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Death by a thousand cuts


Humans respond instinctively to threats. They unconsciously limit themselves to threats they can recognize, like Godzilla. Tiny threats or worse, an accumulation of small disasters, remain invisible and get no attention.

Our society threatens a death by a thousand cuts and we will not recognize it. Each day, people following insane ideas make small changes. They add more rules, take away some of the fun. Then they allow real threats to proliferate.

For example, we are surrounded by toxicity. Car exhaust, fires, literally millions of different products which may give off toxic fumes. Do we ever assess the toxicity of all of this stuff at once? Of course not, as then we would notice that we are mutating ourselves into irrelevance because we exist in a literal toxic soup from uncountable sources.

Similarly, social order chips away with every law, rule and court decision. The government, media and pundits consider each one in isolation. “Well, it’s just a small change…” they say, and yet when we look over recent history we see thousands of these small changes adding up to an alienating society. Boring jobs, long commutes, too many useless options in the aisles, people who are literally insane trying to keep up with it all and still stay “relevant.”

Even looking further, our sense of joy in life has been diminished. What is “good” has changed from doing right and achieving good results to upholding ideological rules no matter how badly things turn out. Martyrdom through solipsism is the new heroism. Kids want to grow up to be like their favorite entertainers, athletes and public figures, but all of these are whores.

The worst part of this process is that it does not directly bring about bad results in all cases, but always makes life less enjoyable and more pointless, which causes the smart to drop out and the idiots to take over. The great success of our society in fact creates its doom.

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