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Deplatformed by the Far-Right

Although it should surprise no one, the Right finds itself in an ideological war: most Rightists are secretly Leftists, or those who want equality and hate those above them, so they find themselves trying to work pro-revolutionary arguments into Right-wing thought.

We are all familiar with the grotesque stupidity of libertarianism, which with a few exceptions assumed that a society can be formed of individuals without any kind of order. To libertarians, culture, race, religion, and even values beyond bourgeois comfort are threats to the mythical god of liberty.

More fundamentally, however, your average Rightist wants to cling to the “I just want to be left alone” mantra that ceded control of their societies to Leftists in the postwar years. The Benedict Option is part of this, so is Libertarianism, but even more, your average far-Right or mid-Right person easily falls for this trap.

Even the so-called far-Right has been seduced by egotism. The dark secret to these people is that they do not believe that they will win or that things will get better; for now, they just want a social group that understands them and a chance to be iconoclastic bothers on the internet and in sweaty protests in forgotten areas.

Republicans want to be “Christian Libertarians” and farther-Rightists want to be yeoman farmers living apart from society. We saw those copes in the 1970s-1990s too with the survivalists who moved into absolutely nowhere only to find out that they had rendered themselves irrelevant, and their settlements failed like the communes.

People have been fetishizing the Amish for too long on one hand, and purporting to believe an impossibly violent and pointless vision on the other hand when really they just want to stand out for a bit before the world swallows them up. The Right has wrecked itself with the usual self-promotion and corresponding directionlessness.

Consequently, anyone who speaks up for the actual far-Right — essentially restarting civilization to its roots in ethnicity, social hierarchy, frontier living, monarchy, and lifestyles organized by culture — finds that the people most likely to shout down such ideas are the normie Republicans and the crypto-normie neo-Nazis.

Not surprisingly, they react badly when confronted with these ideas, and this leads to much raging because if something farther Right than them exists, they have become irrelevant. One of the hives of such people recently deplatformed me by purportedly banning traffic from my account on the Fediverse.

In the bigger scheme of things, I applaud them for being honest: like the rest of the internet and most of humanity generally, they just want their echo chamber. They want their group. They have no hope that humanity will shrug off this disaster and restore order, so their clique has become their family.

People do this because there is no single culture. Diversity ate up culture and government shattered the rest with socialist-style entitlements on one hand and “scientific management” on the other. Without culture, we are all just financial and ideological units, wandering lonely looking for people who understand us.

If you find your group that understands you, you will defend them to the end. You do not care if they are right, only that you and they agree that what you share should be right. Outsiders are unwelcome, and any nasty things you do to them are not only justifiable but celebrated for having fought off the competition.

In the bigger picture, this shows us entering interesting times. For whatever reason, mainstream Republican and neo-Nazi narratives are falling; the former is getting replaced by MAGA, and the latter is seeing its audience melt away as it becomes clear that there are no answers there, much as happened to libertarians a few years ago.

The Furthest Right® continues rising because at some level in their inner hearts people know that democracy has failed, the mixed-economy has collapsed just like the Soviet economy did, diversity has made our countries unlivable except for the very rich, and modernity has stopped innovating and started revealing its dark sides.

It is significant that such pushback occurs now: after years of being on the fringes, the idea of the Furthest Right® — culture/tradition, hierarchy, natural selection, monarchism, ethno-nationalism — is gaining ground because everything else is finally revealing its inner emptiness.

In my view, we are due for a historical bounce. Cycles end when things lose momentum. The modern system of liberal democracy, civil rights, and mixed economies has turned to ash in our mouths. Now people are finally ready to make the difficult choices to see actual alternatives.

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