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Democracy Dies In (Democratic) Darkness

Barack Obama may end up with a different legacy than he intended: “peak Leftism.”

Elected by the zombie millennial products of a 1960s-reformed educational system, propelled into office by a coalition of the non-white and unmarried, he was the ultimate fulfillment of the Revenge of the Nerds or just French Revolution trope: that someday, the misfits and nerds will join together and defeat those who are naturally successful, you know, blonde jocks with A averages.

In fact, we might call it the narrative of the Renaissance. Instead of reality being the measure of all things, man is. When man is the measure of all things, then whatever we see in terms of consequences, structure, or long-term implications must be denied so that each man and woman can get along with being the measure of all things.

Once the silly kids and sad box wine spinster sluts of the dingy city apartments vaulted him into power, Barack Obama acted like every other minority leader: he conspired against the majority, and behaved in the manner appropriate to someone from a third world nation, namely more gangster, showman, and conniving plutocrat than actual leader.

He pushed Leftism to its ultimate conclusion. “Equality” — this is the core and only idea of Leftism — works as a sales job because no one understands it. The Right hears “meritocracy,” and the Left hears “subsidies.” The difference between this is the difference between jocks and nerds. Jocks think they should succeed if they win, but nerds want winning to be adjusted in their favor because otherwise they will not.

The Left used one ploy repeatedly against the Right. “If the jocks succeed just because they can, then why shouldn’t the rest of us act in self-interest too?” This ignores the fact that having naturally successful people on top spreads the benefits of their competence to the rest of us, while bungling nerds are not competent for anything but back-office technology.

Obama mainstreamed the idea of everyone with a plausible grievance using it to extort money from the majority. In doing so, he legitimized self-interest, which backfired shortly. He also lifted the veil from equality, with people realizing that it did not mean meritocracy, but in fact the opposite, or affirmative action styled subsidies for grievance groups.

The majority quickly realized that instead of the kumbaya peaceful coexistence with other classes, races, ethnic groups, and religions that equality — through diversity, pluralism, relativism, and tolerance — promised, they were getting permanent internal warfare in a society that had replaced the idea of unity through difference with celebrating difference.

Then again, Obama was right on this front. To demand unity through difference is to force a paradox onto a population. Being fundamentally dishonest, but not illogical, he could not ride with that one for long. He came up with the idea of turnabout as fair play instead, and said to the majority, “If you act in self-interest, we will, too.”

Talk about a formula for mutually-assured destruction. However, this level was always the inevitable result of diversity because each group acts toward its own interests only. These different self-interests conflict. The majority saw diversity as a way for others to partake of the wealth that the majority naturally creates by being competent. They were awakened to a new reality where instead of gratitude, they were seeing resentment and a revengeful will to replace the majority by any means necessary.

As Obama brought Leftism to its conclusion, world federalism workers of the world, unite! globalism, which meant that every nation opened its borders, flooding the first world with the third while giving the third world easier access to first world markets, essentially replacing its native industry with cheaper foreign companies, the backlash intensified so that even the cowardly, hive-mind voters took a chance and went with a wildman, Donald J. Trump.

Trump took a look at the past century of American government and realized quickly that he could do a few things and retire a hero. First, cutting taxes always stimulates growth and is massively popular with voters; George W. Bush made it into his second term on this basis alone. Second, cutting immigration is the only real way to give American workers power, but it needs to be balanced by cutting unions, because unions are what drives business to offshoring, outsourcing, and illegal third world labor in the first place. Finally, that unity would only come when the majority group was back in power, and others knew that they were guests here who had to live in an order alien to their own because it worked better than the third world way of doing things.

When Trump (allegedly) referred to some countries as “shitholes,” this was the point he was driving home: our way works; your way does not. If you come here, it is to live among us and follow our rules, then eventually go back home with the knowledge you have received and apply it in your own countries. This reversed the Obama doctrine.

Not surprisingly, Leftist snowflakes are shocked, panicked, saddened, freaked out, dismayed, made neurotic, and paranoid because Trump has taken “turnabout is fair play” and turned it about, again. The Trump doctrine is support what works, which ends up being support of the American majority, because their way works better than the third world way:

He didn’t waste time saying that everyone ought to be respected or that America welcomes those of all faiths, because he doesn’t believe it and neither do they. He told them that he’d wage war on the “political correctness” that says Christians shouldn’t be placed above others in American society, that they shouldn’t be able to exempt themselves from civil rights laws they don’t like, and that everyone shouldn’t be forced to say “Merry Christmas” whether they want to or not. Screw that, he told them in so many words. And they cheered.

