinois appeals court affirms actor Jussie Smollett’s convictions and jail sentence

    Black fellow gets slap on the wrist compared to what any White person would get for doing this same inept fake “hate crime.” An appeals court looks over his petition, notes that he got off light for a massive waste of resources, and keeps the conviction intact.

  • Ireland’s New Media Commission Is Calling on the Public To Report Any “Hate Speech” They See Online to the Police

    As the failure of diversity becomes apparent in Ireland, the political class retaliate with more censorship, deplatforming, persecution, cancel culture, propaganda, and surveillance, essentially admitting that diversity does not work and requires a totalitarian approach to survive in any form. These people make their money off the great diversity tax scam, where they take in lots of money to pay for the diversity in the hope that someday it will pay for the socialist benefits they have already promised the herd.

  • Hip hop dancing promotes awareness of disability rights and performance equality, study shows

    They rarely admit so cleanly that diversity is a justification for equality and being used as a weapon against those afraid of being called “racist.” Never have so many cowered from so little.

  • Flexible parental leave among immigrant mothers can promote integration

    “Maybe if we just give them more free stuff it will all work out” temporize scientists, who discover in the data whatever their sponsors want them to find.

  • Study on kids and a career: Traditional role models still largely exist

    Traditional role models work, which is why the anti-realists want to abolish them, so we get more moaning about how oppressive they are with no one considering that children turn out better this way.

  • A mixed origin made maize successful

    Oblivious intellectuals praise the hybrid origins of corn while failing to notice that human selective breeding made the difference in this crop that now provides most of the junk nutrition we consume along with other stunners like soy and canola.

  • French mayor threatened with ‘decapitation’ for speaking out about sections of her community who refuse to integrate

    “Integration” is a pipe dream of the low vitality Right and has never worked because it requires people to reject who they are, which for all except liberals who already hate their origins and soon will hate their adopted country in the same way, demands they give up on a healthy belief in a continuity of path from their ancient history to a distant future. Demands for “integration” are cruel; multiculturalism does not work; reparations-with-repatriation solves the problem instead of trying to manage its effects.

  • Wartime Israel shows little tolerance for Palestinian dissent

    In Israel also the appearance of diversity brings with it censorship, in this case trying to keep the lid on the Palestinian population within Israel and outside of the Muslim ghettos of the Gaza strip.



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