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For too long, Europeans have hated their societies and expected nothing but failure to come from them. We have known for many centuries that the path before us consisted of decay, and yet nothing could be done because with prole-rule, only that which is popular survives, and most prefer illusion.

When the mental virus of Equality takes over, people lose their minds. To oppose equality is to seem anti-social, basically telling others that you personally are better than them. Of course, this is not the case, but that is how it seems in a social situation.

Consequently, people back down. Oh no, they say. We affirm equality. We just need all you equal people to pay attention to sense… except that they will not. When you give someone who cannot wield power any power, he will use it to adorn himself, and reject anything that does not make him look good.

As a result, adopting any form of “equality” means that you have stepped onto the path to Idiocracy, except that it is not a path. It is a roller coaster. You can only jump off to certain death, or follow the ride to its predictable and inevitable end.

Societies do not recover from equality. They resist, then give in, then fade away, and finally wake up when everyone is mixed-race and clueless, and somehow all the smart people have fled or been killed. Then, nothing but third world existence awaits. Grab a trowel and start planting turnips.

Intelligent people know this and they have known it for centuries. It has rotted them from within, this terminal spirit disease, because it ensures that there is no point striving for anything. Whatever you do will simply be consumed and forgotten. The better it is, the more thoroughly it will be destroyed.

Centuries have passed with us expecting to lose; after all, what is popular always wins, and only illusions find a wide audience. Only over-simplified music, dumb novels about personal drama, and political notions based around including the insane in our dialogue seem to win.

Our people have had no faith in just about anything for a very long time as a result. Why try, when you are simply creating what will be destroyed? Focus on your own wealth and comfort instead, and invest in good solid doors so you can lock out the world when you come home, pretending it and its perpetually increasing failure do not exist.

In that moment, however, it conquers your spirit. You no longer believe in the goodness of life and its potential. You no longer have hope. You connect to nothing but yourself, which creates an empty life that will bore you and torment you as the years grow long and you see all possibilities dwindle.

From that state of mind, we tend to ask, “What is wrong with me?” but that is the wrong question. Your world is wrong, and this cuts off much of what you need, forcing you into a reduced role where there is no meaning. You may have problems, no doubt, but they are overshadowed by the elephant in the room, the failure of your civilization.

We die so that we can live, and we live by connecting with our world. There is no escape from politics, society, and stewardship of the natural world; we need these things, as individuals, to discover ourselves. But while they are in the hands of prole-rule (“equality”) they remain inaccessible to us.

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