He did that because you have to be pathologically oblivious — Leftists use “I didn’t see that” as an excuse to filter out any reality that contradicts their personal narrative — to fail to notice that 1950s and 1980s America were more stable, loving, sane, and successful places than the neurotic ethnic battle that corrupt Barack Obama, following in the steps of Marion Barry and Kwame Kilpatrick, themselves following in the steps of the Kennedys, created.

Political correctness is a universal tool for destroying the majority. It has no other purpose than to render certain truths taboo so that lies can take their place. If you cannot point out that diversity does not work, that homosexuality is a Darwinian dead end, that upper classes are more competent and less criminal than lower classes, that men have abilities that women do not, and the like, then you cannot argue successful for any kind of social order.

The Left, as usual, brings anarchy. They have a particular variety they like which is sort of like anarchy with babysitters. They want police, military, and laws — lots of laws and regulations — to protect them from themselves and all the scary stuff in life. But essentially they want to be individualistic, or “man is the measure of all things” on a personal level, and have someone else absorb the cost, clean up the mess, and get everyone home in the morning with a couple Advil and a glass of water on the nightstand.

The solution to anarchy is not to have a dictator, as failed movements like fascism and national socialism have tried, but the restoration of social order through a caste system. In the American caste system, upper half of middle class Western European descended people were traditionally on top. We now see that they did a better job than the Irish, African, Mexican, Asian, Jewish, Greek, Italian, and Slavic immigrants who followed and elbowed their way to the top, as well.

Not surprisingly, this is not popular; nothing functional ever is, because function clashes with the individualistic human pretense that we are all special snowflakes and whatever we do is important. The opposite is true: reality is special, and only that which we do that is reality-compatible is important, because only that really succeeds. Everything else just fake-succeeds, and then comes crashing down later, just as America did during the Obama years.

In other words, Revenge of the Nerds is factually incorrect. We do not need an army of misfits to overthrow the naturally successful. Those blonde jocks with straight-As do a better job of running civilization than nerdy, neurotic mediterraneans — of the “clever but not intelligent” variety, as is common at the periphery of Western Europe — and those of us whose futures are dependent on America and Europe want to go back to the way that worked.

Naturally, this is going to upset people, because it offends their pretense. As one neurotic soyboy writes, Trump has offended the world:

Trump’s approach to immigration is part of an attempt to change U.S. foreign policy to withdraw support for people from what he calls “shithole” countries. Trump wants to drastically reduce U.S. foreign assistance that helps the world’s most desperate populations, as evidenced by recent slashes in U.S. funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. The reduction in foreign assistance support will not only leave people to die, but it will also fuel instability that could damage U.S. national security.

These actions are causing people to lose faith in America. I was in India last week, and one person told me that many students no longer want to study in the United States. This is a common and growing sentiment abroad. Instead of welcoming the world’s “tired … poor … huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” Trump’s policies project an image of America as a hateful, scary place.

We have two competing visions here: the first is America as a country where people aspire to be great, and the second is an America that has given up on itself and wants to become the world’s largest refugee camp as a means of having a painless, noble, self-deprecating demise like the neurotic Leftists in its cities who drink themselves to sleep after a day of helping the disenfranchised.

Of course it is not popular in India. Trump reminds them that their way failed, and left an unstable country of 1.5 billion people, wracked by corruption and open defecation, known more for rape than its glorious cultural history, which faces an uncertain future as it attempts to become a world power despite lacking organization at the lower levels necessary to be functional. Of course it is not popular with the Palestinians, the starving refugees, or anyone else from the Revenge of the Nerds collective. They failed and we did not.

If anything, Trump is the only non-“racist” one here. His policy says: we succeeded, so we will keep doing what succeeded, and you can take that knowledge and apply it in your own countries to see if you can make them not suck. Only when you do that, and apply a few centuries of eugenics to weed out the stupid and broken and accelerate reproduction of the intelligent, will you also have a chance at being great.

Talk about a hard message. We hear hard messages in our personal lives, too, from coaches and psychologists, parents and spouses, friends and neighbors. It can be as simple as your coworker saying, “You know, I think you’re drinking a bit much lately and it worries me,” or your spouse tearfully pointing out that you are ignoring your dreams and the resulting tension is making you a bear to live with. It can be a guidance counselor telling you that you need to think about your career soon, or your therapist reminding you that you still have not overcome the damage of a distant mother, manipulative father, and family order based on keeping everyone busy so that the myth of the goodness of the family would not be interrupted. These hard messages are necessary truths that we do not want to face, and the third world is getting a solid hard message from the Trumpian revolution.

The appearance of hard messages after the Obama years means that maturity is back. Reality-based thinking has returned. It is only a baby step, and there is a long way to go, but this shows us a change in direction from the way things were going — with a few interruptions like Ronald Reagan — for the past century. This type of change only occurs when one thing finally runs its course, reveals that like most human promises it was all pretense and hype and no reality, and now has failed, and people then turn from the illusion to something new, which is hopefully not also an illusion. Leftism is collapsing in a cloud of its own failures.

First and foremost, globalism has simply been a wealth transfer program from the first world to the third, who apparently are big Democratic campaign donors. Second, diversity has exploded across the US and EU, with the rest of the world shrugging and saying, “Well, we knew that was going to be the result.” Consequently world nationalism is expanding rapidly. In addition, global warming failed to stop the disaster that the real experts saw coming, namely overpopulation, and we now have a world which is facing an imminent population crash. Leftist demand-side economics are imploding. The internet industry which vaulted the Clintons to fame as economic wizards has turned out to be smoke and mirrors, and across the world the postwar political order is breaking down.

On top of that, the Left is about to uncork one of the greatest scandals of American political history, which is the story of how the Clinton-Obama gang ran Washington, D.C. like a Mafia. The true depth of this corruption is about to be revealed:

Think of their goals. First, to use the dossier itself to frame and slander Trump during the campaign. Second, to use the dossier to get warrants and listen in on Trump. Third, to use what they found through surveillance to feed Hillary all the campaign inside info she needed to guarantee victory. Fourth, if by miracle Trump still won, use what they heard to frame his team and impeach Trump. This is Watergate on steroids.

Then there is a four-page memo just made available to the entire House of Representatives. Members of Congress who have seen the memo call it “shocking,” “explosive,” “alarming” and “mind-blowing.” They say it shows conspiracy and collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton campaign to stop Trump from reaching the White House.

Watergate may have been dismal, but at least Richard M. Nixon was an effective president. The Left hated him for cleaning up the mess that JFK and LBJ made, however, and have hyped his obstruction of an investigation into a mythology that stylizes Nixon as pure evil. In reality, both JFK and LBJ got passes on much worse activity by the Leftist media, which behaved then exactly as it does now.

In contrast, the Clintons and Obama have been abysmal leaders, and instead of obstructing an investigation into something done by their allies, they have been actively directing corrupt activities from their elected positions while altering government to be easier to corrupt in the future. In particular, they encouraged the massive increase in third world immigration in the US/EU that has made us “multicultural” in just a few decades.

It helps to remember this timely warning from the start of the Obama Banana Republic, as if warning us that the bad guys were finally in charge:

Corruption, whether in the form of crooked officials, financial fraudsters or even philandering sports stars, is tearing at the fabric of U.S. society and is the country’s No. 1 criminal threat, a senior FBI agent said on Tuesday.

…Gillies, a 27-year veteran of the FBI, called corruption in all its multiple forms, whether in law enforcement or in the judicial system, or involving tax cheats and fraudsters, “our number one criminal threat” in the United States.

…He said public corruption investigations by the FBI were “huge” and had increased by more than 20 percent in the last five years, while financial scams — from securities and hedge fund frauds to Ponzi schemes — had jumped by more than 25 percent nationwide in the last year alone.

…He said a high concentration of out-of-state Americans and foreigners was also a factor.

The Washington Post rather dramatically subtitled all of its web pages with “Democracy dies in darkness.” This was, like most protests against the Trump era, emotional rather than logical, but the Democratic base becomes energized by threats more than opportunities, and they are panicked about a loss of the democracy that enables their dysfunction to continue.

In one of those cruel ironies of life, they have it backwards. Democracy — which is never functional, and usually functions as the gravestone of empires — died of its own excesses. The natural culmination of those was that the voters, who always like illusions because they know that groups only agree on pleasant illusions and do not want to hear about troubling realities, would create people like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

When the market rewards lies, only liars profit, and so good people die out and slick degenerates proliferate. American and European voters have a habit of endorsing Jimmy Carters and Angela Merkels, who are generally solipsistic and oblivious to reality, until those policies blow up in their faces, at which point they want a “strong leader” to come in and clean things up in a hurry.

At this point, however, even the voters are tired of the democracy entropy, and are getting tired of only voting for the options they think their neighbors’ wives will like as well. If it takes the biggest corruption scandal in American history to get us off the democracy needle, it will be well worth it.

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